What Does a Customer Success Manager Do?

What Does a Customer Success Manager Do?

The term customer success manager might seem quite strange to you, and if you are curious about this concept, you are in the right place; you cannot know where this information will get useful! Basically, a customer success manager is an occupation in which you are responsible for customer relationships. Customers buy the products, but they buy the experience that comes with that product. A CSM is responsible for ensuring this experience part is going smoothly, and customers are happy. 

We know it sounds like what customer service or HR workers do, but the situation is a little bit different here. For a further explanation of this job, keep reading…

Who Can Be a “Customer Success Manager”?

Since this job requires ensuring customers’ happiness and satisfaction, only having a degree may not be helpful. Your academic background might be enough in the short term, yet when we consider it in a long-term approach, it will not work. 

A CSM is in a close relationship with both customers and the customer lifecycle. So, the following are some of the personality requirements of being a CSM:

  1. Having good communication skills.
  2. Understanding the products and the service that the company provides very well.
  3. Having patience (this step is crucial; the customer is always right!)
  4. Having good management skills.
  5. Being analytical and strategic.
  6. Problem-solving skills.

If you do not have these skills, your master’s degree in business may not be enough.

who can be a customer success manager

What Does An Account Manager Do?

We have already said that this occupation is sounding like other occupations; we got you. As you may already know, an account manager makes sure that you will purchase from that company again. Their job is to make you a shopaholic for their company. They are the first ones to get in touch if customers have a problem. 

Yes, customer success manager does all of those AND some other stuff; their goal is successful customers! As we mentioned earlier, customers also buy an experience; so, the customer success manager makes sure that they are reached their experience goals.

problems with being a customer success manager

Problems About Being a Customer Success Manager

As in every occupation that must deal with human beings, customer success managers also have possible problems. Because every single individual is unique, you need to have some problem-solving skills, as we mentioned earlier. There are a few prototypical customer types that you may encounter while doing this job, which are:

  1. The Silent Customer
  2. The Angry Customer
  3. The customer that thinks you are their slave

We believe the names are self-explanatory. You may approach the silent customer by making them comfortable, the angry customer by having a lot of patience and explaining the situation by avoiding accusation sentences and using phrases like “It would have been easier for me if we…”. For the last, and probably the worst type of customer, you need to double up that patience and explain your duties and what are not politely. These are my tips for you to handle these typical scenarios that you have a high chance to encounter.

FAQ About Being a Customer Success Manager

What is the most common necessity to be a customer success manager?

Employers usually want 3 to 5 years of face-to-face experience with customers.

How much do customer success managers earn?

They make over a figure of 60.000 U. S dollars per year.

What crucial part should I improve on my resume before applying for this job?

Soft skills part is very important in this job, you need to make that part as impressive as possible.

When “customer success” occurs?

It occurs when the seller’s promises about the product come true.

What is the main responsibility of a customer success manager?

Constructing consumer loyalty and healthy long-term customer relationships.

Conclusion on Customer Success Manager

The occupation customer success manager is responsible for being sure that the product or service they offer ends up with customer satisfaction. This occupation is crucial for customer support in the business. You need to have some specific skills to be in this position. Since we are at it, allow us to elaborate on the job definition of a community manager.

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