View Profilw Visitors on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms of today’s world. The number of users which Twitter has, increases rapidly day by day. While growing, Twitter users ask how they can see who’s viewed Twitter profile on their account. Twitter users want to know people who follow, unfollow them.Additionally, they want to have the information about who read their tweets.

In Twitter, you already see who follow and unfollow you and the number of them. Even though you can learn figures, it is impossible to know who read your tweets. Twitter has already given a speech about that the information on who’s viewed Twitter profile is not announced. Also, Twitter clarifies that there is no created algorithm to account them. Twitter prefers to protect the cyber security of its users. So, in the next future, it is impossible to have that information.

What about Twitter apps which show who views?

Clearly, there are a lot of apps on app market who claim they can show to you who’s view your Twitter profile. These apps generally only list last ten people which you interact. The apps are harmful bot systems that try to steal your personal information to use in different areas. So, don’t trust these apps and don’t use them.

Any apps and program do not have authority to show to you who read your tweets. Even Twitter do not use an algorithm for it. So be aware on phishing. You can only learn figures but you have no permission to learn people who read your tweets.

The only way to estimate the numbers and people who sees your tweet is from interactions with your tweet. Retweet, reply, comment and select favorite are some elements of Twitter which gives to you estimated numbers and people about your tweet.

View Profilw Visitors on Twitter
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