What is Gravatar? (+And How to Use It?)

What is Gravatar? (+And How to Use It?)

Have you ever noticed that after the conclusion part of blog articles, there is a small profile picture of the author? Readers usually just take the information they need from the article and leave the page, but these pictures actually show us whose hard work we are reading. Next to their picture, there usually is a small box that includes the name of the author. It also has short, brief information about who this person is. What is Gravatar? Keep reading to find out! P.S.: If you are a blogger, this article will be super helpful to you.

What is Gravatar?

Gravatar is a word derived from the word avatar; it is a simple and useful profile picture assistant that works a lot in the internet world. If you are writing on different websites and you have different profiles in each one of them, you can just have one profile picture that you will define in Gravatar on set it to use in all these websites at the same time.  

What does the word “Gravatar” mean? Well, it stands for “Globally Recognized Avatar.”

benefits of gravatar

What are the Benefits of Using Gravatar?

Instead of shooting different profile pictures from scratch and trying to upload them in different suitable forms for the sites that you are blogging at, you can upload a one-time photo to Gravatar and make it appear in many places. For example, you write on blog A and blog B, and they both asked you to create an author profile, with a short biography about who you are and a profile picture. Instead of preparing them separately, ask if the site management can register you to their system with the email address that you subscribe to Gravatar.

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With this strategy, your profile picture will automatically appear on both of the sites. If you decide to work for Sites C, D, etc. in the future, just give the email address that you registered to Gravatar and saves yourself from creating avatars again. After setting your Gravatar account, it will automatically detect every content you enter and add both your profile photo and other information to your blog posts.

So using Gravatar actually means getting rid of some of your workloads. Also, with Gravatar, you can change your profile photo yourself and as often as you like without even asking site administrators. Of course, this is a behavior that we do not recommend very much.

Gravatar is not just handy for bloggers. In the past, when we were not communicating via Facebook groups and other social media, but through forums, every user had to set a profile picture separately in every forum. 

If the platform uses Gravatars, you can also use your Gravatar profile to appear when you are commenting on a website article. Keep in mind that Gravatar saves only one profile picture per email address, but of course, you can change it whenever you want!

WordPress accesses the Gravatars by default, which is why you will also see your Gravatar sets up automatically on your own WordPress-based website.

When you think of it, a Gravatar is nothing more than a profile picture or an avatar. The only thing that makes the difference and makes it really convenient is that it is stored on a web server and can, therefore, be accessed and displayed from anywhere if you comment with your email address!

One of the best features of Gravatar is that it is really easy to update your outdated profile picture with one click. When you get bored of your old photo, you can change the Gravatar at a central point, and it will automatically update your changes at all websites that use it. Your old Gravatar will automatically change with the new one, even in the comments that you left. Without this magical tool, you would go and make a list of all sites you use old profile photos and change them one-by-one manually. Can you see how much time you save with this simple trick?

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Why is a profile picture this important? Well, because it represents your online personality or brand and ensures great recognition value. It contributes to your branding (it is best to use the same image in all of your social media platforms, and Gravatar is perfect for this task).

How to Set Up a Gravatar Account?

Now that you know the basics about what Gravatar is, let’s set up your account. Don’t worry; it’s quick and easy!

If you are a person who uses the Internet a lot, we can recommend you to go to the site address, and create an account by following the instructions. However, if you think like “I do not understand technology so much, give me a step by step guide,” do not worry, we got you. Follow these steps:

1. You should go to the home page of the site at http://gravatar.com. Then, you can click on the “Get Your Gravatar” button by typing the email address you want to register in the empty space marked with the yellow arrow.

2. In this step, you should click on the “Sign-up for free” button, which has a yellow underline. Of course, those who have accounts on WordPress can continue the process by clicking the blue button in the middle.

3. In this step, you need to enter the necessary email, username, and password information and click on the “Sign-up” button.

4. Don’t pay attention to pop-ups here and just open the incoming mail by going to the email address you have provided.

5. It is a necessary step to verify the account that you have created by email verification.

6. Open your mail and click the “Activate Account” button to verify your account.

7. Then, click the “Sign in to Gravatar” button on the screen.

8. Next, log in to the site by typing our email address and the password that you have provided.

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9. You should click on the “Add One By Clicking” button to add pictures on this page.

10. You can publish the profile picture that you want to upload by giving an address on the Internet or by uploading a photo on our computer. Do it by clicking the button you have specified in yellow.

11. If you chose the “My Computer’s Hard Drive” option, you should select the photo from your computer. Do it by clicking the Browse button on the next page. Then press the “Next” button.

12. Now, your photo is in front of you, and it wants you to correct it. Your photo should have a certain size. So do the trimming-editing process in this step, and look for the “Crop and Finish!” button. Click on this button.

13. In this last step, Gravatar asks you to rate your photo to know where to use your profile picture. Of course, if you want it to appear on all sites, click on the “rated G” picture just below the photo.

Congratulations! You now have a Gravatar, and no matter which site you register with your email address. The profile photo you used here will automatically appear. Of course, it is a separate requirement that the websites we mentioned should be compatible with Gravatar. But this is a problem that website managers should bother.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to register at Gravatar (or WordPress.com) with the email address with which you also comment or are registered on your website. The Gravatar is only shown for the email address you use to register with Gravatar.

If you don’t have an account with the corresponding email address, create one for free. You will receive a confirmation email after registration, so don’t forget to check your mailbox!

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Do not be surprised that after clicking on the link in the confirmation email. You will come to the WordPress.com website. Just close it and go back to gravatar.com. Gravatar is a service of Automattic, the company behind WordPress. That is why you have to log in with a WordPress.com account.

When uploading a new image, you have a size limit of 1MB. So make sure your image is smaller.

It’s best to upload a square image. You can still crop it in the next step. But it is better to upload an image that has a specific design for square display.

If you have just uploaded your first picture, it will automatically be activated as your Gravatar.

If you have uploaded several pictures, you have to activate one of them as your Gravatar. The active image, which is currently being used as a gravatar, is outlined in blue.


Can I have multiple Gravatars?

Yes and no. You can upload multiple images within Gravatar, but you have to select one that should be your active Gravatar.

Is it free to use Gravatar?

Yes, it is free and straightforward to use Gravatar.

What does the term Gravatar stand for?

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar.


Thank you so much for reading this article. We hope that this article helps you grow your SEO knowledge. If you want to check other SEO-related blog posts of InstaFollowers, click here. If you want to learn more about Gravatar, then check this video out by Ferdy Korpershoek:

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