What Are Twitter Cards? (+How to Create Them)

What Are Twitter Cards? (+How to Create Them)

We make the necessary optimizations positioned at the top of the result pages by using many search engine optimization parameters. One of these, structured data, is a method we use for rich search results and the zero position. To use structured data, we need to mark the data connected to a protocol beforehand. Let’s examine how the process similar to this marking works on Twitter. If you wonder like “What are Twitter Cards?” then do not worry because we will cover all the necessary information, keep on reading.,

What Are Twitter Cards?

You can add photos, videos, and other types of media to Tweets to help you drive traffic to your website with Twitter cards. For this, all you have to do is make a marking similar to the data marking we mentioned above.

Thanks to this service called Twitter Cards, detailed information such as the summary of the page linked from a tweet, an image from the page, and the Twitter account of the person writing the page can be accessed. Many people call Twitter Cards as “Twitter’s Open Graph.”

benefits of using twitter cards

How Many Types of Cards Are Available?

Now that you have a piece of basic information about what Twitter cards are, let’s get into details. According to the developer platform of Twitter, there are 4 Twitter cards in total. These are;

  1. Summary Card: It is a card that contains a large picture with the text of the Tweet and leads to a link you want when you click on the image. You can use the Summary Card for different web content varieties, from news articles and blog posts to products and shopping centers. Twitter made it give the user a preview of the content before clicking through to the relevant site.
  2. Summary Card with Large Image: It is almost the same as the previous card type, and it is more clearly illustrated. Twitter made this card type to give the user a rich photo practice, and clicking on the image takes the user to the relevant site.
  3. App Card: It is a type of card that directly directs the application with a Tweet marking interval. With this card, you can make a small explanation about your app and offer features such as rating and price to users. App Cards are a unique format to assist Twitter users in seeing your application in an appealing, media-rich process. You can produce video or image App Cards via your Twitter Ads account.
  4. Player Card: With this type of card, you can add video or audio players to your tweets using several HTML meta tags.

How To Create Twitter Cards?

Now let’s examine what steps we need to follow to create these cards.

  1. Choose the type of card you want to use.
  2. Then add meta tags. To make these markups, you must find the correct meta tags. You can find the list of all meta tags here.
  3. Check through the validator tool to check that this card you created is working or not. If you are working on a player card, confirm that the media to be played is whitelisted.
  4. If you have tested and received the whitelist approval via the confirmation tool, send this Tweet you created. Then check how it looks like later.

These steps sum all the process. If you follow these steps and test them, you can make your Tweets look richer.

For more detailed information about Twitter cards, you can visit the Twitter Developer Platform. There are also generators which make Twitter Cards. A trick to save time without looking at examples and try to create your own.

Usage of Twitter Cards in Terms of SEO

Before switching to Twitter cards, you can take a look at the semantic (OpenGraph) protocol. It similarly works on Facebook and makes it look more interesting in search results with various interfaces.

If you have never heard of data markup or improved search results, do not worry. Some minor arrangements like this can be life-saving, especially in small organizations.

The Twitter Cards Protocol allows you to use tweets with links to enable more content to appear in tweets. This feature allows for the tweets you have flagged to appear in the search results.

If you are in the digital marketing industry with the service you provide, which probably you are since you read this article, you are more likely to be using the Twitter platform. You can publish your content if you are the owner of current developments, industry news, and a website. Therefore, following these steps for your posts will be very useful for your content. But if you are not an active user, you will not benefit from this process to a great extent.

When you search, you have witnessed that some tweets are indexed on the search engine result pages.

In such cases, you start to see the benefits of Tweet cards. As a result of the markups you make, if the tweets received are high in retweets and AuthorRank, the Tweet cards can be impressive for you to increase your ranking here. This particular improvement you have made will look more exciting and impressive on Twitter status pages.

In terms of local searches, some indexed tweet pages may carry local signals. If the interaction received here is perceived as a signal in terms of local-based optimizations, it will also send positive signals to your ranking on the search engine result pages (SERP).

Isn’t There an Easier Way?

If you have lots of work with Twitter cards, Joost de Valk’s Yoast SEO tool is for you. It is easy to use and good for people who have difficulty understanding the codes.

In a nutshell, the world of SEO is vast, and we learn something new every day. Many improvements, from small SEO parameters to significant optimizations, are changing every day. Simultaneous progress with these will both keep us updated and increase our experience day by day.

FAQs About Twitter Cards

What is a Twitter Card?

A Twitter card is a protocol that enables you to add rich photos, videos, and other types of media to Tweets. This drives traffic to your site.

Does Twitter use Open Graph?

Twitter card tags look very alike to Open Graph tags and are developed on the equivalent rules as the Open Graph protocol.

Why are Twitter cards important for SEO?

Twitter cards can drive traffic to your site. Thus, they can help promote your posts on social media and improve your branding and local SEO.

How do you remove your card from twitter?

Currently, it’s not possible to delete Twitter Cards. Still, you can check your campaign’s “Choose your creatives” section to make sure that tweets containing the card you don’t want to use are not selected.

What size is a Twitter Card?

A Twitter Card can be at the size of 120x120px dimensions minimum, and 1MB maximum.


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