Unique and Interesting Interview Questions

Unique and Interesting Interview Questions

You have prepared a job application with great care and made an appointment with the company you want to work with. Now it’s time for a job interview. With your education, passion, you want to impress the people in job interviews and get the job. In the job interview, you tell about your strong and experienced subjects and your previous work experiences. In the meantime, some questions come from the interviewees to get more detailed information on this issue. However, sometimes unimaginable questions may be asked to you such as the unique and interesting interview questions we are about to show you.

Here, your approach to solving a problem is more important than your knowledge of these bizarre and specific issues. Our list of questions is asked during job interviews in different important companies, which we think will be curious for job seekers, interviewers, or those who want to have some idea about human relations and communication.

creative questions to ask in an interview

Creative Questions to Ask in an Interview

  • How many basketballs will fit in this room?
    (Delta Airlines job interview, Cincinnati)
    Here, it is desirable to learn how you approach the problem rather than the correct answer. The process you follow to reach the result is much more important than the answer to the question.
  • If you had $ 2,000, how would you double that in 24 hours?
    (Question asked at the Uniqlo Management job interview, Los Angeles)
    This question focuses on your creativity and then how you approach questions that need to be resolved in a short time.
  • What would your slogan be if you had a brand?
    (Boston Consulting job interview, Washington)
    Here, you want to learn how you see yourself and then what motivates you. Like Nike’s “Just Do It” or McDonald’s’ “I’m Loving It,” you can find a similar slogan and relate it to your work ethic.
  • If you found a penguin in the fridge, what would you do?
    (Trader Joe’s job interview, California)
    This is a question that has been asked to determine what method you have followed to solve a problem.
  • How would you start a business if you have $ 40,000?
    (Hubspot Account Firm job interview, San Francisco)
    This is a question that creates a conversation opportunity based on your interests. These people ask such a question because they are curious about what kind of business you want to establish in line with your current skills and interests rather than your dreams and its relevance to the position you are applying for.

More Examples

  • What would you do to sell hot chocolate in Florida?
    (JW Marriott human resources interview, Atlanta)
    Here, you are expected to be creative and think differently to solve a problem. Hot chocolate is hardly sold because Florida is hot. However, in Florida, the places where the weather is cold can be investigated, and attempts can be made to sell this product with market analysis. This is exactly what is asked of you.
  • If you made a music album, what would it be called?
    (Urban Outfitters sales consultancy interview, New York)
    You can say something that reflects your personality. Of course, it would be perfect for finding something by considering the culture and image of the company you are applying for.
  • Would you want to fight with a horse the size of a duck or 100 horses with the size of a duck?
    (Whole Foods Market, butchery job interview, Kentucky)
    Here’s how you approach a problem; It is aimed to find out whether you want to deal with a big problem or many minor problems.
  • If you were a CEO, what would be the first 3 things you want to learn about the company when you wake up in the morning?
    (Dropbox job interview, San Francisco)
    CEOs have different priorities every day. That’s why I asked this question: “I would like to learn something about the most important item of that day.” You can answer by saying.
faq about unique and interesting interview questions

FAQ About Unique and Interesting Interview Questions

I am not suitable for the job description. Will I be successful in the job interview?

The most basic factor in getting the job is your compliance with the job description.

How can I find a suitable job for me?

By understanding your qualifications, you can find a job that suits you.

How should I prepare for the job interview?

Research about the company and position to prepare for the job interview.

Are my answers only enough to be successful in the job interview?

Your body language and voice level are important in the job interview.

What documents should I take with me when going to the job interview?

It would help if you took your certificates and CV with you.

Conclusion on Unique and Interesting Interview Questions

As you can see in our article, you may encounter many unexpected interview questions. Some companies ask you to think fast and think about problem-solving. We could give you some idea about this issue. Lastly, if you truly want to ace an interview make sure you highlight the aspects that make you unique. If you are not sure how to do that, you can simply check our guide entitled “What Makes You Unique“?

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