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What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the skill of writing convincing expressions or promotions on many forms of marketing objects to make readers decide and act on. People approach certain subjects with suspicion on the internet, such as entering their emails to random sites, buying something, donating to charities, or supporting fundraisers. Copywriting is essential for content marketing to clear away those suspicions, and then they can be a highly influential call to action. 

This article will help you through the concept of copywriting by investigating its types and employment categories. We will touch upon all you need to know.

types of copywriting

Types of Copywriting

Copywriting is a broad subject. You can find them in forms such as web pages, blog posts, landing pages, presentations, white papers, etc. That is why not all professional copywriters write the same types of copies. They start with general copywriting works then find what suits them the most. Here are some of the most popular copywriting types.


Technical copywriting is not very sales oriented. Focus is more on promoting the market object with an explanation of the technical aspects, as an in-depth technical guide. This copywriting type is challenging to master. You need to have the necessary technical background to know the product or service. Also, you need to explain the subject to the uninformed end-user in a simple manner. 

Technical copies are mostly found in in-depth industry guides and white papers.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of having a successful online presence. It is the process of generating informative texts that include keywords recognized by search engines. Every business should have a well-incorporated search engine optimization to be recognized on the web. SEO copywriting requires excellent research skills as you need to know what keywords people will use while searching for the copies you are working on. While doing that, you should also be able to get into the typical customer’s minds of the company you are working for. This means you should think strategically and then structurize your copies; accordingly, no one wants to read a gibberish text with lots of keywords thrown into it.

SEO copywriting is mostly written for web pages and product descriptions.

web content

Web Content

Web content is what makes the internet exciting and resourceful. They inform people while inspiring them to learn and do, making them more engaged with the World Wide Web. Web content copy examples are blog posts, web articles, and social media posts. 

Web content copies aren’t significantly about the product or service you are trying to sell. It’s more about creating a trustful relationship between you and, of course, the audience. That is why the copies you will write should be creative, engaging, and exciting. Exceptionally written web content will help people become more enthusiastic about returning to read what you post and feel like they are reading something helpful and entertaining rather than feeling promotional content thrown into their faces.


As you may know, PR is short for public relations. PR copies cover everything that represents the company or organization you are working for to the public. Moreover, one can find them written in press releases and public statements of companies.

PR content aims to portray the organization you are writing about to be seen by the public as perfect as possible. Written copies will help raise awareness of the company’s good doings or clean away the negative acts by writing well-structured statements.

Employment in Copywriting

Copywriting is mostly preferred in the marketing industry. You can be employed in many marketing-related departments and agencies, or you can work as a freelance copywriter. The salary can be high enough to work as a full-time copywriter. Here are some of them:

Freelance Copywriters

Many copywriters work independently. Freelance copywriters have a chance to write to a wide variety of clients. This creates an opportunity to earn as much as you work that month, and you can have a job in the comfort of your home. A variety of clients help the copywriter master copywriting of many different types. These can be a good headstart to a career of writing copies as a full-time job. 

advertising agencies

Advertising Agencies

In advertising agencies, copywriters are teamed up with a creative team where they work with art directors, as well as other art-related employees. Copies written in advertising agencies are focused on an advertisement, with the information obtained from clients as they have the most objective comments about the company and its products. Copywriters write the copy, and the art team makes the text more appealing with visual aids. Advertising agencies can focus on a particular industry or have varied types of clients. 

Copywriting Agencies

Copywriting agencies combine good copywriting with social media consulting, copy editing, SEO, proofreading to help clients create better written and informative copies. They basically help clients get recognition faster and generate a fixed client base. Copywriting agencies mostly employ copywriters working from home, or they contact freelancers.

Conclusion on Copywriting

Copywriting is a vast subject with lots of subsections. It requires language fluency and research enthusiasm. This article is more of a fundamental approach to copywriting. The intention is to introduce the subject by explaining its popular types and, of course, employment categories. Lastly, after you get the attention of a potential customer, make sure that you urger him/her to take action. How? Read our guide on the best call to action examples.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Copywriters engage the customers with the subject they are working on by writing well structured, informative, and exciting texts. They can work in various industries, which creates a need for curiosity, interest in research, and lots of creativity.

Content marketing is the general marketing approach a company follows to create and publish ads, videos, or any content to create attraction, interest and, of course, make potential customers prefer them. On the other hand, copywriting is the method behind the execution of a well-structured content marketing strategy by writing content that attracts people.

Copywriting is not an easy task. Googling “How to Copywrite?” is a way to start, but not everyone who writes informative web texts is a great copywriter. You can start by finding a freelance job to begin practicing or write for fun in your free time to start writing high-quality copies.

Internet is an excellent way to reach new people and then a potential space for large and small businesses to expand their customer base. This leads to a need for copywriting, including advertisements and informative explanations to attract more people.

SEO copywriting is a copywriting type that requires a lot of writing and researching skills. SEO copywriters create copies that include information about any given subject with fluent writing while using recognizable keywords in their texts for popular search engines, such as Google or Yandex. This copywriting type boosts the copies’ findability and then leads new customers or admirers to their creation.

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