What Is Backlink Building? (Definitive Guide)

What Is Backlink Building? (Definitive Guide)

A backlink is a hyperlink coming from a website to your website. It can be placed in an image or text. Backlink building is a process of creating links from outside of your website to your site. There are many methods to build links, and the degree of difficulty can vary. For instance, you can share articles related to your industry you are operating in so that you will be able to attract other sites’ attention. Another way is to build relationships with other website owners and can ask for backlinks.

However, you must focus on the quality of backlinks rather than numbers of them. A backlink called ‘one-way links’ or ‘incoming links’ plays a critical factor in your overall SEO strategy because it’ll do more harm than good if it is not done correctly. Your backlink quality determines your ranking in search engine results. Because of this, incorrect backlinks damage your ranking. If Google finds out that your backlinks are not trustworthy and correct, your website may disappear almost entirely from SERP ( Search Engine Result Pages.) On the other side, the correct links will put you ahead of your competitors. 

The Most Effective Methods to Backlink Building

The Most Effective Methods to Backlink Building

As mentioned above, backlink building is significant for SEO, and it is one of the most significant parts of search engine optimization. However, link building isn’t an easy process because getting high-quality backlinks is likely the most challenging part of your SEO strategy. However, there are many white-hat SEO methods without too many efforts and expenses. 

When working on a backlink building process, the website you create links to is the most important factor. Besides, it determines how high you’ll be in search results, including Google. Your website traffic is related straight to the high-quality backlinks you have. That’s why some website owners may have difficulty in getting quality backlinks. Now, we are going to mention some smart ways to build backlinks. Here are the best ten ways;

Focus on Creating Competitive Content for Backlink Building

At the heart of the backlink building is unique, useful, original, and informative content. If websites have content that is familiar, undesired, and tedious, your SEO strategy will be affected negatively because no one wants to link to it. That’s why start creating great content and focus on being better than other website owners in your industry. If you’re a beginner in this job, before starting, you should observe your competitors. 

Be Active on Social Media

You got to be active and present on social media platforms for good link building. There are a lot of methods to reach more people on the web. For instance, you can look at ‘Link Building Expert Groups’ on Facebook: it will open a few doors for you. Besides, when you share content and leave relevant comments, you will attract other people’s attention in these online communities.

Share Your Content Regularly

If you write posts regularly and focus on your industry and potential customers’ needs, you will gain authority after a while later. At this point, your posts should be useful, original, unique, and related to your niche. 

Find Your Competitors’ Backlinks Sites

When you look at your competitors, you will likely find that they have many backlinks which you don’t have. Well, how can you discover the websites where they succeeded to get these backlinks? There is only one way to do it! Many websites offer this service on the web, such as SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefy. Choose one of these and then analyze these backlinks where they come from. These sites will help to discover not only these backlinks but also find your competitors’ sources.

Contact With Somebody Who Already Mentioned You and Your Services

It is one of the most commonly preferred ways to gain backlinks. If someone has already mentioned your services or brand, but they haven’t linked to your site, you can contact the person and then ask him/her to give a backlink.

Discover Your Strongest Competitors' Backlinks

Discover Your Strongest Competitors’ Backlinks

Many websites, such as SEMrush, offer to compare your sites against your competitors. If you don’t want to get penalized (no doubt) by search engines, including Google, your links must be trustworthy and strong.

Discover the Most Related Backlink Building Ways

Remember, there are many ways to build backlinks on the web. It means that there are many sites and blogs where you can place your existing backlink, but how can you find these places? At this point, SERP is the best way to do it as it is designed to help you discover and sort the most related results. The most efficient way is to sort them by your industry. 

Look at Your Competitors’ New Backlinks Regularly

You need to be conscious of your competitor’s activities. To do that, you can use backlink analysis tools because monitoring your competitors plays a critical factor in being more successful than them. Besides, it creates great opportunities to discover new backlink sources and new methods you will use in the future.

Request Backlinks From Site Owners

It is a great way to start. If you have friends, colleagues, clients, or acquaintances who are site owners, you can ask for backlinks. However, be careful as these backlinks need to be related to your niche; otherwise, there will do more harm than good.

Write Testimonials for Other Sites

It makes no sense at all, right? Why should you write testimonials for other websites in the same industry? You don’t wish to lose your customers. On the other side, it can improve your overall SEO strategy and provide new backlinks.

Here are a few things to avoid in your building link strategies;

  • Spammy and toxic links.
  • Repeating the same text and keywords.
  • Excessive backlinks at a sitting.
  • Links from low-quality websites.

Well, you can not only build backlinks but also earn them if you share original and perfect content. Remember, everything in the business world needs to return to profit. Like other companies, Google’s main goal is the same. Thus, if Google cannot provide a good experience for its users, it will not make money. For instance, suppose Google users can not find relevant results as they wish in Google search engine results. What will they do? They will likely switch to other search engines after a while.

Therefore, Google needs to provide useful, findable, and valuable content for its users. To do that, if you are a website owner, Google checks your site’s technical features regularly, from your website design to keyword quality, to rank you in its search results. Because of this, good, useful, interesting, and original content will bring you natural backlinks as these are Google’s one of the first ranking factors.

Discover Your Strongest Competitors' Backlinks

What Are Natural Backlinks?

Remember, a backlink is a link placed on a website that links back to your website. There are only 2 ways to get backlinks; building or earning. Besides, your rankings in search results depend on them. For this reason, you should be consistent with building backlinks. For instance, when you build 500 backlinks to your website in only one day, it wouldn’t be natural in Google’s algorithm. On the other side, if you build, let’s say 50 backlinks per day consistently, it would be much more natural than 500 backlinks in one day.

Suppose you are a website owner, and you want to create backlinks. You should create them naturally. What does it mean? It means that you shouldn’t request a backlink from other website owners or apply other forms of link building processes; otherwise, you won’t be able to reach natural backlinks. In other words, natural links are created when other website owners link to your content as they think these are useful for internet users and adds value to their website.

Natural links are so important to spread your websites and brand through the web. You can feel secure with your natural backlinks as your website traffic and rankings in search engine results, including Google, will be affected positively.

FAQs About Backlink Building

How many backlinks do you need? 

It depends on your needs and wants. A few backlinks can rank your websites. On the contrary, a few backlinks mean a few visitors to your website. At this point, there isn’t any exact number we can say. It can vary from site to site. If you have a small one, 50 quality backlinks will be a good start.

How does content affect your rankings in search engines? 

There are various variables to determine your rankings in search results. Your content, images, or text, should be the highest quality as far as possible and should be original and unique. When users look at your website to find relevant content they are looking for, give them what they want to see. Thus, your ranking will be better than your competitors’.

How can you remove bad backlinks? 

Firstly, compile a list of all of your backlinks you have. 
Secondly, determine your bad backlinks.
Finally, remove these backlinks. To do that, you need to get in touch with the website owners you have the link on, and then ask them to remove bad backlinks. To understand whether they remove these links, you should track them. 
Well, if the website owners refuse to remove bad backlinks, Google allows its users to disavow the backlinks they don’t want.

Is the guest posting natural link building? 

It is another way to get links. However, when you share content on another website and add a backlink to your website, it will not be a natural link building. 

Should you buy backlinks? 

When you buy a backlink through websites that offers this service, you must be careful about the trustworthiness of the provider. Otherwise, it will do more harm to your website than good.

Backlink Building In Short

There are a few reasons that users will link to your site. They think your content is interesting, original, unique, informative, and useful. Backlink building is an excellent method for visitors to look at your pages. Well, we’ve mentioned ten ways in this article to build backlinks: Focus on creating competitive content, be active and present on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, share your content regularly, find your competitors’ backlinks sites, contact with somebody who already mentioned your website, discover your strongest competitors’ backlinks they already have, the most related backlink building ways, look at your competitors’ new backlinks regularly, request backlinks from site owners, and write testimonials for other sites.

Before starting, you need to know that all your backlinks can not be equal in value. To give an example, one high-quality backlink may be worth than ten low-quality links. You can Buy Backlinks from high-quality backlink providers to ensure the quality of your backlinks too. Therefore, you should tread a fine line between your backlink quality and their amounts. You can remove bad backlinks whenever you want. To do that, you can use Google Disavow Links or get in touch with the website you have the link on. To understand whether your competitor is getting organic traffic, you can use backlink analysis websites, such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz. Hope you liked our article about what is Backlink Building!

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