How Can I Turn On Read Receipts On Twitter?

Read Receipts
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Just as Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social networks, Twitter is also known as one of the most popular social media platforms. Twitter app is also one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play Store and App Store. There are millions of Twitter users today and most of the users log into their accounts every day. The reason that Twitter got so popular is that it has a simple and user-friendly interface. It is a fast communication. Users can get instant news on Twitter, know about what is going on around them and also around the world. Once a tweet is shared it can be very popular on Twitter when it is retweeted by thousands of people. That is why some important news and events can be so popular in a very short time. Of course, users want their tweets to be read by other users. The simple and easiest way is to make them retweeted. Because of that, some users buy Twitter retweets to their tweets.

Apart from retweets, there are also many popular features of Twitter. One of them is the direct message. As it is commonly known direct message is one one of the new features of Twitter. Users can send private messages to each other via direct message. A great feature is that users can turn on or turn off read receipts in their direct messages according to their choice. Now we will explain how to turn on read receipts on Twitter.

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Turn On Read Receipt Step by Step

First, log into your profile, go to settings and privacy. Find privacy and security in the list. When you click it, you will see an option “receive/send read receipts”.

You Will Receive Read Receipts

Once you check the box near the option, you will be able to receive and send read receipts in direct messages.

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