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What Is Pinterest Marketing? (&Pinterest Ads)

Pinterest is like a search engine for photos, and it can be pretty useful for your marketing efforts. Especially if your business is performing in a visual industry, like home decorating, make-up, fashion, or tourism, you can gain a lot of new customers there. Pinterest has 322 million monthly active users, and its users mostly consist of women. It is a platform where the users are probably the most interested in new products. They use Pinterest regularly to discover new pieces and styles and get inspired by them. Considering this large and product-hungry user base, it is a must for a company to take its place on Pinterest. So let’s start with marketing with this social media platform if you are interested in learning Pinterest Marketing.

Set up Your Account and Profile

Assuming you are a company, you should open a business account

Firstly, go to this link and fill in the form. Remember to add your website link and connect your other social media/shopping accounts like Etsy, Instagram, and YouTube. After you open a business account, go onto your profile page and edit your photo and name. So explain your business professionally in the “About your profile” section. Claim your website using the “Claim” section in the left-hand area. Obviously, that will allow you to measure website analytics data. 

Decide on Your Target Audience

You should choose your Pinterest target users at this early stage since you should customize your pins, pinboards, and descriptions according to that. So, deciding on your target audience will also determine your Pinterest strategy (or strategies), and while choosing your audience, you should consider your business’ customer profile and Pinterest’s user demographics. Usually, the intersection is your target audience, and you should keep in mind that during all your efforts.

Make Your Profile Visually Appealing

Since Pinterest is a visual social media channel, the images you display on your profile will make you successful or not. Prepare your photos taken in the correct lighting and with a well-chosen background, and follow the next steps.

Choose Your Cover Photo

Put a suitable cover photo to your profile, and be careful that this photo represents all the product groups you sell. If you don’t have such an image, think of working with a freelance photographer. Remember that you can also add the board name on the photo, which will make your profile user friendly.

Prepare Your Boards

Firstly, think about your product categories and make a pinboard for every one of them. Choose a cover photo for each, and try to choose it from your best selling products to drive in more users. So write a professional description for each board, trying to highlight the strengths of your product or service group. Be industry-specific while writing these descriptions, to rank on these keywords on Pinterest search.

Start Pinning

Having your profile and pinboards are set, pinning is our next step. Before starting to pin, you should make yourself a schedule. Remember that pinning five times a day is the most useful; so you should choose five times a day and stick to it. Try not to give a break, as this will make your users forget you.

According to a Pinterest study, 85% of users put more importance on visuals than on text. So, the photos you pin should be professional, but you should also pay attention to descriptions and links. The following are some tips to apply when pinning:

  • In the descriptive section, list all your product or service specifications. 
  • Edit your photos’ aspect ratios and make them mobile-friendly.
  • Add your brands to the photo to increase your brand recognition.

Using Pinterest Ads

Other than marketing with Pinterest, you can also use Pinterest Ads and reach a broader user base. There are different ads that Pinterest offers, such as Promoted Pins, One-Tap Pins, Promoted Carousels, Promoted Video Pins, Buyable Pins, and Story Pins. So, to advertise on Pinterest, you should;

Pinterest ad campaign
  • Open a business account.
  • Install the Pinterest tag.
  • Choose your campaign type (awareness reservation, awareness, engagement, video reservation, video awareness, promoted app pin, or traffic).
  • Set your campaign budget.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Add keywords and schedule.

After advertising on Pinterest, you should continually track your campaign performance and optimize it. 

Which Strategy Is Right for Your Pinterest Marketing?

Based on your business, you can choose the most suitable strategy for your company on Pinterest. It is advisable to know the platform and, once in, set goals based on your business. Suppose you want to promote a new campaign or the launch of a new product/service. In that case, it’s useful to create a board around it (by uploading the content on the topic) and perhaps make it public, launching a contest and giving something (the new product, a discount, a surprise) to win users: more engaged or more socially shared.

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If you work on the management of an e-commerce site, create boards with the products, perhaps dividing them into categories, pinning the product page’s image, and inserting the “gift” on the pin, thus creating a direct link. But be careful not to pinch the entire catalog; your followers want to see what inspires you and not a replica of your shop. Learn to share your updates on other social networks, too, diversifying the message. So for increasing engagement, stimulate dialogue; launch pins with thematic questions, and open the boards to your followers, perhaps initially a small group of followers who are particularly involved and knowledgeable on the subject.

Conclusion on Pinterest Marketing

We have talked about what is Pinterest marketing, how to market on Pinterest, and advertising on Pinterest. Although these steps and tips are for businesses, other pinners like freelance architects or graphic designers can also use them. So, if you are interested in learning more about Pinterest, you can read our other articles.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Pinterest is a graphical showcase that serves primarily to organize visual content (curation) to share with users. This is why it’s essential to talk about you, your work, your interests, and your sector issues. Office, product, and company photos, perhaps creating a particular folder for a special event, a company dinner, the creation of a new product, or a theme evening. Share the images coming from your site and blog, organizing the contents in macro areas according to the topic dealt with. Thus, A small suggestion can be to share good reviews that talk about you, images from that article, or a screenshot of the same.

You can share whenever you want. However, according to many; there are times when the web people be more receptive, usually after lunch and after dinner. It is very important to automatically share your update on Twitter, connect the fan page to the Pinterest profile, and post photos from the latter on Facebook with an apparent reference to it (board link, or Pinterest image link).

For the images you insert in the folders (board), it is better that they are yours or do not have a copyright, especially if you are a company. The contribution to the theme of the Pinterestitaly is precious. Be careful not to upload too big images; try to resize them. If you upload a photo with a width of 600px, remember that the preview (thumbnail) will have a size of 190px. It is useful to use #hashtags (in line with Twitter) to make the content search easier, creating a special one to launch a contest.

If your company produces (and sells) a physical product, you are in the right place. Pinterest is perfect for showing your products or software, perhaps in the different creation stages or plans, creating dedicated boards, or a collage between the boards of pure visual impact. If you provide services, Pinterest must convey your vision and your work with photos and events to guide people about them. Be careful in both cases, not to be too self-referential. You have to vary the contents (the boards) a lot:
•upload photos
•infographics that do not concern you but tell something significant, taking advantage of the trends of the moment to be original and express your opinion
Thus, a great strategy is to create folders to tell a story (yours or not) or promote a contest.

On Pinterest, many brands have started to use the platform effectively and personally. There are many examples, such as Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, or the more niche Chronicle Books in the publishing sector. Other very active brands are Nordstrom in clothing and Whole Foods Market in food.

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  1. Merial D.
    Merial D.

    Fantastic breakdown of Pinterest marketing and ads! The step-by-step guide on setting up a Pinterest ad campaign was especially helpful. It’s clear that Pinterest is more than just DIYs and recipes—it’s a powerful tool for visual marketing.

  2. Keith P.
    Keith P.

    Very informative article! I appreciated the insights into targeting and retargeting strategies with Pinterest ads. Understanding how to effectively reach and engage specific audiences on Pinterest can really amplify marketing efforts. Thanks for the great tips!