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What Is Instagram Creator Studio?

Creator Studio is a panel that allows you to manage and then analyze content on social media accounts. Formerly, the content studio only existed on Facebook. With Instagram Creator Studio, creators have access to several new tools and features, including planning IGTV videos. Here’s all you need to know about Instagram’s Content Studio.

Instagram Creator Studio

In late 2017, it launched the Facebook Creator app to help creators manage their presence on Facebook. Now that Facebook has incorporated Instagram into its Content Studio, creators can manage its pages and make money. Instagram’s Creator Studio tools are quite useful, especially the ability to plan IGTV videos. However, Creator Studio is quite limited to analytics, visual planning, team collaboration, and more.

Features of the Instagram Creator Studio

Features of the Instagram Creator Studio

  •  Many options make it very easy and accessible for users to use, track, analyze creator profiles.
  •  The dashboard greatly helps creators trying to improve their business, including daily and weekly data in various functions such as IGTV, stories, and posts.
  •  The creator account shows you a detailed performance analysis of all your posts in the last seven days.
  •  You can see Instagram Creator Studio’s discovery data and growth metrics.
  •  The Creator Studio provides users with control over how they manage and control their profiles and how they can contact you.
How to Connect Your Account to the Creator Studio

How to Connect Your Account to the Creator Studio

Before you start managing your Instagram, you need to connect your Instagram account to Creator Studio.

You must have an Instagram account and a Facebook page; make sure you have them. Be sure to migrate your Instagram account to a business profile or builder account. Open Creator Studio and click the Instagram icon at the top of the page. First of all, there are ways to do this. If you…

  1. Manage a Facebook page linked to the Instagram account you want to use in Content Studio, click to connect to that page.
  2. Haven’t already managed a Facebook page linked to your Instagram account, click “Connect to Instagram.” Then follow the instructions to log in to the Instagram account you want to connect to.
  3. Have a Facebook account linked to an Instagram account but want to connect to another Instagram account, click on “Link another Instagram account.”
  4. Have multiple Instagram accounts linked to your Facebook page and want to manage them in Creator Studio, what you need to do is click “Continue With linked accounts.” And you’re done. When you complete the above, you will have automatic access to the new Instagram tools in Creator Studio.
How To Use Instagram Creator Studio

How To Use Instagram Creator Studio

Once you’ve linked your Instagram account to Creator Studio, you can manage all your Instagram posts. The content library gives you a piece of information about all your Instagram videos, photos, stories, and IGTV posts. You can utilize the search bar to find the content. You can also use the filters to organize content according to the broadcast status and date. If you want to see the content and its performance in more detail, you can also click on any item in your list. This gives information about how many people saw the post, where they saw the post, how they interacted with the post, and what actions people took when interacting with the post. You will see the same individual post-analysis you will see in the Instagram app; with Creator Studio, the content is evaluated as a whole.

When you click on a post in the content library, the information you see will depend on the type of post. For example, the information you see about a story you publish will be slightly different from the information you see about a video you publish.

Other Publishing Tools

Instagram Creator Studio also offers publishing tools for both Instagram post posts and IGTV. First, click “Create message” in the upper-left corner of the page to get started. After selecting “Instagram feed,” a window will open on the right side of the screen where you can upload your image, type your title, and add a location. You can also tag contacts to Instagram photos. Just tap the ellipsis button at the bottom of your post and select “tag.” Click the down arrow next to the publish button and select “plan.” This will bring up a calendar and Time settings box. Just add the day and time you want your post to be published. Creator Studio will publish your post when the time comes. You can also view your scheduled broadcasts and IGTV videos in the Content Library under “Scheduled” under “Post Status.” 

On the Analytics tab, you can view activity analytics to see what actions users take when interacting with your account. You can also look at your content access over the last 7 days and the total number of impressions.

Conclusion on Instagram Creator Studio

Instagram Creator Studio is a handy tool for creators to become more successful Account Managers. You have to switch to a creator profile to access many more features on Instagram. Your Instagram account can become more engaging and fun. Finally, we hope you don’t confuse Instagram’s creator’s studio with that of YouTube’s. If you do, refer to our review about the location of the YouTube creator studio and explore it yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Absolutely not. It is quite easy to use and understandable.

Instagram Creator Studio is very helpful. It allows you to be more organized and keep track of everything.

Instagram Creator accounts offer detailed information about your followers. This information shows not only overall growth but also the loss of followers. If you are a business owner, it will be beneficial.

 Log in to your profile and click on the top right corner.
 Click settings>account>switch to the personal account>switch back to confirm
 Thus, you will stop Instagram Creator.

Instagram Creator Studio has been developed for desktop use. You can provide content edits using a computer.

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