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Want to Put Your Instagram Account for Sale?

If ten years ago, somebody said that one day we would be discussing selling Instagram accounts for sale, you would probably think like “These people are crazy!” But here we are, where selling Instagram accounts is a reality now. Do you want to put your Instagram account on sale? If your answer is “No, why?” then read our article to find out why people seriously turn this thing into a business.

How Important Are Instagram Accounts?

Instagram was originally a free photo-sharing application that was only available for IOS devices created in October 2010. People loved using it, and Android users wanted to give this app a try as well. Finally, in 2012, Instagram also became available for Android devices. Starting from the first day of release, Instagram gained popularity among users and received very high daily traffic. The number of users reached 10 million only in the first year. According to the researches in 2018, Instagram has a whopping one billion users worldwide.

Moreover, it is possible to make money in such a crowded and intensely interactive medium! Instagram is perhaps one of the most useful applications in this regard. Now, this is the main reason why people started to sell their Instagram accounts. In a place where everybody tries to be visible, the competition is hard, and popularity is everything. So putting your Instagram account for sale is not out of logic. Especially if it’s a verified account, people would be in line to purchase it. Verified names are always trustworthy and put forward on the Instagram algorithm.

How to sell your Instagram Account

Old Days of Instagram Versus Now

Of course, the number of followers and likes you have on Instagram has become very important for people over time. In the first days of Instagram, people would add photos to create an online photo album. Now, they are doing it to increase engagement and gain more followers. In the older times, users would share whatever they want, but now, they search for the most interesting frames. There are new terms like “Instagram Image,” which defines Instagram as a way of designing your digital branding. Some people even have various Instagram accounts, one for personal branding, one for selfies, one for stalking what other people do, one for sharing memes, etc. In a place where one person has a lot of accounts, they might think ti put one Instagram account for sale.

Why Would Someone Put Their Instagram Account for Sale?

There are people who pay professional photo studios a significant amount of money each month to get more likes or more Instagram followers. But what’s the reason for all this effort? The answer is, of course, to get sponsorships and gain vast amounts of money! Many people try to get bigger on Instagram, but since the competition is too hard, not everyone can win this game. That is why, if you own a famous account on Instagram, by putting one account on sale, you can gain some cash. You can easily find a buyer.

Apart from people who do not care about likes and followers, which is quite small, everyone is in this race. TV media is also in this game; they compare the popularity of celebrities with each other due to the number of followers they have. People think that if a celebrity has more followers than another, he or she is more famous or more popular. You can even read interesting news about celebrities with few followers claiming that they have lost their popularity. In a sense, the number of followers on this platform has now become a determinant of the breadth of people’s social circle, how famous or how popular they are.

To save themselves from situations like appearing on cringy news claiming that their career is over, famous people take these things very seriously. They buy followers, likes, and shares all the time. But sometimes, some accounts get shadowbanned and becomes impossible to fix them. Or sometimes people want to start from an already popular account. That is why there are lots of people who put their Instagram accounts for sale, and there are many buyers.

Buying Instagram Followers, Likes, And Other Metrics

Now that you understand what this madness is about, you can see why buying Instagram followers has become an extremely normal situation. Although people are trying every way to reach more followers, sometimes they keep failing to become visible and get the interaction rates they wish.

It is quite hard to grow organically on Instagram. That is why the easiest way to reach where Instafamous people are is to buy followers and likes. Many people are afraid of competition or just lazy, so buying Instagram metrics like followers, shares, likes, and saves are quite common. At the same time, it is possible to increase the number of followers with various tricks.

Companies also use this way to become visible and sell their products faster on Instagram. When you browse a company’s Instagram account, if you see that the number of followers is very low, you won’t trust the company. Businesses are afraid of drawing an unreliable image, and of course, they are aware of these situations. That’s why they are trying every possible way to promote themselves on Instagram. Buying a popular personal account with thousands of followers and then rebranding it for their company, is one of these strategies.

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We can give examples of profiles who buy followers and likes: small or large businesses, influencers, athletes, artists, musicians, models, YouTubers, digital marketers, TV hosts, and many more. High numbers bring high interest. High amounts of followers are a source of high confidence for many people. Why would they bother when they can buy an Instagram account that already has hundreds of thousands or millions of followers Inside?

Shortly, Selling Your IG Account

Instagram, which is the new trendsetter of our age, attracts a lot of attention, especially from young people. They are very interested in purchasing accounts. A serious amount of money is earned from this business. There are also specialized web pages for this job. You can spot them with a quick search on Google. Now, let’s repeat our question, do you want to put your Instagram account for sale?

In this article, we mentioned why people put their Instagram accounts for sale. We hope that learning about these reasons can help you. Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section down below to let us know what you think. If you want to learn more about more topics regarding this subject, check the Instagram support blog. You may be interested in how to get the username of an inactive Instagram account as well. You can also get more information by checking this video out by User Nash:

Frequently Asked Questions About

While we can not answer this question clearly since it might depend on your country’s law, we definitely do not recommend buying or selling Instagram accounts. Also, it is against the terms of use of Instagram.

The benefits of buying an Instagram account would be getting a profile with lots of followers, where you can delete all the photos and add yours. So it would look like you are very popular.

While there are many reasons, the biggest reason is to earn large amounts of money. Today, Instagram popularity means everything for lots of people. That’s why the demand is high, and this makes selling Instagram profiles a profitable thing to do.

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