How to see your Twitter Visitors just in seconds

Twitter Profile Visitors

It is now as easy as log into your Twitter ccount to see your Twitter profile visitors in a very short time today we are going to talk about your visitors.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms today. People can follow other users’ tweets and they can get to know what is happening in the world instantly.

Apart from that, they can get the latest news and updates about their favourite trademarks, activities and all. Just as users like to follow tweets, they share tweets and they want them to be read by other users.

They need followers in order to do that. So, some of the users send follow requests to the users they know and don’t know. Some of them buy Twitter followers. It is an effective way to have more followers in a short time.
Twitter Profile Visitors

How Can I See Who Viewed My Twitter Profile?

Since Twitter is so popular, there are many issues searched about Twitter. One of the popular one of those issues is how to know who viewed Twitter profile. Some users look for ways to see who viewed their profile. Actually it is simple to see them.

See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile Visitors Step By Step

First, log into your Twitter account. Then tap the icon that is at the top-right of the screen and tap statistics. Here you can see who viewed your Twitter. If you don’t see anything that may be because you haven’t posted any tweet, yet. So, post some tweets first and check here after for a while.

See All Statistics About Your Tweets

When you post some tweets, you will see how many times they have been viewed, detailed clicks and detailed profile clicks. You can also see your popular tweets and popular answers. Although you can’t see which users visited your profile, you can see how many times your tweets were viewed.

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How to see your Twitter Visitors just in seconds
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