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What Is Instagram Creator Account?

Let me say it right away: the Creator account on Instagram is not yet available for all profiles. However, it represents the new frontier for those who decide to work on this social network and exploit all its potential in the visual storytelling and influencer marketing sector.

The reason is simple: you can have decisive tools for profile management and more accurate data. And those who work every day in the world of marketing on Instagram know that numbers are decisive for managing content in the best possible way. Plus, to create an editorial calendar.

And that’s what you want, right? That’s why you need to consider activating a Creator profile on Instagram. How you do it? What is it for, and why can it be useful for your online work?

What Is a Creator account on Instagram?

It is a version of the Instagram account dedicated to creators of content for communities. In the first place, this function has been activated for a small number of users; it is slowly making itself available to the public and provides various tools to optimize the presence on this platform.

In summary, with the Creator account, not much changes from an aesthetic point of view: the innovations are defined around the tools that allow you to improve what you do to achieve good results.

how to activate Instagram creator account

How to Activate Instagram Creator Account?

Did I mention that not everyone can have this chance now? You can find the wording in the specific section that shows the instructions to activate this function. So there is hope. But how to proceed?

  1. Go to your account.
  2. Tap the sandwich menu.
  3. Go to the gear icon.
  4. Then select the account item.

Remember that you can operate from both personal and business profiles. In the first case, you will have to click on the item. Get more tools, in the second on Switch to account creator. After completing this last point, define the category and any Facebook page (but this point is not mandatory).

Advantages of a Creator account on Instagram

Three significant strengths allow you to have good reasons to activate (or attempt to get) a Creator account on Instagram. Which ones are they? I found them in the official guide of this social network; I leave you the essential points in these paragraphs. Here you can find the real benefits of this solution.

Improved Messages

The first feature to note of these new Instagram accounts is that you can now manage private messages to differentiate between general and main DM contacts. Those are the messages that come from the public and those that come from your friends’ profiles.

This solution is very useful because it helps the influencers’ work who receive many DMs. You can also mark and filter messages as read, unread, time of arrival, or the importance of who sent it. In short, for those who work as influencer marketing, it is an interesting novelty.


Another big news of this advanced profile on Instagram: you have the possibility to use and study advanced statistical data with Instagram Analytics. This way, it’s much easier to create content that can attract the public’s attention because a data-driven approach to marketing is ideal for creating an editorial calendar.

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Here you can see how many people have followed you and how many, instead, decided to abandon you on a specific day to understand the relationship between content and follower trends. 

Of course, you also have the demographics (age, location, etc.). These numbers are also present in business accounts: Instagram Creator Profiles offer the ability to see who the followers are, find out what the demographics are, and meet the needs with content.

Contact Info

An interesting solution that concerns how you present yourself to the public: information relating to the category you belong to can be shown or not. Either way, Instagram Creator Profiles offer more flexibility in how you label your brand.

Account Creator on Instagram: Are You Interested?

Of course, if you have decided to vote your social activity for influencer marketing with Instagram, this solution can help you because it allows you to work with greater precision. And with a new simplicity, especially when you have to manage messages from potential customers and decide which content to publish. Do you agree? Do you also want a Creator account on Instagram? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Creator and Business accounts are mainly similar, but each is adjusted toward a lightly different user. Creator accounts work fine for individual brands and influencers, whilst Business accounts are intended for brands and influencers who have previously built their business strategy.

Instagram Creator Accounts are for high-profile users created to easily tap inside their data and better relate with their viewers. They’ll involve features like: Follower insights: Insights will let you analyze how your audience is interacting with your account efficiently.

You can switch your account back from a creator account by reverse-following the same steps you did to make your account a creator account.

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