How to Clear Twitter Search History

How to Clear Twitter Search History

The web browsers record your search history when you connect to the internet from a computer or a mobile device. Just like browsers, social media platforms like Twitter also records your search history and the search history of the pages you visit. How can you view this history? How to clear Twitter search history? You should read our article to find out the answer to these questions.

How to Save a Search on Twitter?

Now that you know how to delete your Twitter search history, we will also show you how to save a search on the platform as a bonus. In order to save a Twitter Search, you must first come to the search section at the top of the application. To save a search you made, you should touch the three dots icon in the upper right corner and click on “Save.” That’s it. You successfully saved your search.

how to search twitter history on android and ios

How to Delete a Saved Twitter Search?

To delete a Twitter search history, you should go to the search bar and tap on it. Then, scroll down, and you will see a title that says “Saved.” You will see your saved searches under this title. Select the registered search that you want to delete and search it again. Then, you can choose the “Delete Search” option by touching the three-dot icon on the upper right.

How to Delete Twitter Search History?

Although this feature was not available in older versions of Twitter, the changes in users’ demands and technology made this option to delete Twitter search history possible.

To do this, first, open the Twitter application on your mobile device. The next step is to open the search bar or the search box if you are using the desktop version of Twitter. After you open the search bar, the past searches and contents you have visited regarding your search history are listed one after the other.

While you can remove these entries one by one, you can clear all of them with one single command. If you want to delete the entire history, look for the “recent” title. Next to this title, there is a small x icon. Tap on this icon, and a pop-up will appear, saying “clear recent searches?” You will see that there are two options, “clear” and “cancel.” By choosing Clear, you will be able to delete your search history on Twitter completely. That’s it. As you can see, it is very easy to delete your Twitter search history.

FAQs on Twitter Search

Can anyone else see my Twitter searches?

No. Your Twitter search history is private to you, and therefore, only you can view them.

Can I delete only specific searches from Twitter?

Yes, you can use the first method we showed you to clear the searches one by one. You can use this method to clear only the specific searches. So you can still keep the searches you want while getting rid of the ones you do not want to see anymore.

How can I save a search on Twitter?

It is very easy to save a search on Twitter. Just tap on the three-dots icon after you searched for something, and tap on the “Save this search” option.

In Short

Thanks for reading this article. We hope it helps you grow your SEO knowledge. You mşght also like how to delete Instagram search history if you enjoyed this article. If you want to check other SEO-related blog posts of InstaFollowers. If you want to learn more about Twitter and how to clear the search history on this social media platform, then check this video out by Techno Window:

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