Voice Messages On Instagram Now Avalaible

instagram reveals voice messages

Yesterday Instagram revealed a great future to its own messaging app. Voice messages on Instagram is now available. Many users are getting excited about the feature. Let’s see what’s included.

Instagram has a great direct messaging service. Since the platform itself isn’t focused on instant messaging users are not having issues to use the feature and it seems Instagram is determined to make it, even more, feature reach. Yesterday was a huge step for this goal. Voice messages on Instagram! Currently, the feature is only available on the Instagram app, not its messaging app Direct but we can expect that they will upgrade it soon.

Voice Messages On Instagram

Using voice messages is easy. Just push the microphone button then you can start recording. As you keep your finger on it will record and immediately send when you release. Each message can up to one minute long and sorry there is no Whatsapp like record lock feature just yet.

instagram reveals voice messages

Voice Messages On Other Apps

Instagram is not the first one in the game. Accutaly in our opinion it is even a bit late to take action. Despite the fact that recording a voice and using it as a messaging tool is been known for decades, Whatsapp has had a voice messaging feature for years. But don’t get the wrong idea from it. Instagram has never been a messaging tool rather then it is more like a microblog created by photographs. With the right innovations, Instagram is a bright star, sitting on the crown of social media platforms and ironically enough it’s owned by Facebook.

We are excited to see this future today and can’t wait for the next move of the company. Hope you enjoyed to content and don’t forget you write your own idea to the comment section.



Voice Messages On Instagram Now Avalaible
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