What Are Instagram Organic Followers? (2020)

What Are Instagram Organic Followers? (2020)

There are two ways to use to get more followers. Getting organic followers and getting followers in untrustworthy ways.

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Instagram is raising its follower numbers on a regular basis. This being the case, Instagram is more than just a sharing and posting website. As of late, Instagram is being used for different purposes too. Such as being used by e-commerce intensely. 

E-commerce, poetry, abilities, comedy accounts… The sales and hauls that are being made on this app reached a very wide margin. Naturally, this made having more followers a must.

This is why first we need to talk about what an organic follower is, what does it mean to raise organic followers, what are the ways to raise organic followers. It’s organic guys. Can’t be bad, can it?

What Are Instagram Organic Followers

What Are Ways to Raise Organic Followers?

The known equivalent of the organic follower is known as the natural follower. These followers don’t only exist as numbers. They always send follows, likes, they comment on your pictures… They’re in touch continuously.

  • The biggest advantage organic followers give you is that they are interested in your area of interest, so they give you regular likes, comments, or sale opportunities.

This way, your Instagram account will be reaching its purpose. If we learned what an organic follower is, then we can proceed with how to raise your follower count naturally.

Profile Picture

When you show up anywhere on Instagram, your profile picture gets the attention first.

If your account is private, you can just post a picture of yourself as a profile picture. But if your account is made for a specific reason, then it needs to attract visitors.

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  • If you’re managing a brand, but the logo of this brand without making any differences. This way people will be familiar with your brand’s logo.
  • Or you could be a director, someone who performs a talent, someone who reads poetry. We can keep going with those.
  • Whichever area you opened your account for, using a profile picture that fits your image will attract people’s attention. This way, you can gain organic followers.
What Are Ways to Raise Organic Followers

Quality of Your Posts

Even though a good profile picture works to get followers, sometimes it’s inefficient.

When we look at the content, if the individual thinks he/she will not get anything from your content they will leave you and abandon their idea of following you altogether. For this reason, make quality posts your number one goal.

If you have the possibility, take your photos with a professional camera. If you don’t, then be careful about taking high-resolution photos. Background always being the same and using the same effects will create a more professional look.

Let’s say that you have a poetry page. The writings that are always on the same tone of color in the background (for example one of the best colors is the faded yellow) and always using the same font will get more attention. It’ll create a better atmosphere.

Why? Because it’s your style now. And yes, you have a style now; congratulations!

If you garnish your content these ways, you’ll be seeing one of the most efficient ways to get more organic followers.

Posting Regularly

Your followers demand permanence from you.

If you post one day and then not post for a month then you will even lose the followers you already have. For this reason, if you want to come to a good place on Instagram then you have to post regularly.

If you will post multiple times on the same day, don’t do it one after the other immediately. The posts that are made with some time between them are more assertive. You don’t want to look like you’re begging for likes or shares. It’s also important to make the posts the same hours every day.

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If you gained a good crowd for your account, your followers will know when you’ll post and they’ll visit your page at that hour. This helps your followers trust you.

We are creatures of habit, predictability gives us a feeling of control. If you do this, you will be leaving a good impression for your new followers, while keeping the old followers.

This way, you can raise your organic followers slowly.

What Are Ways to Raise Organic Followers

Importance of Using Hashtags

In the past, you could add endless amounts of hashtags to your posts and it would be okay. Today if you use too many hashtags, it leads to your account getting closed temporarily. This is why you shouldn’t have more than five hashtags in a post.

When you add hashtags to your posts, your post will be seen when someone searches for the said hashtag. There are some points you gotta be careful about using hashtags.

  • Before you out a certain hashtag under your post, search that hashtag first.
  • When you search you will see how many results come up.
  • Choose the most popular hashtags, provided it’s related to your field of interest, of course.
  • Choose five hashtags and use them.
  • This way your posts get attention with the help of hashtags. And this raised attention will come back to you as organic followers.

Posting at the Right Time

Having your posts published at the right time means extra likes and recognition. This part takes some time. Let’s say you posted in the morning, and your post didn’t get much interaction.

Try it in the afternoon, if not then try it in the evening. This is a trial error way to find the best time for your posts. After you’ve found out what’s the best time for you, you should post at that time frequently.

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What Are Ways to Raise Organic Followers

Contest, Raffle and Activity Hours

Compared to the other entries above, this usually makes followers happiest.

Raffles and gifts that come from those. You have to spoil your followers every once in a while. To do this, first, share a post announcing you’ll do a raffle and then make a story about it.

Tag three friends under this post. Like the posts until this time. Take a screenshot in your story and share with us. After that, you will be entering the raffle to win awards.”


If you write like this (doesn’t have to exact) there will be a high demand for it. The people who see the raffle in others’ stories and posts will be high advertising for your account.

What Are Instagram Organic Followers

In turn, this will raise your follower count greatly. The most important thing in these draws/raffles is that you should do it with a video. Or doing it live. This way people will trust you.

It’s crucial you give the gifts you promised to give. Otherwise, you will lose the followers you already have too.

Interaction with Followers

If you’ve read the latest article about YouTube, you already know about this. The same rules apply.

  • When you’re in a state of interaction with your followers, this makes them feel valued.
  • For this reason reply to their questions and the comments they make, as much as you can.
  • Nobody wants to stay in an environment where they don’t feel valued.

Interaction with Other Pages

Be in contact with the pages that are similar to yours, bigger than you in followers and size.

Never lose contact with them. Follow their pages, give them comments that would get attention from everyone, make yourself seen.

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If these comments are actually of quality, it will bring people to you. If they like your page, this means you will be gaining organic followers.

Remember that the followers who look at these high-end pages, are the followers that have the same interests as you. So these are the kind followers you want.

  • At the same time, be in contact with the page administrators.
  • Ask them to suggest to you in their stories.
  • You can send them a gift of your product or any gift.
  • You can ask them to tag you on a post with the gift you sent.
  • If they were to accept, you will see a serious rise in your follower count.
What Are Instagram Organic Followers

Using Advertisements for Your Page

All of the methods above this are free. But in this process, getting advertisements are efficient. If you use advertisements, they will put your page in places where others can see it.

More exposure means your page being seen more, which would mean more possibilities for organic followers.

Even though it’s for free, the best part about paying for ads is that there is no risk with it. So we can say this is the most guaranteed and easiest method. For a price, of course.

In page advertisement pages, there are certain packages. Examine these packages, juxtapose them and see which one would be the most suitable for you.

Every pack promises a certain number of page views. So less money, fewer views. It works either way though.

Mutual Followers

Above, we told you 9 efficient ways to raise your organic followers. All of these methods work within themselves. When you apply them, the least it can do is to make you more professional. All of these methods are efficient but this one is the most.

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  1. For mutual followers, -or ‘mutual follows’ as they say- to be effective, find a well known Instagram account. It’s very important who liked the posts of this account.
  2. Start the following accounts who liked the posts of this account. This way they will notice you and start following you back, making it a ‘mutual follow’.
  3. The reason for us sending the following requests to the people who liked and commented on the well-known Instagram account is that they are high interaction people.

But when you’re sending a follow request, be mindful about not to cross boundaries. In a single day, sending more than 50 follow requests can make your account get blocked temporarily. Also while the number isn’t over 50, don’t send all these at the same time.

Be careful to send these requests separately at different times. Otherwise, Instagram sees this as an abnormal occurrence. The result of this, your account gets blocked temporarily again.

After you follow these people, they also will send a follow request to you. After you wait for a while, you can unfollow anyone you’re following. (Also when you’re unfollowing, do it like you’re following.

Don’t unfollow all at the same time.) This way, we’ve seen one of the fastest ways to raise organic followers.

Conclusion – Organic Followers Are the Best

In this article, we talked about what an organic follower is and the methods you need to do in order to get more organic followers.

Even though you know all the details on this subject, there’s another important point. Patience. These methods don’t work all of a sudden.

It’s a long process. You have to work hard at it patiently, day and night. Only this way you can come to good places and reach what you seek.

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