What Affects WordPress Speed Performance?

What Affects WordPress Speed Performance?

The low performance of a site is one of the most troublesome problems we face today. There can be many reasons that affect the loading speed of the sites, and these reasons cause a slow opening. Unfortunately, the problem with the speed of the site is one of the most challenging situations in WordPress. The slow opening of the site negatively affects the user experience, and there are several factors that decrease and increase the speed of a website. Many other factors, such as add-ons, image, and file sizes that you use on your site, may cause your site to open slowly. So today, we will tell you what affects WordPress speed performance in detail.

Factors Affecting WordPress Speed Performance

Factors Affecting WordPress Speed Performance

The speed of your site is one of the most important things that affect the traffic on your site. No user wants to wait for a long time while entering a site. We can’t find them wrong because after all, nobody has a long time to go to a site anymore. You should know that Google considers this to be a major factor when ranking your website on the search engine. Page speed is crucial for the user experience. For this reason, it is very critical to know the main factors that affect the speed of a WordPress site. Because you can only prevent it by knowing the reason why your WordPress site loads slow. 

Your Cache Add-On

One of the answers to what affects WordPress speed performance is your cache. The loading speed of the site slows down due to the cache. You may not be using the caching plugin already, or the cache plugin you are using may not be delivering the requested one. The main purpose of using the cache plugin is to reduce the server load. Correct use of system resources will directly affect the loading of your site and your page opening speed.

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Your WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins help you add new features to your site. However, plugins that you do not use or stop developing can cause your site to lose performance. So every new plugin of this style will slow down the speed of your site. In this situation, you should be careful to install only the add-ons that your site needs. To understand this, after deactivating all plugins, activate them by checking them one by one. In this way, you can detect and remove plugins that do not work. Examining the plugins you use and deleting the ones you do not need will increase the speed of your site. Before doing this process, be sure to back up your database just in case.

Images on Your Site

The visuals on your website have a great effect on the loading of the page. Sometimes these images have a very large file size, and these images need to be compressed. The pictures you will use must necessarily compress the tool via a program or WordPress plugin because it will increase the speed of your page. You can do this through various programs on your computer, or you can easily do this by using WordPress plugins. Scaling while selecting your image from the media file during the use of WordPress will be a positive move towards increasing the speed of your site.

Your WordPress Database

Your WordPress database stores a lot of unnecessary information, so unnecessary information and content may have accumulated in your database. In particular, if you have an old blog site, database cleaning and optimization is absolutely necessary to increase the speed of your website. Do not forget to clear your WordPress database and do these things to make sure you have a backup to keep everything under control.

Your Web Hosting Company

Choosing Hosting for your website plays a big role in the speed of your site. If your WordPress site suddenly slowed down and you have already tried all the steps above, your problem may also be caused by your hosting company. To fix this problem, you can contact your hosting company and ask them to provide a solution. Most hosting companies announce updates on their systems through their customer panel. In some cases, websites may be adversely affected due to these updates or server-based transactions. If your problem arises from this, they will try to provide a solution if you contact your Hosting company.

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FAQs On WordPress Speed Performance

How do I know if my WordPress speed performance slow because of my web hosting company?

If this is the case, web hosting services often inform their customers. But if you have not received such a notification, it is useful to try to increase your website speed by trying other options mentioned in the article.

Do I have a chance to bring my WordPress database back after cleaning it?

This is quite difficult, so we recommend that you should back up your database before doing these kinds of processes.

Will removing my WordPress plugins I do not use harm my speed performance?

No, on the contrary, removing WordPress plugins that you do not use will increase your speed performance. But if you want to be sure, you can test this process by removing your WordPress plugins one by one.

Conclusion – Check Your WordPress Regularly

Many reasons affect your WordPress speed performance. In this article, we covered what affects WordPress speed performance the most. If you are concerned about the speed performance of WordPress, you can realize what your speed problem is by applying the items in this article one by one. So you can eliminate this problem and provide a better experience for both you and your visitors. 

Please note that it will be useful for you to back them up before doing operations such as removing plugins or cleaning the database.

If you want to learn more about such topics, please check out our latest articles as well. 

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