What Does INB4 Mean?

What Does INB4 Mean?

If you are an active user on the internet and you are an active member of many destinations. Discussion forums, imageboards, or popular online game platforms are to name only a few. If that’s the case you must have heard the term “inb4”. This term has started used by 4chan as a slang term. But, nowadays, it is widely used in relatively popular online internet forums.

Meaning of the Term INB4

It is also a part of Leet. Some also know it as Leetspeak. Leetspeak is a system of altered spellings. Message board users mostly use this all over the Internet. It substitutes characters and mostly uses ASCII characters to substitute letters from the Latin alphabet. B4 in “inb4” comes from here since the pronunciation of “number 4” resembles that of “fore” in the word “before.” Additionally, the letter “b” alone is read like the syllable “be” in the word “before.” So, inb4 is an acronym for In Before

how you can use it

How You Can Use It

Many use it as a term for a part of a discussion or conversation and generally as a reply to someone else. This is why many use it widely on online message boards. User posts a reply to a topic or a thread before another user sends the obvious reply—the user forecast the occurrence of a certain image, meme, etc. 

Example: Let’s assume a scenario that a message board user is writing about their dog on an online message board. They tell how the dog is acting very hyperactively, and it is wrecking the house, and they ask other users if they have ever experienced a similar situation before. 

Some users are posting replies to this, and they are explaining how they overcame similar situations while a user chooses to post:

“INB4 doge meme”

That means the user predicts that someone will upload an image of the Doge meme as a joke since inb4 is followed by a word that indicates anticipation of a particular situation to happen.

faq on what inb4 means

FAQ on What INB4 Means

On which websites is it used?

It is generally used on discussion forums and online message boards as well as in many games.

What does INB4 stand for?

It stands for “In Before”, meaning that one could foresee what was about to happen.

What is the origin of inb4?

It is often thought to originate and spread from 4chan.

Why is there a 4 in the term inb4?

Because it is a part of the Leetspeak system; a simple reference, if you will.

Where can I use inb4?

You can use it in online threads if you anticipate a particular reply to be sent.

Conclusion on What INB4 Means

In this article, we covered the meaning of the term inb4 and where to use it. As said, it one can use it in particular online situations where somebody predicts something to occur. The term INB4 indicates that “I know what you are going to say,” and it can be used in the forums or the chatting section in games. The internet is full of slang words and abbreviations. Here is a guide on Instagram slang that will help you find your way through Instagram.

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