What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube?

What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube?

YouTube has become a much more interactive platform than before. Because the comments under the video and YouTube use various algorithms to make the interaction between users and comments more powerful. Sometimes you notice that the specific comment under a YouTube video is higher than the others and stands out more. “What does highlighted comment mean” you may ask. Read more to find out.

What makes comments or interactions appear first? Today we will examine together with you what the highlighted comment means. In this way, you will be able to do this on YouTube. Let’s begin.

What Is a Highlighted Reply

What Is a Highlighted Reply?

You may have noticed some comments that come under a YouTube user’s video more priority and easier than others. The YouTube algorithm selects these featured comments. Generally, comments that receive the most interaction or the ones that may interest you are highlighted. Video creators can pin some comments too. But highlighted comment means more than a pinned comment: it is “featured.”

YouTube highlight comment to be of interest to you so that you can interact easily with it. For this to happen, the following comments can be highlighted:

  1. If someone replied to your comment under a video, the YouTube system notifies you about the subject. When you go to the page with this comment, YouTube marks this reply as a highlighted comment. This makes it much easier for you to find and use this comment.
  2. If you have a video of yours and someone leaves a comment under your video, you can still get a notification. When you click on this notification, YouTube takes you to the relevant page. In this case, the comment that will be displayed will be highlighted again.
FAQs About Highlighted Comments

Conclusion: Highlighted Comments on YouTube

Highlighted contents increase the interaction between watchers and videos easily, so the YouTube algorithm loves this feature! Did this make you interested in the algorithm? Then check out this article: How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

This is generally determined by the creator’s preference. A creator can disable the commenting feature if he or she wishes. If he or she turns this feature on, anyone can comment on the video.

Yes, a video creator can delete all comments under his or her own video.

No, the YouTube algorithm chooses which of these comments will be and uses certain criteria for this.

No, the commenter cannot make their comment highlighted. Only YouTube decides this.

For example, you may receive a notification if a comment was posted on your video or if an individual responded to your comment on another video. You can click on these notifications to go to the related video.


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