What Is Google One? (Google One Explained)

What Is Google One? (Google One Explained)

Today we will find the answer to the question of what Google One is with you. One, one of Google’s paid storage services, has attracted more attention than before. The amount of people who want to try this cloud system is quite high due to its advanced price tariffs, different storage plan options, and “storage for free” opportunity.

It is a service where you can store all of the files, including Google One, Gmail, Google Drive, and Photos, and is more advantageous than other cloud technologies in terms of paid plans. Every user starts to get service with a free storage area of 15 GB over One. Especially those who want to keep images and other files at high-quality standards often prefer this service.

benefits of google one

Benefits of One

Google One has additional benefits from Google’s other services:

  1. One of the system’s first advantages is that it offers you the option of access to Google experts. You will get the right to talk directly to the experts about every problem with the One app.
  2. Storage space 15 GB is also an extremely advantageous feature for those who want to have a free cloud storage service.
  3. One provides an extremely wide range of services in terms of cloud storage. For example, up to 5 family members can be added to a single plan, and each individual has a unique storage area.
  4. It is also possible to say that it offers extra benefits independent of the system’s basic function. People with One subscription can benefit from additional discounts at hotels registered on Google Search with this membership up to %40.
pricing plans

One Pricing Plans

One of the most frequently asked thing is “What are Google One pricing plans.” We mentioned that Google One has extremely advantageous pricing plans. According to its About page, for:

  1. 100 GB per month, you need to pay $ 1.99.
  2. 200 GB per month, you need to pay $ 2.99.
  3. 2 TB per month, you have to pay $ 9.99.
  4. 10 TB per month, you have to pay $ 99.99.
  5. 20 TB per month, you need to pay $ 199.99.
  6. 30 TB per month, you need to pay $ 299.99.

FAQs About Google One System

How many people can be in a Family account?

Family account supports up to five members.

Are hotel discounts unlimited on Google One?

You can take advantage of the discounts at different Google Search hotels offered by the system.

What other benefits does One provide?

You’ll also be able to take benefit of some opportunities within the Store and Express Shopping Service.

Is there a One app?

Yes. Android 5.0 and higher phones can download now!

What topics can I meet with Google experts?

You can talk to any subject you have in mind about its services.

Conclusion: Having A Google One Membership 

So, in conclusion, what should be done to start the Google One membership system? First of all, start by downloading the Google One app on your smartphone. This application can actively work with the Android 5.0 version and higher. If you want to join an existing family group, you must first act according to the invitation mail sent to you by the family manager.

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