What Is Organic Traffic? (+Benefits)

What Is Organic Traffic? (+Benefits)

Once you own a website, it is a difficult and challenging process to activate it and increase visitor traffic. Various studies are essential to achieve this. The most important of these works is SEO studies. With SEO studies, you can make your website more useful and more accessible. You should not forget that the increase in organic traffic of your website is the most important stage of your digital strategy.

Using correct and effective keywords in SEO studies will increase the access and flow to your site during the searches performed. Of course, if you are new to SEO, terms like organic traffic, paid traffic or direct traffic may seem complicated. Yet, these terms are not as confusing as they seem. But before we talk about the importance of SEO work, let’s clarify what is organic traffic.

Organic traffic identifies visits to a website whose ads come from a search engine and are not paid for. In other words, when users write something on a search engine (such as Google or Bing), they come across both organically top-ranked pages and generally advertised pages. When users click on any of the organic results and visit the website that is not under the ad title. We call it organic traffic. If a website has high organic traffic, that website is also at the top of search engine results. In short, organic traffic is also known as increasing visitor traffic by searching for words.

So what do we use organic traffic for? In particular, we can bring our site to the top of the search results with SEO studies on Google, which is the most used search engine in the world today. In this way, our organic traffic increases, and the flow of visitors to our site starts via Google.

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Why Is Organic Traffic So Important?

There are many reasons that keep organic traffic in such a prominent position. Since search engines are the highest traffic source, it is possible to direct the highest number of visitors to websites with search engines compared to other traffic sources. In addition, organic traffic does not directly affect other digital advertising efforts. However, you can contribute positively to the increase in organic traffic with paid advertisements.

Benefits of Organic Traffic

Benefits of Organic Traffic

Let’s take a look at the benefits of organic traffic.

Organic Traffic Is Free of Cost

First of all, it should be noted that getting organic traffic and streaming your site is completely costless. It is extremely possible to make your site available and fast by preparing your content yourself at no cost. You can get the amount of organic traffic you target with an on-site and properly planned digital strategy. Thus, your site becomes a site that is visited in the top ranks in search engines, and people are constantly visiting.

It Makes it Easy to Reach Your Target Audience

In addition to cost, reaching your targeted audience with organic traffic is an extremely simple process. Nowadays, everyone is using Google very actively in a day to question various topics on the internet and visit various sites. At this point, you can create a flow to your site with SEO work. It can be listed at the top in Google, and you can be noticed by your target audience and, more importantly your potential customers.

It Is the Safest Source for Product Research

As you know, we have been using the digital platform quite frequently for shopping and product purchasing service lately. Users who want to buy the product or service mostly use search engines in their preliminary research for the product or service. And they see search engines as the most reliable source. Therefore, it is extremely possible to attract customers in these preliminary research steps with organic traffic.

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It Provides High Quality and Reliability

It is very important for your brand to become more visible and reach a prestigious brand position to gain trust. For this, you need to generate organic traffic and be listed at the top of Google search results. Your brand’s visibility and foreground from your other competitors will make it easier for your customers to click on your website.

It Provides Profit for Your Brand in the Long Term

Rising on the online platform requires a lot of time and effort. It is even more difficult to do this, especially on Google. However, once you manage to rise thanks to these intense efforts, you will continue on your way as a brand that has made your voice heard.

Being on the first page when users search on Google with a keyword means you can attract visitors from 92% of that keyword traffic on Google. So being on the first page on Google means that 92 out of 100 visitors are able to visit your site. This rate drops to 5% if you are on the second page of Google. As you can see, if you are patient, the number of your customers constantly increases, and your earnings continue exponentially. Otherwise, when you try to rise with ads rather than organic traffic, your recognition will depend on your budget, and you will appear if you pay. In other words, we can say that organic traffic is a less costly and more permanent option compared to paid traffic.

As people visit your site, your budget does not decrease, or your site is not lost because there is no such thing as not paying. Therefore, organic traffic from search engines like Google is the most suitable option for you. Gain visitors and customers permanently without paying any fees (of course, the continuity and quality of the content are also important). 

The Importance of the Audience

The search engine audience is general. The popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has increased enormously for an average of 7 years, but this popularity is constantly changing. For example, when we think of the last 3 years, with the increasing popularity of Instagram, the interaction from a Facebook page with 50K followers is between 50-100. Considering the possibility that the ranking of popularity may change again in the coming years, social media accounts do not display a stable report as search engines to promote your brand. In addition, the traffic from such social media platforms may fall to 0 on one day while the platforms close your page the other day. For this reason, if we compare in terms of efficiency and continuity, organic traffic is always more prominent than social media traffic. However, this does not mean that social traffic is insignificant.

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Social channels are the places where users spend most of their free time. Therefore these channels are a good opportunity to increase the traffic to your site. Also, adhering only to organic traffic may cause you to miss some of the audience you will reach. You should interact with a good strategy on these platforms where users are very busy. Also, you should expand your audience that you want to reach by ensuring that users are directed to your site. Managing both organic and social traffic together and supporting each other will increase the recycling you will receive from your target audience. It can make it possible for you to reach your potential customers.

What Is The Risk Of Organic Traffic

What Is The Risk Of Organic Traffic?

We have always talked about the good aspects and necessity of organic traffic. However, there are a few risky aspects that need attention. First, search engine algorithms are constantly updated. While these updates may have a positive effect in some cases, sometimes they may have a negative effect, causing your website to fall behind. For example, there are updates made by Google at various times.

Let’s say you run a news site, and Google has updated. Google can throw your site on very back pages overnight. It can give values it deserves to the platforms that give health-related information that you prevent in the ranking. As we have seen, unfortunately, getting out on the first pages of organic search results is a long and tiring process, it really wants serious devotion, especially in words that attract a lot of traffic. In this case, implementing the right SEO strategies is extremely important for organic traffic.

SEO & Organic Traffic

SEO & Organic Traffic

SEO Work Is indispensable For Organic Traffic. Since we are talking about the mechanism of listing organic search results, we have grasped how important it is to stay on top and stay there for a long time. The most reliable way to do this is a good SEO work created with the right strategy. A good SEO study includes technical SEO, quality content writing, a website that is not difficult for users to use, and external SEO studies. If one of these concepts is missing, your site will be displayed in organic search results, but it cannot rise.

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The main factors that you should follow are: 

  • Doing SEO works in your sites and off-site and producing high quality.
  • Accurate, understandable, and rich content that appeals to your visitors about your industry.
  • The services you provide or the products you sell.

Your Site Should be Ready for the Experience of Different Users

The main goal of the user who visits your site as a result of a query on the search engine is to find the quickest and easiest answers to the questions in his mind. 

Google algorithms are similar to logic in the user’s mind. It asks you to present what users are looking for in a fast, easy, and usable way. In this case, your site must send quality signals to users. If we look at the usability factors, these are the values ​​such as the loading time of the content, the structure of the site, the navigation elements, the bounce rate and the time spent on the site. Improving the user experience depends on how you use the data you have.

You Should Follow Your Site Updates Regularly

Your site obtains secret ranking signals from areas like security factors. These are details such as SSL certificate, current plugins, current site map, terms of use, privacy policy, and contact page. It is very important to pay attention to these while increasing your organic traffic.

So Why Above Features?

First of all, let’s imagine that we are a search engine, we need to give the best quality of the results. Otherwise, our quality decreases and our visitors decrease, people start using different search engines. When we direct users to the site we trust in the quality, we want the site to please the visitor. So we say that if you offer the quality and correct content to the visitors we send, we will bring you to the top, we will provide you with more visitors. That is how the search engines work.

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How Do You Detect Organic Traffic?

It is extremely important to detect the organic traffic of your website, you can use various tools for this. However, considering Google is the most used search engine worldwide, it makes more sense to use Google Search Console and Google Analytics tools. Alternatively, Bing and Yandex have free tools to track traffic.

What Are Organic Search Results?

When searching on search engines, the first rankings shown are paid rankings. The results are shown after paid rankings are called organic search results.

What Features Should Websites Include?

First of all, we prefer fast, secure sites connected to the search query, which we have no problem understanding the content (internal SEO studies are organized completely) while registering the database, that is, during the indexing phase.

So Why Above Features?

First of all, let’s imagine that we are a search engine, we need to give the best quality of the results. Otherwise, our quality decreases and our visitors decrease, people start using different search engines. When we direct users to the site we trust in the quality, we want the site to please the visitor. So we say that if you offer the quality and correct content to the visitors we send, we will bring you to the top, we will provide you with more visitors. That is how the search engines work.


What is organic traffic? Organic traffic is a visit to a website whose ads come from a search engine result and is unpaid. Increasing your organic traffic ensures that your site is displayed in the top positions in search engines. The best way to increase your organic traffic is to produce quality, original content that appeals to your target audience with a properly organized SEO work.

If you want to learn more about SEO, please read our latest articles about it. You might be interested in why do we lose rank on Google.

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