What Is HTTP Error 503 & How To Solve It?

What Is HTTP Error 503 & How To Solve It?

Suppose you’re facing the “HTTP Error 503” and don’t know how to access the web page, no worries! This error is one of the most common and frustrating errors when trying to see a website. You can find the solution and the reasons for this error as we explain the details in this content. 

Unless you’re a website developer, these error codes aren’t very helpful. But worry no more! We’re gonna try to help you solve it. Now let’s move on to what this error is, and how can you fix it?

What Is HTTP Error 503?

The HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. The error code “503 service unavailable” is a server error response, indicating that the server is not ready to handle the request. Usually, the website shows a few things you can try as well as the HTTP status code. The website generally advises you to try again at a different time. 

what are the causes of http error 503

What Are The Causes Of HTTP Error 503?

It is difficult to figure out the cause of this error just like it is with “502 bad gateway error” or “500 internal server error”. 

  • The major culprit for this error is a failure in the connection between the server and the web page you’re trying to access, making it unable to process any requests from users through their browser. 
  • The server might be going through some regular maintenance, which can cause it to be shut down temporarily.
  • The server might be getting a lot of information requests from many users at the same time. This situation can cause the server to have issues while trying to bring up said information. This most commonly happens with a small website whose servers aren’t well equipped for handling a big influx of user requests at the same time. 
how to fix http error 503

How to Fix HTTP Error 503

  1. Try refreshing the page a few times. Alternatively, you can try resetting your router.
  2. If you’re using a proxy or a DNS/VPN and see the error “Service Unavailable – DNS Failure,” there may be something wrong with your DNS configuration or VPN. Try different DNS settings or switch the DNS configuration back to default; try turning off your VPN.
  3. If the issue is caused when the user count of the website peaks, it may be wise to increase the server’s resources to accommodate the high number of users.
  4. If the error is caused by a DoS (Denial of service) attack, you should contact the host of the webpage and see what can be done to prevent things such as this from happening again. The host might want to increase the security measures used or pursue legal options.

FAQ About HTTP Error 503 And Other HTTP Errors

How does the website display the error when 503 Service unavailable means that the website is not responding?

As complex websites have many different parts, there are some server pieces; the frontend server (the one users get information from) shows you the error message, while the backend servers(the ones that generate the page) are not responding.

Is this error caused by my computer/router/browser/internet connection?

Most of the time no, this error is usually a sign of a server-side issue. 

Is the server of the website down?

Yes, the server could be down. The best way to know for sure is a quick google search “is XXXX down,” which should reveal if the servers are down.

Why am I facing this error?

A good way to usually see why there is an issue is seeing if any other users are having this problem. It may be useful to ask someone else to access the page and try it from another device.

Does this error mean the web page is no longer available for use?

No, it doesn’t. It is doubtful that the web page is no longer available for use. 

Conclusion on HTTP Errors

These HTTP errors happen to all of us, from web developers to common users. It is indeed frustrating to face the issue and try to navigate around it. Although refreshing the page usually fixes the problem, it is not always the case. Hopefully, this article helped you learn why this error happens and how you can combat it. If you overcome this problem, however, don’t be too complacent, since there are many other pitfalls to watch out for including the notorious 502 Bad Gateway.

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