How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn

How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn

There are so many platforms in today’s world that offer you a chance to find a job. However, people find LinkedIn much more comprehensive than other platforms. Even most employers want to see your LinkedIn profile before hiring their employees. While searching for your dream jobs, you will encounter many job announcements submitted by millions of companies. Thus, you may want to check the other companies and then apply for a position. You have an option that you can save jobs. But you might ask: how to view saved jobs on LinkedIn? Let us show you how.

How to Find Your Dream Job on LinkedIn

To find the job that fits you, you may use some filters. There are steps you may use!

  1. On the top of the homepage, there is a job option. After clicking that, you will see a search box for your job search.
  2. Now, you may decide your filters. You should write the keywords for the jobs you want to apply to.
  3. There will be a box for you to state the location that you want to work in on the right side of the search box.
  4. After you fill the blanks, click the “Search” button, and job announcements will appear on the page.
How to Save Jobs on LinkedIn

How to Save Jobs on LinkedIn

If you want to save the job announcement and look back later, here is what you should do. After you search for a job, you will see the announcements on the page. For each post, there will be three dots on the right top corner of the post. Click it and then click the “Save” button.

How to View Saved Jobs on LinkedIn?

Let’s say you saved a job for later, and now you want to see it and decide whether you will apply. It is so simple to view your saved jobs. When you clicked the job icon on the top of the homepage, three options will pop up on the top. One of the three options is “My Jobs.” If you click the button, you will see the saved jobs on LinkedIn.

FAQs on Saved Jobs on LinkedIn

Conclusion on Viewing Saved Jobs

Today, we gave the ways of actions that might be helpful for you about jobs. Moreover, we tried to answer the questions that you may have trouble with. Good luck! Oh, by the way, care for some info on how you can share a LinkedIn profile?

Frequently Asked Questions

When you enter the saved jobs page, you will see three dots on the application’s right top corner. After clicking that, click the “Copy Link” button. Then, you can share the link with whoever you want.

You should click the three dots as in the previous answer. There is a button named “Unsave.” Click it then; the job announcement will be removed.

Of course. LinkedIn offers that you can create job alerts for your interests. First, you should search for a job. Decide your filters, then click the search button. Now, you need to click the “Job Alerts” button on the top of the page. There will be an option that says, “Create Search Alert.” This is the part that you should state how often do you want to get notified. After you complete these steps, click the “Save” button.

When you clicked the “Jobs” button, you will see an “Applied Jobs” button if you applied for a job. This is the page that you can view the jobs you applied for. If you want to do any more action, click the three dots.

There is no feature in LinkedIn as reapplying for a job or changing your information for an applied job. If you want to make some changes, you may connect with the employer about your issues.

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