What Is Apple CarPlay?

What Is Apple CarPlay?

Cars today do not just take us from one place to another. They also provide us with comfort. And for many people, it is important to listen to music in the car, to be able to use the applications they want, to answer their calls; in short, the car is a smart device. One way to make your car so comfortable is to use Apple CarPlay. We will tell you about the features of this free service. Keep reading.

What Does Apple CarPlay Offer?

Apple CarPlay offers a lot of features that you can utilize while you drive without taking your attention elsewhere. Here are some of them.


Navigation is a crucial place in car travel. Looking at the navigation from the phone or other devices threatens our security. One way to easily browse navigation without distraction is to use Apple CarPlay. With Apple car play, you can choose the navigation application you want. The options are; 2GIS, Google Maps, KakaoNavi, Naver Map, NAVITIME, Sygic Car Navigation: GPS & Maps, Waze, 百度地图, 腾讯地图, 搜狗地图. Being able to choose will double your driving pleasure. Also, if you use apple maps, it helps you guess the routes you have taken before.

Making a phone call

Using a phone while driving on the road is dangerous for our safety. Experts constantly warn about this. Even trying to wear a headset to talk on the phone is a dangerous move. Apple CarPlay takes precedence over all this. You can make calls, answer calls, find out about missed calls just by calling Siri.


Trying to read and write messages while driving is perhaps even more dangerous than searching. Apple CarPlay and Siri can prevent this. Because you will no longer be reading your messages but listening. Moreover, Siri can send your estimated arrival time to the person you will meet.

Playing Music

Listening to music in the car is a pleasure for many of us. But Apple CarPlay takes this experience to the next level. Siri can DJ you; you can search for the song and artist you want with the remote. You can see which song is next. In short, you listen to whatever you want, unlike a normal radio.


Are you a busy person? You do not have to worry. Apple CarPlay is with you. If you do not have time, you can edit and view your schedule on the go. While this saves you time, you can do this without jeopardizing your security.

advantages of apple carplay

Advantages of Apple CarPlay

We talked about many things you can do with Apple CarPlay above. Apart from these, you can use Apple CarPlay with other applications. These applications nowadays design their interfaces to be used in cars. Besides, you can adjust how the applications appear. It’s up to you to customize Apple CarPlay. So what are these apps? LINE, Podcast’ler, Tidal, At Bat, Stitcher, CBS Radio, Overcast, Audiobooks.com, Audible, VOX, NPR One, Downcast.

How to Use Apple CarPlay

Apple car play is designed to keep your eyes on the road while driving. You can control it in three different ways.

  1. There is a voice control button on the steering wheel. You can activate Siri by holding down this key. Siri will do whatever you say for you.
  2. If you have a touchscreen, you can control CarPlay like a phone.
  3. Keys and buttons. You can control Apple CarPlay with every key and remote you use for your vehicle.

How to Activate Apple CarPlay

There are two ways to activate and use Apple CarPlay. The first way is to use a USB cable. It would help if you had any apple device cable to do this. You can connect to your vehicle by clicking Settings> General> CarPlay on your device and then simply clicking USB.

The second way is to connect via Bluetooth. For this, you first turn on the Bluetooth feature on your device. Then you click on your vehicle’s Bluetooth connection and pairing. You can start using the CarPlay you have paired with your car.

in which cars and devices do apple carplay work

In Which Cars and Devices Do Apple CarPlay Work?

Maybe you bought a car, and it is not installed in CarPlay. You do not need to worry because you can use CarPlay with the systems we will list now.

  • JVC
  • SONY

FAQ About Apple CarPlay

Is there a monthly charge for Apple CarPlay?

You do not need to pay a fee to use Apple CarPlay. It now comes preinstalled on most new vehicles. It works integrated with the system of many new vehicles.

Do you have to have an iPhone to use Apple CarPlay?

To use Apple CarPlay, you need a compatible iPhone phone. Synchronization is done through this device.

Does CarPlay use data?

When you connect to your phone and start using internet data, Apple CarPlay uses data.

Can you add Apple CarPlay to any car?

Unfortunately, Apple CarPlay is not suitable for every car. You need to buy a suitable car to use it. It fits most cars that come out today.

How much data does Apple CarPlay use for navigation?

Here it is not Apple CarPlay that will use data, but the navigation application you use. Apple CarPlay does not use data.

Conclusion: How to Use Apple CarPlay and What It Is

Apple CarPlay is a traveling pilot for you. It accompanies you on the journey on navigation, music, calls, messages, and calendar. If you are an Apple fan like many others, you can’t call yourself complete until you get yourself an Apply Tv. Read on to learn how.

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