What is Google Pirate and How Does It Work?

What is Google Pirate and How Does It Work?

Privacy is always an important issue for the entertainment industry and content producer. Google has many algorithms to protect and help content producers like Panda and Penguin. Google Pirate is a special algorithm that aims to protect the direct violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Privacy is an important issue for both the contents on the net and Google, and Google Pirate tries to help to protect privacy on the internet. It was firstly announced in 2012, and after that, it becomes one of the best-loved algorithms of Google. So, what is Google Pirate?

How Does It Work? 

Google updates its algorithms day by day. So far, it works on detecting a high level of violations of the contents and issue them. After detecting violations, Google penalizes these web sites with lowering their rank degree on the list. Google Pirate protects original content producer while punishing the web sites which violate the protocol. It follows the web sites that violate the DMCA and even ban them regardless of their ranking. 

Websites That Are Affected by Google Pirate

Which Websites Have Been Affected by Google Pirate? 

Google Pirate works on almost any website that violates DMCA. First of all, torrent sites that are sharing a lot of original content. So Google bans them in terms of DMCA. But torrent sites aren’t the only ones that are banned from Google. Music sharing and video sharing web sites that don’t have an agreement with the original content producer are also banned without any notice. Any web site that has a high level of copy content is penalized or banned by Google. 

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Understanding Google Pirate

Understanding Google Pirate

 We have seen what it is, now let’s have a look at what does it actually do. Here are some of the duties that it works on:

  • It protects the right of original content. The web sites that have a high level of copy content are penalized or banned from Google. Firstly, Google decreases their rankings. It means losing almost 96% of organic visitors. It is a huge loss for a website. 
  • That algorithm works coordinately with DMCA.DMCA is a special law that was brought into force in 1998. Until that time, it is used to protect the rights of original content. That’s why Google follows the criteria of that act. 
  • Even the algorithm is successful, privacy is still a problem for the internet. Due to the nature of the internet, there are still many web sites that violate DMCA. Google updates the Pirate day by day to make privacy regulations better. 
  • It is meaningful for the entertainment industry. It protects the right of artists and improves the quality of the contents overall. 


What is the Google Pirate algorithm? 

It is one of the algorithms of Google that works on protecting the rights of content producers. It punishes or bans websites that have a high level of copy content.

Does Google Pirate give any notice before the ban?

No, it bans websites without any notice after penalized.

What is DMCA?

DMCA has been an act to protect the original content producer since 1998. Google works with that act to protect the privacy of the internet.


We have covered the answer for what is Google Pirate. It is one of the algorithms of Google to improve the content and protect privacy on the internet. This algorithm works according to DMCA. To improve privacy and fix privacy issues, Google Pirate is working on it. Thanks to Google Pirate, the web sites that have a high level of copy content are penalized. If they continue their violation, Google Pirate bans them without any notice. Privacy is always a big issue for Google, and with its algorithms, the internet is safer for content producers. 

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