How To View Twitter Media Content in the App

Twitter Media Content
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Twitter is known as microblog sites that is why no one expects a high-quality media service but Twitter media content is available in the app now.

Twitter is known as one of the most popular social media apps and social media platforms with its simple and user-friendly interface, many useful features. There are millions of tweets uploaded on Twitter every day. A big proportion of society in the countries use Twitter. Actors, actresses, politicians, famous people, writers, celebrities use Twitter to get in touch with their followers. There are millions of users on Twitter and they follow other users including those famous people as well as their friends. They also share their tweets with their followers. Of course, they need followers to reach more people. So, they buy Twitter followers from various third-party services.

How Can I View Twitter Media Content?

People not only search for ways to get more followers on Twitter, but they also search many topics in order to find solutions to their problems. One of the most common problems around Twitter users is about content. Users may not open some of the content on Twitter. For example, users can not open videos because of sensitive content warning. There are several reasons for this issue. We will explain the possible reasons and solutions related to this issue:

How To View Sensitive Content On Twitter?

First, open Twitter app, go to your profile and tap settings and privacy. There you will see two options including “view media that has sensitive content” and “mark the media in your tweet that it may have sensitive content”. Check the boxes of these two options and save the changes.

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Sensitive Content Is Very Important On Twitter

Twitter takes much importance on sensitive content. So it is highly possible that you can’t view a video to the reason for sensitive content. Once you give permission to view sensitive content on Twitter you will not have any problem related to this issue anymore.

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