What Is Instagram’s Privacy Policy?

What Is Instagram’s Privacy Policy?

There have been many misconceptions about the privacy policies of social media platforms. Instagram is one of them due to the wrong accusations and hoaxes. So what is Instagram’s privacy policy? Why has it become such an issue?

Some of us use social media a lot. We think that the content we put of ourselves has crucial information. It is true, and we worry when we see something like ‘Instagram will sell your information to third-parties’ and such. 

However, these scandals are not true; it’s only a scam. Yet, they are widely spoken everywhere. On occasions like this, it is best to know what is the platform’s original privacy policy.

Let’s take a look at what kind of authorities the privacy policy has.

Information Instagram Collects

Instagram collects the information you give them directly, such as your name, surname, password, e-mail address, phone number, etc. It also collects the content you share, such as photos and comments.

If you use the ‘Find Your Friends’ feature, Instagram collects information from your contact list and third-party social media platforms such as Facebook. Of course, you accept this when you link your other social media accounts to Instagram as well.

To measure the traffic and tendency of uses, Instagram collects the analysis information. Instagram collects this analysis information with the information coming from the users in order not to expose anyone’s identity. 

It also collects cookies and other technologies similar to that. Instagram can ask advertisers to air ads on your device.

They can collect log file information. Instagram collects this information when you visit a website or an app through Instagram.

Instagram collects device identifiers. When you log in with a mobile phone or a tablet, Instagram collects this information and stores it. 

Another thing they collect is metadata. It is actually more user-related information. Metadata can show which content is made by whom and when. If you use hashtags or any other tags like ‘Location,’ other users can find your content more easily. If you have a Public Profile, your content with the Location can be seen by the map feature. You can change your Privacy Settings if you do not want to have a Public Profile.

How Instagram privacy policy uses Your Information

How Instagram Uses Your Information

Instagram can use your information for such purposes:

  • To help you after you log in.
  • Keeping your information for enabling you to access Instagram whenever you visit.
  • Show offline ads and content customized for you and other users.
  • To analyze and develop the app.
  • Bring new features and test them.
  • To measure and analyze traffic, visitor numbers, and demographics.
  • To resolve tech issues.
  • Update your Instagram app on your mobile device.

Sharing Your Information

Instagram can share your user content and information with its associates, such as the company group that Instagram is tied to and companies in this group. These associates will use this information to offer better services and personal experiences for users.

It can share your information with third parties. However, Instagram removes the details that can relate the information to your ID.

If you have a Public Profile, others can reach the content you share and be used again. You can change the privacy features of your account.

If Instagram had saved the cache of your information or was copied by other users and third-parties, even if you remove it, they can still have access to your information.

Instagram can reach, store, and share your information for legal purposes to prevent any crime and fulfill legal requests.

How Your Information Is Stored

Instagram can store and process your information in the US or other countries that host the facilities of Instagram’s associates and service providers.

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They can transfer your information to other countries. If you are living outside the US or EU, it can transfer your information to other countries that do not have the same data protection law. By signing up for Instagram, you allow the transfers, usage, and exposure as stated in Instagram’s privacy policy.

Instagram does not guarantee the protection of your information against reaching, exposing, and changing. It is also your responsibility to keep track of the privacy of your information and access the e-mails on your Instagram account.

Privacy of Children

Instagram does not allow people under the age of 13 to use the application and does not collect information from them intentionally. Instagram states that its content and services are not appropriate to children.

If Instagram learns that it collects information from someone under the age of 13 without the permission of their parents, it deletes the account.

Other Websites and Services

Instagram is not responsible for the apps and the content of other websites that have a link through Instagram Services. When you use a link from Instagram to reach other websites, Instagram’s privacy policy is not valid on those websites.

If you are using a third-party website and allowing access to your content on Instagram, it is your responsibility.

Instagram’s Privacy Policy in Short

So we have covered the basics of Instagram’s privacy policy. We hope we gave you an idea of what is Instagram’s privacy policy. 

There are lots of misconceptions and hoaxes out there, yet, it is best to know it for yourself. If you want to learn more about it, check out Instagram’s privacy policy, and for more features of Instagram, check our Instagram Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a hoax that states everyone’s information will be public. There is no such thing. If you want to see it for yourself take a look at the privacy policy of Instagram.

There are many privacy adjustments you can make for your account. It is possible to change privacy settings for specific features. Read our How to Change Instagram Privacy Settings article to find out more.

Anything users have posted on Instagram can be used for legal purposes. It is stated in their privacy policy.

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