Product Photography

Product Photography

The rapid advance in science and technology has changed product marketing formations. Serious institutions have started to use websites to market products. When safe shopping on the internet was opened, and reliability increased, companies that wanted to appeal to a wide audience started to market their products online. Thus, the most impressive aspect of marketing a product was taking pictures of the products. Professional product photography played a huge role in selling the product more easily. Product and catalog photography is one of the most important investments of a professional firm for marketing.

Brands publish photos of the products they sell to promote their products. For the published products to attract people’s attention, the photos must look good in a professional way. Beautiful photos reveal good feelings, so professional product photography services are required for all kinds of product promotions and posters.

how to take products photos

How to Take Product Photos

It is perfectly natural to struggle at taking product photos, especially if it’s your first time. Thankfully, with these simple steps, you will be taking product photos like a pro in no time.

Make the Photos You Take Clear and Bright

The main object you want to show in focus should always be clear; remember that you should segment your product in all its aspects so that there are no question marks in the minds; if necessary, you can blur the objects behind to add depth to the composition. In photography, this technique is called bokeh. If you shoot in RAW format while taking photos, you do not need to spend much time with white and light settings during the shooting phase. You will also need to buy a light for product photography; fixed light may not always be sufficient for product photography; you need to buy a strong light when you need stronger exposure or larger area lighting.

Shooting Angle and Framing

What is the frame? Framing is a kind of personal vision. With a more technical definition, the product to be shown is the image within a certain area. Take care to show the product photos you take as close to the frame as possible so that you will offer people the opportunity to examine your product more closely. The shooting angle will change according to the product you are taking the photo of. The point you need to pay attention to is that we should show the “crucial and important aspects of the product” in the angle we draw. Sometimes it may be necessary to photograph the product from many angles.

Get Close to the Details

There will always be those who want to take a closer look at the product. Try using your camera’s macro mode during product photography so you can focus more clearly on details.

Avoid Unnecessary Effects and Texts

Those who view your product photo will like this image and want to share it on their own blog or social media account; these shares provide more traffic and benefits than you think; those who share this will actually make your advertisement. Unnecessary effects and text additions made in Photoshop or a similar image editing program to a visual whose product photoshoot is completed will create an amateur image; such images are generally not preferred for sharing. This kind of product photos will also overshadow your professional business profile.

the product photography equipment you need

The Product Photography Equipment You Need

Of course, you will need equipment to do product photography. However, instead of buying costly products, you can reduce your costs by thinking of creative solutions.


Today, with the development of technology, cameras are constantly being renewed. Even phones have high-resolution cameras that can shoot 4K. So when you want to shoot a product, you will have many camera options, but you do not have to pay a high price for a high-spec camera. You can find a camera for whatever your budget is. If you have a phone with a good camera, it will too. No need for extra costs. Taking pictures is already a whole. No matter how good your camera is, it won’t do a good job if you don’t meet the other features. Yes, the camera is one of the most important tools for taking pictures, but you cannot achieve professionalism without actions such as lighting, exposure, and editing.


Another piece of equipment you need for the shooting is a tripod. You will set your camera to a tiny aperture so that you can have the widest depth of field your camera can do. The width of the depth of field defines the sharp focus area, and to achieve this; you need the largest space your camera can hold. If a camera has a slow shutter, you can’t hold it in your hand, or the shot will be blurry, so you have to get a tripod.

White Background

There are many options for a white background. You can either get a quality background tool or find a solution yourself. Some do this with white cloth. So setting a white background is entirely up to you. You should take into account that from time to time, the background will become dirty. Therefore, sometimes you may need to change it.

Foam Board

When lighting with window light, there will be a bright side and a shadow side where the light hits the product. This shadow side will typically be very dark, and so we use something white, brightening the light to reflect it into the shadow. Because the foam board is hard and white, it acts as a great bounce card. Alternatively, you can use a black foam board to make the shadows deeper. This is especially useful if you are shooting a white product on a white background. Adding a black foam board to the edges just behind the photo will create a dark edge on the product’s back. You can easily get the foam board.

Product Shooting Table

Standard, 24-27 inch wide folding table works best for this job. It is important as you will shoot your products on the table.

The Right Room

A room with windows near the wall is perfect for crop shooting. The larger the window, the more natural light you will get. Being closer to the window creates a softer light with darker, softer shades. Being further away gives a more balanced light, but lighter and sharper shadows.

faq about product photography

FAQ About Product Photography

Why is product photography necessary?

 This type of photography is an important industry supporting the marketing field. The use of images for product marketing has increased, especially with printing and digitalization technologies. Product photography will always be necessary as it meets the need in this field professionally.

How does product photography affect e-commerce?

 E-commerce requires the use of product photos as marketing activities are carried out over the internet. The success of e-commerce is directly affected by the product photo shooting that can meet this need. Because this type of photography determines the quality and effect of the images used.

Can product photography be done by anyone?

Everyone can’t do this type of photography. First of all, it should be done by professionals who are well educated in photography. However, in smaller and personal use areas, the simple shooting of product photos may be preferred.

What does product photography mean?

It refers to a form of commercial photography that presents a product with the best possible photographic presentation.

Is there money in product photography?

If you are doing your job correctly and well, it will be elementary to earn money.

Conclusion on Product Photography

Product photography is a job that looks easy to look at but requires great care and maintenance. We touched on some subjects, such as the equipment used, shooting methods. You can start with this information. Once you are ready, it is time for you to promote your products on social media. Here are some great tips for Instagram hashtags for photography.

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