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How to Do a Twitter Audit? (Guide & Tools)

We live in the technology age, which is especially dominated by social media platforms. In an age like that, marketers or business owners need to analyze social media to enhance their brand image and enlarge the target audience. As we all know, Twitter, with its new name X, is one of the leading social media platforms. Thus, marketers need to analyze their performance on Twitter.

Conducting a comprehensive Twitter Audit can be tiresome for some marketers, but we can say that enhancing your brand’s image and quality is necessary. Furthermore, an audit can help you find fake and spammy followers so that you can create a more credible brand image as well.

If you have some questions about conducting a comprehensive Twitter Audit in 2023, we are here to help you! With our comprehensive guide, you can understand how to do a Twitter Audit and how to check Twitter followers easily.

Understanding Twitter Audits

Before we start explaining step-by-step, we first need to understand what Twitter Audit is, why it is important, and whether it is reliable or not. Before wasting time, let’s continue with understanding Twitter Audit.

What Is a Twitter Audit?

A Twitter Audit is generally used for evaluating the data and the activity of your X/Twitter account. You can do a follower check, who follows you, who unfollows you, who mentions you, and so on. It can help you improve your Twitter strategy and can ask critical questions such as ”How many of my followers are real accounts?”

Why Is a Twitter Audit Important?

Conducting a comprehensive Twitter Audit is crucial for your account because, as we said earlier, it enables you to improve your Twitter strategy. That means, with Twitter Audit, you can see the areas that need improvement, you can increase engagement, and you can grow your target audience. You can also gain some opinions about your most engaged followers so that you can create more specific content and campaigns for your audience.

Twitter is a place where you can have lots of bot accounts to increase your number of followers. Hence, having bot accounts as followers can damage your brand image in the eyes of your customers because some people can buy followers to look like a more well-known image. However, this can be actually detrimental to your brand image.

Is a Twitter Audit Reliable?

Conducting a Twitter Audit can be reliable and effective depending on the way you do it. You can manually track your followers and engagement with the help of social media metrics and KPIs. However, a comprehensive Twitter audit can go beyond the surface and can tell you about Twitter bot followers or spammy accounts.

Social listening tools that are prepared for that type of purpose can provide you with a more trustworthy Twitter audit experience. AI-dominated tools can analyze the data more effectively and look for an increase or boost in the number of followers. Thus focusing on whether they are bot accounts or real ones. In that sense, AI-powered tools can be better than doing the work manually.

How a Twitter Audit Works

A Twitter audit is essentially a review and analysis of your account’s performance. Aim to answer the following key questions:

  • Who’s your audience?
  • What kind of content do you post?
  • What kind of content does your audience respond to?
  • Do you publish consistently?
  • When are your followers active?
  • Do you see a return on investment (ROI)?
  • How can you improve your presence?
  • Who has access to your account?

By answering these questions, you get an image of your account’s current progress and what steps you need to take to improve.

key questions for twitter audit

There are two categories of information that the audit needs to understand: metrics and feelings. Metrics are the quantitative measure of your account performance, demonstrating whether it’s delivering the business results you want. Feelings underscore how your audience feels and responds to your content and online presence. These details are very important, especially for making money on Twitter.

The Step-by-Step Process of Conducting a Twitter Audit

Once we understand what a Twitter Audit is, we can focus on how we can conduct a Twitter audit so that we can enhance our social media strategy. Without further ado, let’s start our journey on how to conduct a comprehensive Twitter Audit in 2024.

Understand the Mechanism of Twitter

To be successful on Twitter, you need to understand the mechanism of Twitter. Twitter is not a static social media tool, and engagement is the key to success on Twitter. Keep your connection with your followers close, and try to answer them frequently. Build your Twitter marketing strategy according to the mechanism of the platform. However, if you want to increase the interaction of your tweets by drawing attention among users, you can check out our Buy Twitter Clicks service. Completely up-to-date, fast, and reliable!

Start with Your Twitter Profile

First things first, your outline, the image on your profile, and your professionalism about your design will reflect on your first impressions. Creating a professional and introductory profile about your brand can help your customers understand your brand voice. So, the first step to conducting a Twitter audit is preparing your profile for a professional account.

Take a Look at Your Profile

We said that the first step is starting with your profile. However, what can you do about your profile? There are some rules, or let’s not say rules, but some important aspects you should consider about your profile.

You should make sure that your profile photo, header, and bio are aligned and in coherence with one another. You should especially give a place for your brand logo in your profile and header picture, and you need to remember the required dimensions for each image in your profile to have high quality. For example, your profile photo should be 400 x 400 pixels, while your header should be 1500 x 500 pixels, according to Twitter Support. In addition, do not leave your Twitter bio empty. The Twitter bio consists of 160 characters, and you can make use of those effectively to introduce yourself and your brand.

Pinned tweets can be more influential than you think. However, you need to make sure that those tweets should be something up-to-date and relevant.

Analyze Your Tweets

After setting up your profile in line with your brand’s professionalism, the next step in conducting a Twitter audit is looking at your tweets. Firstly, you should definitely set a tone of voice that is associated with your brand.

Since the characters you have are limited on Twitter, which is 280 for non-paying users and 4000 for Twitter-Blue subscribers, you should give clear and straightforward messages to your customers. Furthermore, you should also assess the type of content you post on Twitter/X. There are a variety of posts on Twitter, and choosing the most suitable one for your brand, regarding the trends, the popularity of the type, etc., is crucial.

Check Your Twitter Publishing Frequency

Once you decide on the type of content or post, the next thing on the checklist for Twitter audit is choosing the frequency. In other social media platforms, maybe you don’t need to publish new content regularly since the consumption rate is slower. However, when it comes to Twitter, this case is a little bit different. For example, you can post several tweets a day, from 5 to 10. That can depend on your brand image and the tone you choose.

Audit Your Followers

This step of Twitter Audit is probably the most crucial one: to do a fake follower check or analyze your followers. According to a survey, 5-30% of Twitter users are fake or bot accounts. Fake accounts can make you look ‘cool’ in front of your friends when it comes to followers. However, they definitely won’t make you ‘cool’ in the eyes of your customers. Twitter bot followers are the number one reason for damaging the credibility of the brand. So, staying away from them and removing them from your account should be one of your main concerns. If you are concerned about how to do that with Twitter Audit, let’s continue our article.

Spotting and Handling Fake Twitter Followers

As we said earlier, fake accounts can severely damage and disturb your brand image and professionalism. So, doing a follower audit for your account is essential for enhancing your social media strategies. There are some ways of how to spot fake followers:

  • Checking growth rate.
  • Reviewing engagement rates compared to the growth of your account.
  • Is your audience really relevant to your brand?
  • Using a third-party tool to follower checker.

These steps can help you to understand whether your followers are real or bot accounts. Especially if the bot accounts comment on your posts, these can discourage your customers from engaging with you and, maybe, distancing themselves from the brand as well. So, without waiting, let’s talk about the ways of fake follower audits on Twitter.

Check Your Follower Growth Rate

In general, the Twitter growth rate of your account gives an idea about how many real accounts follow you on a regular basis in a Twitter Audit. With Twitter Audit, you can see the monthly average of your growth rate and compare it with new followers. If you have an unusual amount of increase in the growth rate, especially in a period where you did not have any campaigns, you can be suspicious of a bot account scheme for your account.

Review Engagement Rates Compared to Growth

The growth rate is not your only metric when it comes to Twitter Audit. You can compare your growth rate with your engagement rate to check your Twitter followers. For example, if you are gaining lots of followers, but your engagement rate stays still, that probably means that your followers are bots or fake accounts.

Determine Your Audience Relevancy

One big problem with bot accounts is that they don’t represent your main target audience. So, you can even manually check whether they are from your audience or not. If you get suspicious about an account, you can check what they are following and criticize whether they are relevant to your niche or not. If you don’t see any relevancy, maybe it is time to say goodbye to that bot account.

Using Third-Party Tools for Spotting Fake Accounts

There are lots of third-party tools you can use for the purpose of fake follower checks on Twitter Audit. But one of the tools that we can recommend, especially to check Twitter followers, is named ‘Twitter Audit.’ This tool, or tools similar to that, can ease your job, basically decreasing the labor by 50%. Hence, you can focus more on the consequences aspect of the followers.

Deep Dive into Your Twitter Content

Everything we said above is related to your marketing strategy on Twitter. Hence, we can say that a successful Twitter Audit can help you enhance your marketing strategy for your brand. However, if your content is not qualified enough, all those endeavors for marketing can be in vain.

A big part of Twitter Audit actually consists of analyzing your content, or previous content, simply. That means you need to look deeply into your older posts, tweets, and content and take note of how much engagement they achieved, how many likes they got, and how many new followers they attracted. You should also consider your top-liked or top-interacted content and what makes them attractive to your customers. These elements can look like minor, but they can give you a major success.

Analyze Your Tweets in Depth

Since we are talking about Twitter Audit, your content mainly consists of your tweets. Thus, analyzing your tweets and their engagement is crucial for your future success as a company. Here are some things you can consider for your content success and how to continue it:

  • If you get a high amount of followers after a specific type of content, take that type into consideration.
  • If you see that some tone of language, or some type of content, or some humorous elements in your content get more engagement and attention from your audience, continue to post them.
  • If a specific hashtag makes your engagement rate and reachability unexpectedly high, take note of that hashtag to use it later and in related content.
  • If you get a higher engagement rate with a certain type of content, such as sharing gifs, videos, memes, infographics, etc., you should consider increasing the amount of this content in your profile.

Learn More About Your Audience

Once you have a target audience, understanding their needs and interests is a crucial step of Twitter Audit in 2023. Your audience is your customers; that’s a fact. But also, they are the ones who take you to the success and more engagement. Thus, analyzing and understanding their preferences should be your number one aim in auditing your content and brand.

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To learn about your audience, you need to check your follower growth and engagement growth. By analyzing those metrics, you can create your own pattern of your audience’s needs and preferences. You can understand what they like or what they don’t like about your brand.

Evaluate Your Social Media Strategy

After accomplishing all those steps in the Twitter Audit that we mentioned above, you need to evaluate those data to improve or change your social media strategy. Here are some questions you can ask to evaluate your current strategy and the audit data:

  • What have you accomplished so far with your current strategy?
  • How much has your brand achieved since your last audit?
  • How does your strategy go when it is compared with other competitors in the industry?
  • What will be your next move?
  • What type of action is better for your company?
  • How did you get engaged until now, and how can you change it?

Include Your Own Engagement Metrics in Your Audit

You don’t need to stick up with metrics everybody uses. You can create metrics according to your needs and preferences. Most companies use Twitter as if it is a customer service. Thus, they can solve their problems through DM-ing one another. That means engagement does not only come from tweet replies but also can be DMs, mentions, tagging, etc.

According to the studies, %64 of Twitter users expect an answer or reply within an hour. You can consider the response time as a metric for your own Twitter Audit so that you can improve your engagement on the platform.

Creating a Comprehensive Twitter Audit Report

A comprehensive Twitter audit report is a valuable tool for assessing the effectiveness of your social media strategy. To create a comprehensive Twitter audit report, it’s essential to focus on specific metrics and elements. Whether they are coming from well-known resources or created by you, having metrics and elements can ease your job and give you solid proof. Getting around the Twitter Audit process without a plan might be rather difficult. Thus, our step-by-step procedure can be the help you need before creating your report.

Once you collected your data from the Twitter Audit, you can create a detailed report about your brand, your marketing success, and your marketing strategy. With the help of solid proof you gained from auditing, you can analyze your strategy and find improvements to increase engagement and reach for your company.

Tools for Twitter Audits

Of course, conducting a Twitter Audit from scratch manually can be difficult and laborious. Thus, we collected a list of tools you can make use of while conducting your Twitter Audit in 2023:

  • Socialinsider: It is an analytic tool that comes with detailed data and graphs about your account’s growth rate, engagement rate, etc. You can analyze your Twitter performance with the metrics that are given in the Tool.
  • Twitter Audit: It can be one of the best tools to analyze your followers in a Twitter Audit. You can detect your bot or spammy followers. It takes 5k sample followers to analyze to see whether they are bots or not.
twitter audit
  • SocialPilot: This tool can be used for categorizing tweets and analyzing your engagement according to these categories.
  • SparkToro: This tool can audit a sample of 2k followers and can run tests on them to understand whether they are bots or real ones.

Enhancing Your Twitter Strategy Post-Audit

After you have finished a comprehensive Twitter audit, the real value is in the strategic tweaks you can make to improve your Twitter presence. To start, examine the data you collected during the audit, paying particular attention to engagement metrics, follower demographics, and content performance.
You can find patterns, successful trends, and areas that might need some attention. Equipped with these insights, think about reshaping your content strategy to match what your audience responds to the most. You should also reevaluate your posting schedule to make sure it coincides with peak engagement times.

Finally, you should embrace multimedia content, like photos and videos, to add interest to your feed and draw in viewers. Lastly, do not forget to use Twitter analytics consistently to monitor the effects of these adjustments and improve your strategy.

What to Do About Fake Twitter Followers

Developing a community of authentic followers not only increases your credibility but also guarantees that your content reaches a genuinely interested audience. Fake followers can dilute the authenticity of your Twitter presence, impacting your credibility and overall engagement.
To start, you can use tools like Twitter Audit to identify and purge fake or inactive accounts from your follower list. You can assess the impact of fake followers on your engagement metrics and reach. To prevent future problems with fake accounts, you can educate your audience about the significance of genuine engagement and encourage them to report suspicious accounts.

Revising and Improving Your Twitter Strategy Based on Audit Findings

A Twitter audit is not a one-time event but an ongoing process of improvement. Once you have gained valuable insights from the audit results, it is time to make strategic adjustments. If you have content that is performing well, focus more of your efforts on it; if it is not performing as well, try different approaches or investigate topics that your audience is interested in.

You can also adjust the frequency of your posts based on engagement patterns to stay visible without overwhelming your followers. Lastly, you can actively engage your audience by replying to comments and starting conversations. By reviewing and modifying your plan regularly based on audit results, you will position your Twitter account for long-term growth and impact.

Conclusion on Twitter Audit

Finishing the Twitter audit process entails a reflective and forward-looking strategic plan. You should accept the knowledge gathered from the audit as a guide for ongoing enhancement. You can understand that a Twitter audit is a continuous process rather than a one-time task. Moreover, it is a flexible instrument to modify and advance your social media approach.

When you examine the audit results, think about the wider consequences for your entire online presence. You can evaluate how adjustments on Twitter could match or enhance other platforms’ strategies as well. It is critical to have a comprehensive approach to your online presence and maintain consistency across all platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About

For a small number of accounts below 5000, the Twitter audit is almost 100 % accurate. The accounts with more followers, the Twitter audit, are still highly accurate, even with small errors.

It helps you analyze your account and create a good brand strategy. Also, with the help of a Twitter audit, you can eliminate bot accounts from your profile.

If your aim is only to increase your followers’ total number, then fake followers aren’t a problem for you. But if you have a business Twitter account and try to access your real audience, you need to eliminate or block fake followers.

Auditing your Twitter is a completely safe and secure procedure you can do yourself or hire a professional company to do for you. It’s essential for your Twitter business strategy.

After you find and list all the fake followers on your Twitter account, the fastest and simplest way to lose them is to block them.

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