Understanding SEO and Social Media

Understanding SEO and Social Media

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SEO and Social Media

SEO and Social Media. These two are directly, intimately related. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means how high or low your website/profile will be shown when people search you on a search engine(Google, Bing, Youtube etc.).

Improving your SEO strategy means taking the steps that makes sure your website will be shown at the top, or at least higher/more frequently. Of course, this is for when people search words and phrases that are relevant to your content.

SEO and Social Media dynamics are about; social media interaction and links create traffic, which plays a big role in site search rankings.  SEO is basically about optimizing the content on sites, this can be a social media profile or your own website. It’s optimizing content so that it’d appear in a higher position.

Okay, I know this may sound confusing but it really isn’t. But we also need to get a bit more technical in this article. Don’t worry, you’ll learn.

Essentially it’s all about optimizing(Search Engine Optimization). So first, we’ll tell you how to optimize.

How to Optimize Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways of being Seo friendly is to be as describable as you can. More descriptions you have is the better. Always fill out the ‘information’, ‘about’, ‘bio’ sections. Use words and terms that describe your business or you as a person. But that’s not enough. You also need to think about how people would search for you.

What would they search on Google to find your page/website? You need to describe it in a way that matches what people would search. For example, when you search “SEO and Social Media”, there’s a good chance you may end up on this page. Is this a coincidence? No, it’s the future. Welcome to it.

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How to Optimize Social Media Content and Posts

To optimize social media posts and contents, add relevant ‘search keywords’. What do I mean by this? Let’s say you’re a plumbing company. What would people search to find you, other than plumbing or pipes? They’ll search for leaks, they’ll ask “Why the water fountain leaking”. They’ll search for “Are my pipes leaking?”. Your business needs to be shown at the top when they search for these things. ‘Search keywords’ are essential because of this.

About SEO and Social media, you need to write good relevant keywords in your posts because of this. Also, be sure to share your posts on other social media sites. This will boost the SEO element as well because it’ll attract traffic.

When new content is on Facebook, for example, Google lists is faster. Because you’re on another page now, it’s another set of traffic now, it has a form on another website now. Google adds your URL to the database more like this.

 Making People Share Your Links & Link Building

Think of this as the ‘halo effect’. You know how it’s like some people have some sort of a halo around them? Everybody wants to talk to them, and the more you see them being social, the more you get attracted. The more you win, the more will be offered you to win. This is gravity dynamics guys, not just SEO and Social Media. As above, so below.

Link building is one of the biggest components of Search Engine Optimization. Because the more people share your links, posts, website, anything really; the more you’re rising on the list. The more you’re shared, Google starts seeing your website more of an authoritative figure.

Imagine how many clicks you’d get if your business was to come up as the first link on Google when someone searched something. Now stop imagining, because it’s not that much of a dream.

Do these:

-Comments, repins, retweets, reposts, all of these help your links greatly. Having content that people share makes your content quality. This is for humans and machines alike, by the way.

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-Add more share buttons to your website. As I said many times, the more they share, the better you get.

-Links you share can be any type of links. Tweets, blogs, posts, any social media way.

You need to avoid these common errors:

-Copying content from other websites. Your time and resources may be limited, and this option may look good to you. But if you just copy content and share it as yours, Google and other search engines are most likely view your content as ‘fake’ and they’ll see it worthless, which means your links will never be seen on search engines.

-Don’t go the unethical route to get fast traffic and improve your SEO and Social Media. Search engines are smarter than you think, and this can also end up with you getting punishment.

-Making your images have meaningless names that are unlike your keywords. Having images with gibberish names is not going to help you rise in ranks.

-Not using the name of your business as your social media name, having different/confusing social media names. People need to find you easily, remember.

Don’t Make It All About SEO and Social Media

You are still a business owner, humans are still social creatures. It also needs natural marketing through people socializing in real life. Don’t get impatient, it takes time.

Why You Need Better Strategies on Social Media

SEO is about being other seeing you. It’s about being visible on Search engines. This increases how many people visit your website naturally. These are organic users, Google will know this. A good strategy on Social Media Marketing makes you reach the top on social networks and making the correct people see your content.

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SEO and Social Media Marketing have similar purposes. These two can work with each other.

Search engines are becoming more and more social as social networks turn into search engines. Hashtags on Instagram, anyone?

An effective SEO strategy is a must for a solid social media plan and presence. These two go with each other, they become symbiotic.


These are technical terms. Indexing is where it all starts. Indexing basically means Google adding your content into its’ database. If your page/content isn’t indexed into google(or other search engines), nobody can find your content/page.

Social media can help you with indexing. If they see and share your posts, your content will get indexed much easier&faster.  When people search about this, search engine’s spiders start working, they do their crawling and you’re in it then. But the more you get into this process, the more you’ll rise in SERP which is Search Engine Results Pages.


If we look at this from a search engine’s point of view, the authority has a lot of importance. It’s an SEO factor we should focus on.

-Publishing worthy valuable content gives the seekers what they want. A large percentage of content online is circulated through social media. This means how strong you are on social media can directly affect how authoritative you are.

-If you have a network of engaged followers, your content has a lot more areas to live.

-A page that has high value also has high authority. Yes, machines also love capitalism. Sites with high authority rank higher than the rest in SERP. Your authoritative quality can arise naturally in time too, don’t worry.

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SEO and Social Media are connected to each other. SEO is boosted by social media through the clicks it gets, building a strong following, finding out what your followers/customers actually want and providing them that and increased branded searches. To improve social media marketing, you need SEO. To exist in this new online world, you need SEO also.

We came to the end of our article, this was a bit of a technical one and I’m sure there will be edits and throwbacks at this article in future. Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or comments(is anyone in there really hi) you can send a message to us, share us, like us, anything pretty much. See you in another article.

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