How to Do a Twitter Audit? (Guide & Tools)

How to Do a Twitter Audit? (Guide & Tools)

Twitter is widely used in brand strategy and due to its audience, it is one of the most effective social media tools. In order to have a successful brand strategy, you need to do a Twitter audit and continue it for your marketing strategy. Analyzing your Twitter account for your business is so essential and can help you to improve your business. So, how you can do a Twitter audit? Here is a full guide:

Step by Step Guide for Twitter Audit

Step by Step Guide for Twitter Audit

If you’re looking for answers for certain issues, conducting a Twitter audit will help you to move forward. While auditing your profile, you need to be aware of specific elements like the types of content you have, or the condition of your Twitter users.

Examine Your Content

You need to examine your content firstly. You can use the Twitter analytics tool to review your content and determine how it is suitable for your audience. Check how frequently your content is sharing with others. Read the comments to try your audience. Also, check your Twitter account is successful or not to grow your business like gaining new customers, acquiring success, or gaining new business partnerships. If it is needed, you can get help from a social media expert to examine your Twitter account.

Learn Your Audience

Understand your audience. Who are they? What do they expect from you? Ask these questions yourself and try to understand your audience to create more beneficial content for your Twitter account. To be successful on Twitter, you need to be aware of your audience and their desires.

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Check Your Brand Image 

Your Twitter account should represent your brand well. People should learn more about your brand via Twitter and need to access your brand easily whenever they want. Check how your brand is on Twitter. Create a well-designed brand image for your business. Make your profile easier to be accessed by businesses and people. 

Understand the Mechanism of Twitter

In order to be successful on Twitter, you need to understand the mechanism of Twitter. Twitter is not a static social media tool, and engagement is the key to success on Twitter. Keep your connection with your followers close and try to answer them frequently. Build your Twitter marketing strategy according to the mechanism of the platform.  

Useful Audit Tools for Twitter

There are some free social media tools that you can use for twitter audit like;

  • Vaizle’s Free Twitter Analysis Tool
  • Twitter Audit
  • Agorapulse’s Twitter Analytics Tool
  • Socialert
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Social Bearing
  • Hashtagify

You can use them in your Twitter analysis and create a successful Twitter strategy for your business.


Is Twitter audit accurate?

For a small number account like below 5000, Twitter audit is almost 100 % accurate. The accounts which have more followers, the Twitter audit is still high percentage accurate even small error.

Why do I need to use a Twitter audit?

It helps you analyze your account and create a good brand strategy. Also, with the help of a Twitter audit, you can eliminate bot accounts from your profile.

What do fake followers mean to your profile?

If your aim is only to increase the total number of your followers, then fake followers aren’t a problem for you. But if you have a business Twitter account and try to access your real audience, you need to eliminate or block fake followers.


The Twitter audit is essential to have a better profile on Twitter and to improve the impact of your business. There are many free tools available that you can use for analysis of Twitter accounts. After analysis, you can create a marketing plan for your Twitter business account with the steps that are listed above.

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