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What Is Facebook Blueprint?

What Is Facebook Blueprint?

Facebook Blueprint is a Facebook marketing training and certification program born in 2016. The goal is to certify Facebook Marketing skills and qualify people who want to become experienced professionals in Facebook Advertising, Facebook Community, and Facebook Marketing.

Firstly, this program allows, after having undertaken a specific training path, to obtain a certificate attesting to high-level knowledge and skills on best practices relating to the correct use of tools to create effective campaigns in Facebook Power Editor and Facebook for Business.

Making the advertising and community management activities effective makes the social media manager or any other professional who wants to apply Facebook Marketing strategies highly credible. The professional who obtains the Facebook Blueprint certification has proven to manage a Facebook Page; plan a Facebook Advertising campaign, and analyze the data through the tools for measuring results. 

The exam is really serious, with very stringent checks on identity, the inability to copy, and the verification of skills. Facebook provides the study material free of charge. Still, the study is too theoretical and lacks the practical part on which many of the exam questions concern.

Therefore, if you don’t have a serious experience as a Facebook Manager and you want to stand out from the crowd of improvised social media managers, we highly recommend the Facebook Blueprint Course to prepare you to pass the exam, which as you will discover by continuing to read this page, is not free.

why have a facebook certification

Why Have a Facebook Certification?

Facebook is today the most used Social Network in the world and has an unprecedented archive of profiled data. Not even Google can boast such a large number of information (and so detailed) about its users.

You provide Facebook your name and surname, your gender, age, and the places you frequent. Along with them, Facebook can collect detailed information on your interests and the things you like; from the music you listen to to the movies you watch, from sports that you love the products you like, buy or would like to buy, etc.

Thanks to all the information that Facebook collects, it is easy to understand the potential that an advertisement can have on this social network. Facebook knows what its subscribers like. So an advertising campaign on Facebook, if well done and aimed at the right target, is an arrow that hits the target.

It’s possible to reach those we have defined as buyer personas or those users who have shown in the past or show interest in what our company can offer. Today, more than two million companies advertise on Facebook. Furthermore, a good part of the people who use the internet does so only and exclusively through their Facebook account. When they have to search (even just a simple restaurant or hotel), these people don’t use Google as a search engine but Facebook. This data also makes us understand how important it is to know how to present your company and advertise your product on this social network.

The reality of competence is very vast and resalable. Many offer themselves as Facebook experts without having gained the necessary professionalism. Hence the importance of standing out from the crowd with this blue stamp that is not easily released.

Why Facebook Blueprint?

Google has long had a well-structured certification program for creating advertisements. Facebook is one of its biggest rivals and has felt the need to compete with the historic Google Partners badge (which certifies its competence in managing advertisements through Google Ads formerly Adwords). So by proposing its program and ad hoc certification that qualified professionals by certifying them for the use of its advertising tools.

For about 3 years now, it’s become possible to certify as a professional in the field of Facebook Marketing directly with Facebook itself! Today, skills in the various areas of Facebook marketing are increasingly in demand and, consequently, having a certification represents a plus of value: especially if Facebook itself issues it.

We are talking about a particular certification because it does not just “certify” the attendance of a course or the possession of certain skills, but certifies your know-how to do Facebook marketing activities with Facebook tools. In recent months, companies increasingly thirsty for visibility on social media have begun to search for figures such as Facebook consultants, Facebook Ads Managers or Specialists, and experts in Facebook Community Marketing Management. Nowadays, it’s a determining factor to have the Facebook Blueprint certification when selecting companies looking for figures in the social field.

Facebook Blueprint Certification List

The Facebook Blueprint certification consists of two different professional certification modules:

  • Certified Planning Professional
  • Certified Buying Professional

Facebook Certified Planning Professional

This first module is aimed at those who intend to certify themselves in the field of digital social advertising. Particularly, those who want to become specialists in planning advertising campaigns on Facebook. So to obtain the Facebook Certified Planning Professional certification, it is necessary to pass two different exams:

  • Advertising Core Competencies
  • Certified Planning Professional

Therefore, it will be necessary to demonstrate that you can plan a Facebook advertising campaign correctly by accurately identifying both the objectives of this campaign and the audience to which it is addressed. It is necessary to demonstrate that you can read the resulting data to demonstrate its effectiveness. 

Facebook Certified Buying Professional

The second module is instead aimed at those who intend to purchase advertising campaigns on Facebook. So to obtain the Facebook Certified Buying Professional certification, it is necessary to pass two different exams:

  • Advertising Core Competencies (same review as the Planning module)
  • Certified Buying Professional

Facebook Blueprint: How Does the Exam Work?

The exam to be passed to obtain the Facebook Blueprint certification consists of 56 exam questions (all multiple choice), and the time available is 90 minutes. At the end of the exam, you will have the result immediately. Once you pass both exams, you can request your certification simply by sending an email to [email protected].

So if you fail the Blueprint exam, you can repeat it after 30 days. 

Facebook Blueprint: How Much Does It Cost?

What does Facebook Blueprint cost? Every single exam costs 130 euros. So each certification, which includes two exams, costs 260 euros. This is why it is important to face the exam with good preparation and, above all, practics with the Facebook Blueprint Course. 

how to prepare for the blueprint certification

How to Prepare for the Blueprint Certification?

Below is the list of training courses useful for passing the exam to obtain the Facebook Blueprint certificate. 

Digital Coach® Facebook Marketing Course

The Facebook Marketing course has a duration of 17.5 hours of practical operational lessons + 11 hours of exercises that will allow you to master the use of Facebook Business Manager tools.

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The exercises’ importance is fundamental: you will be able to create and manage Facebook Pages, create Facebook Ads campaigns, and different types of advertisements to increase conversions, contacts, and traffic more generally. You will be able to create and manage customized audiences based on your target. Finally, you will be able to interpret Facebook Insights and generate reports on the results achieved.

So the preparation course for the Facebook Blueprint certification consists of 5 different modules (3 courses + 2 practical exercises):

  • Facebook community marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Web reputation & social media monitoring
  • Facebook ads tutorials (bonus)
  • Web graphics tutorials (bonus)

Facebook Blueprint eLearning

Facebook provides you with its platform where you can find various online courses that allow you to learn every single thing you need to know to run campaigns on Facebook and pass the certification exam. The platform also provides a variety of materials, including photos, videos, and guides that teach you how to create advertisements. To date, the platform also hosts courses on Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.

Lastly, it is possible to follow the courses in several languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish); and in a dispersive way as the videos are many, fragmented, and do not follow a precise, logical order. 

Facebook BluePrint: How Long Are Certifications Valid?

The certifications are valid for 12 months. Therefore, after one year, if you want to re-accredit yourself, you need to upgrade and pass an exam again.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook Blueprint Certification has inspired thousands of advertisers, entrepreneurs, and marketers to develop their skills in designing ads and managing ad campaigns on Facebook.

Finally, we hope that this guide will assist you to get your certificate and go one move closer to creating awesome Facebook advertisements for your merchandise or company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Blueprint is a free-to-participate online education program for advertising on Facebook and Instagram. It covers over 90 courses. Most of them can be practiced in 15-50 minutes. All you need is a Facebook log-in to start learning.

Facebook Blueprint certification ranks digital advertisers’ knowledge of advertising on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. It tests several skills, including using Facebook insights, to make campaign recommendations and designing an end-to-end Facebook advertising strategy.

Review Agreement for Facebook’s Non-Discrimination Policy. Their Advertising Policies forbid advertisers from using their ads products to discriminate upon individuals or groups of people.

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