What Is Discord?

What Is Discord?

Discord is one of the most popular group-chatting apps, with more than 100 million monthly active users. It was created as a hub for gamers and streamers. However, the app gradually became a commonly used communication tool for various other communities and businesses.

The app has many engaging features to create communities and bring like-minded individuals together. It supports voice chats, video calls, instant messaging, group creation, and many more by providing a user-friendly interface. So now, let’s see how the app works. 

How Does Discord Work

How Does Discord Work?

Discord is available on both mobile devices and desktops as a standalone app. You can also use it from your web browser by visiting its website. 

In the app, users can create or join existing chatrooms by a link, given that the chatroom is created as private. Other than private chatrooms, there are countless public channels that users can join freely. Both public and private chatrooms are called servers in the app. After joining one, users can send texts, images, audio, and videos to the group chat section or each other. 

What Is a Discord Server

What Is a Discord Server?

The servers function similarly to a text-based social forum with many additional features. Any user can create a server and set its rules, such as its privacy or messaging frequency. A server also contains what’s called channels in the app. Channels are chatrooms for specific groups and can be created by the server admin or moderator. Each channel can also have its own set of rules. Other than these, users can be a part of a multitude of servers at the same time. So that it can also be utilized as a social network.

To Sum up What Discord Is

Discord used to be a simple group messaging app. Today, the app is frequently used by millions of people worldwide to engage with their communities and businesses. Now that you know what it is, you might want to learn about how such a miraculous platform makes money despite being free. If that’s the case we invite you to our review on how Discord makes money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The app is essentially free as any user can fully use its all key features. Its paid version, Discord Nitro, offers cosmetic additions, hi-res video, server boost, and bigger file size uploads.

The app was created for gamers, but it became today’s go-to app for creating communities. 

It is possible to use most features of the app on mobile. However, the desktop version offers the best possible Discord experience.

There are many different reasons why the app is one of the most popular groups messaging/coordination apps. Its easy-to-use interface, mobile-friendliness, reliability, and useful features are some of the most prominent ones.

There are many free and paid alternative group messaging apps similar to it. You can use TeamSpeak or Ventrilo while gaming. Business-related popular alternatives are Slack, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams. Keep in mind that all these group communication tools have their own pros and cons for certain needs.

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  1. Bill

    Discord is the best invention since sliced bread! I spend almost 5 hours a day on it and have no regrets.