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What Is Facebook Mentions?

Facebook is a popular social platform used by millions of people worldwide. And just like any other social media platform, Facebook keeps bringing new features to its users regularly. In this article, we will be covering what Facebook Mentions is. It is now known as Facebook for Creators or Facebook Creator Studio. Facebook developed this app to provide public figures more control over their content, working, and connection with their fans.

Facebook Creator Studio is a program preferred by celebrities who want to have more interaction with their fans. When Facebook Mentions was first launched, it was very similar to the Periscope application. Periscope is a live streaming application published by Twitter. With time, the application got many new features with updates and eventually became a content managing, measuring, and communication tool.

How to use Facebook Creator Studio

How to use Facebook Creator Studio?

Facebook Creator Studio is a direct update of the Facebook Mentions application; it requires no extra sign up. It was only accessible by public figures such as actors, influencers, musicians, and vice versa. Facebook launched Facebook Mentions in 2014 for accounts with verification that can access it to provide better interaction between their fans. It filtered their fans’ posts about them to make them easier to see and interact with. It also enabled the option to start a live Q&A with maximum real-time interaction in mind.

However, Facebook Creator Studio is not like Facebook Mentions. It is available to every Facebook user and not just organizations with verified accounts. Here, we will show you how to use it.

  • First, download Facebook Creator Studio on your iOS device via App Store or on your Android device via Google Play Store. On the desktop, you can use this link: to access Facebook Creator Studio.
  • Open the app, tap ‘Get Started,’ on the next screen; tap continue as. (which account you prefer).
  • The application will show you the accounts or pages that can access the Facebook Creator Studio on the next page.
  • If you see any greyed out pages, you may need to change your page’s category. To see the categories you have selected for your page, you should head to the “About” section. Facebook recommends selecting the “Video Creator” category on your page to be eligible for the Facebook Creator Studio.
  • After choosing your preferred account or page, tap Explore Facebook Creator.
  • After getting to the main page, you will see the “Facebook” and “Instagram” tabs.
Facebook Creator Studio

On the Facebook section

It is possible to choose which pages you want to see from the Facebook pages connected to you. You can easily review the latest posts, views and interactions, statistics, message box of any page you choose. You can also share your desired Facebook post for the page you want from this field.

Connect Instagram to Facebook

On the Instagram section

You can log in to your accounts by clicking on the Add Instagram account from the left tab’s Instagram accounts section. After logging in, you can add your posts by clicking on the “Create a Post” button from the top left. You can write the post’s content in the given field. There is also a field where you can add a tagged location to your posts. If the Instagram account you selected is linked to a Facebook page, the relevant Facebook page will immediately appear in the bottom tab with a box on top of it. If you also want to share your Instagram post on Facebook, just tick that box. After that, all you have to do is click the “Share” button…

If you want to share your posts on a scheduled date, click the arrow next to the “Share” button and schedule it there with great ease. Facebook Creator Studio looks like a handy application for content creators on Instagram and Facebook. But one of the shortcomings may be that, as we can see in most applications, it is multi-platform Story sharing. It will be much more of a time saver if one could easily share their Stories on multiple platforms via one application.

Conclusion – Facebook Creator Studio

In this article, we have covered what Facebook Mentions is. Now it is known as Facebook Creator Studio. In 2014, Facebook rolled it out as an application for public figures, such as musicians, actors, and influencers to interact better with their fans via live streams and real-time Q&As. But with an update in 2018, it became an application for all kinds of content creators. Now you can use it to track various statistics of Instagram or Facebook pages that you own or moderate. It also lets you prepare and publish posts for the said pages via the application.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, Facebook Creator Studio is completely free to download and use it by every Facebook user interested in creating and managing content. You can download the application from the App Store on iOS devices and from Google Play Store on Android devices. 

Yes, Facebook Creator Studio provides you with a nicely designed user-friendly interface. From the “Pages” section, you can see each of your pages’ statistics, like the number of followers they have, what role you have on that page and other users with access to that specific page.

Absolutely. Facebook Creator Studio has a dedicated Instagram section for you to manage your Instagram pages and accounts, providing you with the same tools to publish your posts as if you were publishing them Instagram itself. You can also share your posts simultaneously on both Instagram and Facebook via the Instagram section of the application if you choose to do so.

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