Usefull Instagram Apps and Secret Tricks

Instagram app is preferred by millions of users around the world. They share their stories, moments with each other. But, sometimes we need some apps when we share photos or videos. Besides, it is possible to use some extra features that aren’t provided by Instagram. We gathered those useful apps together. If you are interested in apps that help you post your photos or videos, you can take a look at our article.

Which Apps Can I Use When I Share Posts On Instagram?

One of those is Framatic. You may have already heard its name. You may have seen photos including a few photos together. It is not available on Instagram to make collages. So, you can use Framatic to create collages and share them with your friends easily.


It is one of the most popular apps that help you edit your photos and give them some effects. You may have probably seen that your friends you use it. You can find some features including texts, filters, masks, contrast in this app.

Repost and Save

It is not currently available on Instagram to download someone’s photo or share it in other platforms. When you take screenshot, the quality is dramatically getting lower. So, you can use an app called Repost & Save. You can download photos with this app easily and repost them on your profile.


If you don’t like Framatic, you can try Layout to create collages. Layout is including many collage effects and other extra features. It can be downloaded on ios and Android as well.

Split Lens

Are you bored of standard effects? Do you want to add different effects and share them with your friends? So, Split Lens is appropriate for you. You can add various effects on your photos with this app.

Usefull Instagram Apps and Secret Tricks
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