What Are Instagram DM Limits?

What Are Instagram DM Limits?

Instagram DMs, the short form of direct messages, is a great way to communicate with other users on the platform. It is possible to send videos, audio, custom-made images, and share other content by using the feature. However, there are Instagram DM limits to stop spammers and prevent over-loading. Now, let’s dive into what those limits are. 

Instagram DM Character Limit

Instagram users can send up to 1000 characters in a direct message, including spaces. While this is relatively shorter than other prominent social media platforms, it is still enough for most users. 

Number of DMs You Can Send in 24 Hours

Number of DMs You Can Send in 24 Hours

Instagram never really revealed to limit of DMs that a user can send in 24 hours. It is mostly because they are quite changeable for different types of Instagram accounts and their certain properties. However, it is safe to say that a trusted Instagram account can send 50 to 100 Instagram DMs per day. Newer Instagram accounts can send 20 to 50 Instagram DMs in 24 hours.

So, all in all, the DM limit is determined by Instagram for each type of Instagram accounts.

Number of DMs You Can Send in 24 Hours

Instagram Hourly DM Limits

Instagram lets its users send about 5 to 15 DMs per hour. Given that the account is not new and doesn’t have any prior bans or penalties.

How to Send the Most DMs Possible on Instagram

Instagram limits the number of DMs that can be sent because of several sensible reasons. Instagram limits DMs to stop spam, unwanted messages and prevent over-loading on its servers. However, users may want to send as many DMs as possible within a certain time limit for varying reasons. Consider these tips to send as many DMs as possible on Instagram:

  • Don’t send the same message to other accounts. Try to change it each time.
  • Personalize DMs by adding the receiver’s username or other personal details.
  • Don’t attach a link in your first message to a user.
  • Don’t send all your planned DMs within a short time window. Try to send them between intervals during the day.

Conclusion on Instagram DM Limits

Instagram doesn’t let its users exchange unlimited DMs with each other because of several reasons. It is also not possible to send unlimited DMs from or to any Instagram account. In this article, we explained these limits and included tips to send the most DMs possible. Speaking of limits, you might want to take a look at the other limitations exercised by Instagram. As they say, know your limits on Instagram or Instagram may limit you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram recently changed colors in DMs. Instagram didn’t reveal any exact reasons for this, but it is likely to increase the readability of texts on DMs.

Instagram doesn’t limit highlighted stories, and users can highlight as many stories as they like in the app.

If you send more than 100 DMs in a day, Instagram will block the user from sending more messages for the next 24 hours. If there are repetitive violations, the block lasts longer and may lead to termination of the account.

If you block a user on Instagram, he or she can’t see or engage with any of your activity, including sending a DM. 

Instagram users can like up to 1000 posts in a day.  At the moment, we are not sure if Instagram will increase this number or not.


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