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What Are Tags on YouTube?

YouTube tags are titles that give context about your video to YouTube. There are different reasons for using them. However, most importantly, they are useful for video rankings. Tags on YouTube can be both words and phrases. The main point is implying the video’s content better and determining the right keywords.

Why Are YouTube Tags Important?

First of all, they are significant for your video’s ranking on YouTube and Google. They can include keywords, the category of your video, and the topic of your video. According to previous researches, these tags have a significant effect on the rankings of the videos. However, they should be used correctly because inconsistent tags can create confusion for Google and YouTube. It means that adding irrelevant tags will not be helpful to your content to be understood. YouTube cannot find out your video’s content; therefore, it will be harmful to your rankings instead of being beneficial.

how should youtube tags be

How Should YouTube Tags Be?

YouTube tags can include different words about your video. Firstly, try to determine a strong keyword that indicates the content of your video. You can then add other keywords related to your content and the category of your video. Lastly, if your video’s title or topic can be misspelled easily, you can add misspelled versions of your keywords.

Using tags and keywords, more than 20 can be harmful to your SEO. As mentioned before, they can cause confusion if YouTube cannot find out the category of your video. Thus, try to add strong tags but not more than 20.

If you are adding tags as phrases, you also can use their variations. For example, if you add a tag as “how to edit photos,” you also can add a tag as “ways of editing videos” or “photo edit.” The benefit of using variations is again that YouTube can make classification better.

how to tag youtube videos

How to Tag YouTube Videos?

  1. To tag your YouTube videos, you should go to YouTube Studio first.
  2. If you do not have a channel, click the button named “Create Channel.” Now you can start uploading videos and adding tags.
  3. There is the “Create” button with a camera icon on the page’s right top corner. Click it, then click the option named “Upload Video.”
  4. Choose the video that you would like to upload from the appeared document.
  5. After that, you will see a button named “MORE OPTIONS.” Now, you can add your tags from there.

To Tag Your Uploaded Videos

  1. Go to the YouTube Studio page firstly to access your channel’s control page.
  2. You will see a menu on the left side of the page. Click and then click the button named “Content.”
  3. Now, you can add tags from there.

Conclusion on Tags on YouTube

YouTube tags do not seem crucial for YouTubers in these years. There are indeed more important factors for ranking than tags. However, it does not mean that tags have no benefit. If you determine them carefully and use them right, they can bring more viewers to your video and your YouTube channel. So far, we have covered all that you need to know about this topic. If you want to master other features on YouTube, we strongly suggest you start with COPPA on YouTube.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

According to the last statistics, videos with more than 2.5 million viewers were tagged with 2-3 words. Therefore, the suggested length is 2-3 words. However, of course, you can use shorter or longer tags if you need them. If they are not long too much, they will make no significant differences.

Generally, 5-8 tags will bring the most efficient outcomes. However, you can use tags up to 20. After 20 tags, YouTube may get confused about the content of your topic. Therefore, it may harm your video’s ranking.

If you do not use tags on your videos, it will not create significant differences. Hence, there is no obligation for that. Tagging videos are suggested because even there is no huge difference, they can help your rankings.

Your tags should be relevant to your topic. To find a powerful keyword, you can search for the most effective keywords for your content. After examining the statistic, you can choose the best keyword that fits your category.

Too many tags make classification harder for YouTube. Hence, YouTube directly ignores them. It means that your effort while preparing your tags becomes a waste. To prevent that, determine the proper amount of tags and make them relevant to your content.

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