What Is Google Duo? (Google Duo Explained)

What Is Google Duo? (Google Duo Explained)

Google Duo is an application that was launched on August 16, 2016, and can be used on devices with the operating system of Android 4.1 and higher and IoS 9.0 and operating system. The application allows you to make video and audio calls through your phone number. Google Duo is also a frequently preferred system for conference calls. With its updated version, this app supports group video calls up to 12 people. Therefore, it is possible to make both business meetings and collective family/friend meetings here.

Your Duo account is set up and used based on your phone number. If you are looking for a video calling app for your mobile device, you can choose this platform with an end-to-end encryption system and is compatible with Android and IoS. Contacts you have phone numbers in your mobile device will appear in your contact list in this app.

Video Call Feature of Duo

Video Call Feature of Duo

You can click the camera view with the search bar in the app’s interface to start the Duo call. Then you need to click the create a group button. Then follow the steps for video calling service below:

  1. Type in the names or emails of the people that you wish to include in the Google Duo video call in the search bar.
  2. Select the name in question from the list.
  3. Then click “video call”.
  4. When the video call starts, Duo will give you a warning. This warning will say: “Smile! Knock Knock is on! “After this warning is received, the group calling you set will start.
How To Change Manage Preferences

How To Change Manage Preferences? 

Changing manage preferences can look much more complicated than it actually is; here’s how you can do:

  1. If you wish, it is possible to change manage preferences in the Duo Call system. Within the interface of Duo, there are Settings, Help, and Feedback options. If you click on the Settings option, you can find the “Turn off Knock Knocks” option, or you can make various changes, i.e., activate and deactivate low-light mode. 
  2. As you know, there may be a very high rate of expenditure on video calls from mobile data. To avoid such a situation, you can limit the use of mobile data if you wish. In this way, while you can use unlimited data over wifi, if you are using your mobile data, the system automatically prevents uncontrolled spending.
  3. Another option that you can only use on phones -this time, only with the Android operating system – is to make your phone vibrate when ringing. This system is not available on Duo For IoS or Duo For Mac. 
  4. Also, if you wish, you can unregister your phone number from the system.

FAQs About Google Duo

Can we disable low-light mode on Google Due?

Yes. You can disable this feature if you desire to. For this, you need to operate on the settings within the framework of Manage Preferences.

Can I make group video calls over Duo?

Yes, especially business video calls often prefer Google Duo. The system, which supports up to 12 users, can be easily used.

Is it possible to make voice calls only over Google Duo?

Yes. Just like Facetime or Whatsapp, Google Duo supports non-camera voice calls.

Can I register on Google Duo without my phone number?

No, Google Duo is a system where you can register via your phone number. But then you can unregister the phone number after you have an account.

How to verify my number for Google Duo?

You can verify your number with a one-time verification code sent via SMS.

Conclusion: What Is Google Duo? 

Google Duo is an extremely popular Google service where you can make your video and voice calls individually or as a group. If you liked this article, you may also like what Google One is also.

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