What are Instagram Captions? (Tips For Captions)

What are Instagram Captions? (Tips For Captions)

Captions are crucial to make our Instagram posts stand out. Yes, people actually tend to read your caption, and your captions make your post a star or totally destroy it. Knowing this, you should be more careful in your next post. If you want to know what are Instagram Captions and how to write the excellent caption each time, then continue reading.

What Are Instagram Captions?

Instagram captions are the texts under your post; they appear when somebody taps on your post once. Do not mistake them with the comments, though. They are like subtitles that describe what you want to tell with the photo or video that you shared. Captions are very important to become more popular on Instagram, so if you want to learn how to write the perfect captions, read carefully.

How to Write the Perfect Caption Instagram?

What kind of style should we choose in order to get more likes, attention, and engagement when sharing a post on Instagram? Should we add emoji to the post texts? How many hashtags should we use when sharing? Should our post texts contain humor or be serious? Sharing high-quality images is not enough to create posts that reach large audiences on Instagram. Our captions should also be understandable at first glance and attract the attention of our target audience. In this article, you can learn how your posts will get more attention with the 2020 Instagram post guide we have compiled for you.

what are the benefits of captions on Instagram

Are Captions Important in Instagram Posts?

Although captions in your Instagram posts are not as important as your overall flow, it is critical for more people to see your posts. With the changing algorithm of Instagram as of 2018, the posts that receive likes, comments, saves, and shares are considered as high-quality content. Thus, Instagram includes them in the list of posts that other users will want to see and suggest these posts to more people. High-interaction posts not only find more places in the homepage stream but are also get featured on the discover page. Therefore, while creating excellent content, you can reach more people and make your voice heard to new audiences with well-prepared captions as well as quality visuals.

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How to Write Perfect Captions on Instagram?

The first rule of writing perfect captions on Instagram is that it is in harmony with your posts, appealing to your followers, easily understandable at first glance, reflecting your personality, and activating and inspiring people. The character limit for Instagram captions is 2200. How long or short you write completely depends on your style and your audience’s interaction. It is not always easy to find the best words while you share a photo or a video.

What should you consider when preparing your Instagram captions?

Give yourself time to think about yourself by pre-scheduling your posts with Instagram content posting tools. Check and re-edit your scheduled posts before they publish or rewrite them completely.

What is Call-to-Action (CTA)?

You can make your audience to click on the link in your biography, buy your products, answer your questions, tag their friends, or use your brand hashtags by adding Call-to-Action messages to your posts. Call-to-Action, or CTA for short, will activate your followers in your post texts. Thus, you can increase your access rates by keeping the interaction with your followers high. Using your CTA messages at the very beginning of your post texts will also make it easier for you to focus your attention.
You can promote other Instagram users in your Instagram captions by mentioning other users, especially influencers, who are your friends, and you can strengthen your online connections while expanding your community. This strategy will also benefit your followers by making them discover new accounts. Do not forget that offering benefits to your followers is the first step to being an influencer.

Sponsored Contents

Another crucial thing to remember is always to use the “Sponsored Content” label when sharing sponsored brand content. With this feature, which is valid only for users with business accounts, you can get rid of the “purchased influencer” identity sticking on you and establish a sincere bond between you and your followers. (Don’t know how to establish an Instagram business account? Click here.)

Make sure that your submission texts conform to your language’s rules. Use a simple and understandable style as much as possible.

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Make captions suitable for the photos or videos you share. Remember, every post is a part of the brand identity of your account, and you must have built the foundation of your own personal brand philosophy to reflect it best.

Make Your Posting Text Be the Sound of Your Brand

No matter which social network you are active in, your social media accounts are your brand’s digital voice. Each of your posts are like pieces of a puzzle. They draw a personality about your brand in the mind of your target audience. Your Instagram posts should also be compatible with all your digital marketing channels. Just like the words we chose in daily life, our body language and tone of voice, etc. reflect our personality; The words and phrases you use in the captions of your Instagram posts reflect your personality as well. Therefore, if you have not yet designed a brand persona, it is time to build it and then establish the style that will reflect this persona in the best way.

Should You Use Emoji In Your Instagram Captions?

Everyone loves emojis! You can draw attention to emojis while using CTA messages at the beginning of your captions. Even if you don’t use a CTA message, you can still encourage your followers to read what you have written by using emojis at the beginning or end of your posts. It is really simple! .Especially by using colorful emojis, you can ensure that people who browse the homepage quickly get their eyes on your posts.

How to Use the Right Hashtag for Your Instagram Posts?

You don’t have to use hashtags in your Instagram posts, but every hashtag you use will allow you to reach many more people and make your voice heard to new audiences. With the use of the right hashtag, you can acquire new customers, make your account easier to find by using brand hashtags, and build a long-term solid relationship with your target audience. When using a hashtag, you don’t necessarily need to add it to the end of your post. You can storify your posts with a more fluent communication language by using the keywords instead of the hashtags to create an effective caption. You can draw more attention to your content, especially with colored hashtags.

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In addition to popular hashtags, you should include specific hashtags for your captions under your Instagram posts. You can increase your interaction rates with rare or unique brand hashtags. The hashtags you use should appeal to your followers, describe your posts, and be compatible with your brand persona. You can avoid the impression of spam by using only one or two related hashtags in the post text. Instead, you can add an emoji to the first comment and then add all the hashtags you want to get a more stylish look.

Is it a must to enter Instagram Captions?

No, you can post a photo or a video without writing anything under it, but adding captions will increase the visibility of your content.

Is it really important to add captions?

The captions include emojis, hashtags, and other useful tools that help your content go popular. With the right words, you can make the Instagram algorithm to suggest your content to everyone. So yes, it is really important to add captions.

What is the maximum character limit in captions?

The character limit for Instagram captions is 2200.


In this article, we aimed to mention what Instagram captions are and how to use them effectively. We also mentioned using captions to improve your brand image. We thank you for reading, and more than glad if this article is helpful to you. If you consider reading more from our blog, click here. If you need a visualized guide for tips and tricks about Instagram Captions, then watch this video by Vanessa Lau:

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