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What Is Bluesky Social? How Does It Work? 

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, or X, as its current name, some users started looking for alternatives for Twitter. At that point, the old founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, launched a new application, or platform, named Bluesky Social. With great changes in Twitter, most of the users missed the old interface of the application and its qualities. Hence, they turned their faces to the Bluesky platform. Some famous journalists like David Hundeyin claim they are waiting for Bluesky Social to experience the old Twitter sense. In today’s article, we will delve into the interesting world and the background of the Bluesky Social so that you can find the alternative you’ve been looking for!  

What Is Bluesky Social? 

Well, first things first, what is Bluesky Social? It is a text-based platform where you can share long text as long as 300 characters. Like Twitter, your messages or texts are displayed on a main feed page. You can download the Bluesky app from your iOS and Android devices.  

Even though it came to the surface as a ‘new’ alternative to Twitter, Jack Dorsey started to work on Bluesky Social in 2019 as an enterprise alongside Twitter. However, last year, in 2022, after all those ‘Elon Musk’ events, the company became an independent one. As of last April, Bluesky had received $13 million in funding from Twitter, which is so that Bluesky’s platform can gain independence and freedom from the Twitter company.  

How Does Bluesky Work? 

All the small details of the Bluesky platform can be considered similar to Twitter, especially in its base form. You can add a header, profile picture, and a bio. You can share texts and pictures online. Many users even started to call those ‘skeets’, which is a combination of ‘sky’ and ‘tweets’. However, what is the point then? Well, Bluesky Social has a different aspect than most social media platforms.  

As an internal project of Twitter, Jack Dorsey’s main purpose in founding Bluesky Social was to create a decentralized social media platform. If you are thinking about what decentralization is, think of it as centralized as all the social media platforms we use today. With a centralized platform, all your data is controlled and stored in one centralized company. That means, for example, if something goes against their community guidelines, they can ban your post or your account.  

As a result, centralized social media platforms cause privacy, legal, and also, political issues since the government the company is based on can have access to your data, theoretically. Thus, creating a decentralized one and opening it to usage would basically give more freedom and privacy to the users. That means even if it shuts down, your data will be safe and owned by you.  

Who Owns Bluesky Social? 

As we said earlier, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, was the head of the Bluesky Social projectHowever, when it comes to ownership, it is more complicated. Along with Dorsey, the board of directors includes Jeremie Miller, who was the founder of Jabber in the 1990s. The CEO of the Bluesky Social is Jay Graber. In the past, Grabber worked as a software engineer in Zcash, which is a cryptocurrency site, and founded a social media site designed for events called Happening. According to the website, the company is owned by Jay Graber, alongside the Bluesky social team, as the website claims.  

How Do You Get Bluesky Social Invite? 

Since it is still in the testing phase, of course, not all of us can download the application and sign up for the Bluesky Social. To do that, you first need to get an invite code. But don’t worry! In this article, we will explain how to get an invite code.  

There are several ways of getting the code, but the most guaranteed one is, of course, writing on the waitlist. You can sign up for the website, write on the waitlist, and wait for the invite code.  

The other way can be to ask your friends if they have any invitation codes. Maybe they can share it with you. If you do not have a friend with an invitation code, you can search on X (Twitter). You can check the latest tweets and ask them to share them with you. You can also buy Bluesky Social invitation codes sold on websites like  

How to Create Your Bluesky Account

how to create bluesky account

Well, at this point, if you have decided to sign up for Bluesky Social, here are the steps you need to follow.  

  • Step 1: If you got your invitation code, you could go to the website or download the Bluesky App. In there, you will see a page like that. There, you can click ‘create a new account’.  
  • Step 2: Once you click that, you will see a page that will ask your server. You can choose the default Bluesky social server ([email protected]) or follow the directions Bluesky Social provides and use your own domain. ([email protected]).  
  • Step 3: Once you choose your server, you can fill in your invitation code. After that, the sections for your information will open, and you can fill in your e-mail, birthday, and password.  
  • Step 4: After filling in all those information boxes, the last thing to do is choose your user handle! This is like a username on the platform. You can always change this one from the settings after you open your account.  

Does Bluesky Work Just Like Twitter (X)? 

As we said earlier, in many ways, Bluesky Social just works like Twitter (X). Its interface is also similar to the X. You can share posts and pictures, choose the language, and choose whether it is adult-only or not. You can follow other users and can see your followers.  

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However, there are also some differences between the Bluesky App and Twitter. For example, in Bluesky Social, you don’t have tweet limitations to see each day. However, also in Bluesky Social, there is no option of sending DMs or adding lists. Furthermore, as we said above, the biggest difference is that Twitter is a centralized company while Bluesky Social is a decentralized one.  

How Can You Use Bluesky for Business? 

If you have the invitation code and are thinking about using Bluesky Social for your brand, we collected some strategies you can benefit from.  

  • Establish a Tone and POV: Since Bluesky Social is a new platform, not many brands are using it for business because the audience is limited there. Nonetheless, this also comes with an advantage. Since it is new, you can set your brand’s tone and create a point of view for your business on the Bluesky platform. In other words, you can create the rules of engagement for Bluesky Social with your brand.   
  • Connect with the press: In the past, Twitter was one of the main houses for journalism and press. However, with new changes, the prominent ones started to lean toward Bluesky as an alternative. That means you can make use of that and create PR campaigns with journalists or prominent figures in there.  
  • Create niches: Since it is a brand-new platform, it is easier to create your niche in Bluesky Social. You can find, if it exists, or create your niche for your own business interest and industry. This can help you to find your target audience and reach them more effectively.  

Conclusion: A Decentralized Social Media Revolution 

Bluesky Social is a social media platform that aims to revolutionize the way we interact online. With its decentralized infrastructure and emphasis on user privacy, it has the potential to create a more private and secure social media experience for its users. 

Bluesky Social’s decentralized approach means that no centralized company controls everything. That reduces the risk of censorship and manipulation. On the contrary, users can have ownership of their data and can have a touch in the process. Additionally, Bluesky Social’s commitment to user privacy means that your data is protected and not sold to third-party advertisers. 

Whether you’re a business looking to connect with customers or an individual seeking a more authentic online experience, Bluesky Social offers a persuasive alternative to Twitter or other traditional social media platforms. With its focus on user empowerment and data protection, it represents a step forward in the evolution of social media. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

Bluesky Social is currently in beta testing, and invites are limited. You can sign up for the waitlist on the website. Once you have received an invite, you can download the app and create an account. 

Bluesky Social is still under development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we use social media. In the future, it could become the leading social media platform for people who value privacy, freedom of speech, and user empowerment. 

Bluesky Social works by using a federated model, which means that there is no single central server that controls the platform. Instead, the platform is made up of a network of interconnected servers, each of which is run by an independent user or group of users.  

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    I had heard about Bluesky but didn’t fully grasp its potential until I read your blog. Your explanation is thorough and insightful.

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    I didn’t realize the extent of Bluesky’s impact until I read your blog. It’s amazing to think about the positive changes it could bring to the online world. Looking forward to more updates!