What Is Google Drive? (Google Drive Explained)

What Is Google Drive? (Google Drive Explained)

Today we’ll try to find the answer to a very common question, “What is Google Drive?”. Google Drive, one of Google’s most popular cloud storage solution applications, is mostly preferred, especially for business purposes. Google Drive is an area where you can easily store your media and document contents. Completely free, the system gives you 15 GB, and you can use this 15 GB without any time restrictions. 

It is possible to view and edit the contents you store in that service, which works depending on the Google account and collect the content you use, such as Google photos in other Google services at a single point. This service, which you can use on your tablet or computer or via the mobile app on your phone, allows you to hold and share the contents by categorizing them with files and folders.

google drive main features

Google Drive Main Features 

It is possible to use many different file formats such as docs sheets and slides via the Drive app. If you wish, you can open online versions of pages developed based on Microsoft Word and share the files you select with as many people as you wish. Furthermore, you can determine the authority of each user on the file yourself. The sharing files process is extremely easy. You can send users an invitation to edit content or share a file with them using their email address. Let’s take a look at Google Drive’s pricing plans together.

google drive pricing plans

Google Drive Pricing Plans 

Are you wondering about pricing? Well, this is the key point for the services. Here are the main plans that are often preferred by Google lovers!

  1. Google Drive’s Free Plan: If you want to use Drive with 15 GB of free storage space, you have unlimited time to do that!
  2. Google One GB (Recommended): This plan, which you can buy for $ 1.99 per month, will only be $ 19.99 when you pay annually (you will save %16). In this context, in the 100 GB storage area, you can benefit from the option to talk to Google Experts, the option to add family members to the system, and extra member benefits.
  3. Google One 200 GB: This storage area, which you can use by switching to the Google One system, requires you to pay $ 2.99 per month. You can pay only $ 29.99, making a 16 percent profit on the annual payment. Also, thanks to the 100 GB package, you can get a 3 percent payback in your Google Store.
  4. Google One 2 TB: With a monthly payment of $ 9.99 on the Google One system, you can take advantage of a 2 TB storage space. You will benefit from a 10 percent payback in your Google Store expenses. 

FAQs About Google Drive

What types of files can I store in Drive?

Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and all other files can be stored on Drive. 

What are Google Drive apps?

Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Drawings, and Google Sites apps can be easily used within the system, and their online versions can be created and shared easily.

How to start using Google Drive?

First, to start using Drive, obtain a Google account or log in to the system through an existing Google account.

How many people can I authorize for a single file in Google Drive?

You can authorize people to allow them access, edit, and share content. You can do this for people as you want.

Which operating systems support Drive?

Google Drive can be used on systems that have both iOS and Android operating systems.

Conclusion: Having Drive For Storing Things

Google Drive is an app that you can easily use and use for free for as long as you want. You can download and use Drive right away. Downloading this app is completely free. Go to the Appstore or Google Play Store, search for the app, and click on Download easily. If you liked this article, check out our other articles about Google’s products and services as well. You might also like how to add a text to Google Docs.

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