What Is LinkedIn Pulse?

What Is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn Pulse is the LinkedIn social network section that highlights your brand by creating blog articles. Among all the actions you can develop on LinkedIn, writing long articles differentiates you the most from your competition. Why? Because few people find it easy to write, not even about something they know. Ultimately, LinkedIn Pulse allows you, as an individual, to demonstrate a bit of your professional knowledge and bring essential insights to others.

But the exciting thing is that companies can also use this tool. In this way, it is possible to establish authority. In other words, by publishing useful content on LinkedIn Pulse on the company’s area of ​​activity, you reinforce the image of professionalism, excellence, and mastery of the subject.

It is interesting to note that LinkedIn Pulse is a tool for practicing Content Marketing (also called Inbound Marketing within LinkedIn). In the end, what will attract other users and make them want to know more about your company is the quality of the articles you publish within the social network. Therefore, many Content Marketing concepts and practices that you should already be familiar with will also appear here.

how to publish on linkedin pulse

How to Publish on LinkedIn Pulse

It’s easy to use LinkedIn Pulse to get started posting articles. Any user can visit the platform and start writing.

The platform is straightforward. One of the main aspects is the inclusion of the main image, representing your article in the feed of your followers and other users’ searches.
You can also add images, videos, and links in the text’s body and make some modifications, such as changing and including subtitles, lists, and quotes. You can save drafts to finish later. When they are ready, you have to press the “Publish” button.
After publishing your articles, you can see them on your profile page in the “Publications” section. In this same section, the button “See statistics . Click on it to find visualization graphs and find out how many “likes” and comments your articles received.

how to use linkedin pulse in marketing strategy

How to Use LinkedIn Pulse in Marketing Strategy

For a professional looking for an experienced market position, posting articles through LinkedIn Pulse is one way to demonstrate your potential to potential stakeholders. But our focus in this post is to highlight how this resource benefits companies.

The catch is that there is no LinkedIn Pulse for business. Only individual users can post. So how do you get around this problem? The secret is to position your company’s employees as representatives within LinkedIn. It is these employees who will publish on behalf of the company, becoming official spokespersons.

Of course, that requires some special care—first, the choice of the people who will bring your brand to the LinkedIn user community. They must be employees who have a particular prominence within the organization. It is a question of trust and visibility for your audience; An article published by the Commercial Director, for example, has more impact than a report published by a Sales Assistant.
At the same time, you should choose employees who have a high degree of engagement and commitment to the business.

Keep in mind that they will deal with content representing the brand within their social network profile. Therefore, if there is not an overly healthy relationship between the employee and the company, there is a risk that this content will be misused.

Another critical point is that the employee’s profile must be easily associated with the company itself. In other words, your profile on the social network must be up to date.
In the “Experience” section, you must include the title, company name, date of entry into the organization, location, job description, and at least one link to the company site.

how to write an article on linkedin pulse

How to Write an Article on LinkedIn Pulse

Before explaining how to use the platform, We would like to give you some tips that will allow you to create excellent content on LinkedIn Pulse:

Be clear about your goals on LinkedIn and what you want to achieve with your article.
Also, you should be clear about the audience you want to address. This will determine, for example, the type of language you should use (more or less technical, more focused on a certain sector, etc.); or the level of depth with which you should approach your article (it is not the same that you address a specialized audience than one that knows less about the subject you are going to deal with).

Write in a pleasant way, and make your article visually attractive and easy to read (with bold, subtitles, etc.). If possible, include multimedia content (images, infographics, videos, and such)

Don’t forget about SEO; select the keywords for which you want to position your article and include them in it. If you wish, you can add one or more hashtags.

FAQs About What is LinkedIn Pulse

Is LinkedIn Pulse a tool?

Yes, LinkedIn Pulse is a tool for practicing Content Marketing.

Should I represent articles in the feed of my followers?

It is important to note the inclusion of the main image by representing your articles in the feed of your followers and other users’ searches.

Why should I position my company’s employees as representatives within LinkedIn?

Your employees will publish on behalf of the company, becoming official spokespersons.

Can my employees have special profiles associated with the company?

The employee’s profile must be easily associated with the company itself.

How can I help visitors find my companies website easily?

SEO is the best option for having more visitors and helping them search for your website in an easier manner. Select the keywords for which you want to position your article, and include them in it.

What is LinkedIn Pulse in Short

As you can see, publishing on LinkedIn Pulse an article is very simple, but it is a very powerful tool that most users on Linkedin are not using.
If you want to enhance your personal brand in this social network, this tool should be used. Of course, with a good strategy and not publishing everything you publish on your blog. Lastly, if you are not familiar with LinkedIn, then you can start reading our introductory guide on how to use LinkedIn to find a job.

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