How Can I Turn On Twitter Sleep Mode?

Twitter Sleep Mode
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Twitter Sleep Mode was released and from now on you will not disturb by new notification and also you can schedule it so you do not need to turn it on and off.

Just as Instagram and Facebook are so popular social media platforms, Twitter is also a very popular social media platform with its millions of users around the world.

Twitter app is also one of the most downloaded apps in App Store and Google Play Store. People share their tweets on the Twitter app as well as follow other users’ tweets. Apart from that, people get instant news about everything thanks to the Twitter app.

The interactivity is very important on Twitter. In this way, people share their opinions, things that they like with their followers. Users need followers in order to make other users see their tweets. If a user doesn’t have any follower, nobody will see any of his tweets even if he has many tweets.

Especially new users on Twitter buy Twitter followers so that they have followers and increase their popularity on Twitter.

Have you ever heard Twitter sleep mode? Although it is not a very popular feature like followers, there are many users who use that feature.

What Can I Do With Twitter Sleep Mode?

You can schedule your Twitter updates with Twitter sleep mode feature. You specify a time interval and the updates will be made at that time. So, we will explain how to schedule your updates on Twitter with Twitter sleep mode.

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How Can I Schedule Updates With Twitter Sleep Mode?

The open Twitter app, log into your profile and go to your profile. Tap settings and privacy option. You will see the mobile option. Tap it and you will see a time interval. Specify a time interval. Once you determine the time interval and check “Turn off the updates between these hours” option and save changes, updates will be turned off and it will be turned on when the time you specified comes.

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