How Can I Turn On Direct Message On Twitter?

How Can I Turn On Direct Message On Twitter?

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Twitter is the most popular microblog site in the world and it has some new features and one of them is Direct Message today we will discuss how to turn on the notification.

Social media has got much reputation in recent times. Facebook was established first. Then, other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter was established. People liked to use those social media platforms. Because people liked to be part of social media. Today, there are millions of users around the world who use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. People use Twitter to get instant news about the world. When an important thing happens, many people can know it instantly. Twitter has been a fast communication way. Users can share their tweets with their followers. They also follow other users’ tweets. Of course, it is very important to have followers in order to make people read our tweets. Because of that, some users buy Twitter followers to their profiles.

How to Turn On Direct Message On Twitter

Of course, it is important to have followers and share tweets with them. However, there are many other important issues about Twitter. One of those important issues is about a direct message. As it is commonly known, Twitter included direct message feature so that users can send private messages to each other. Moreover, it is up to their choice whether to receive those direct messages from other users. Now we will explain how to turn on or turn off direct messages on Twitter.

Turn On Direct Messages Step By Step

First, log into your Twitter account, go to settings then select “privacy and security”. You will see direct messages. There is an option “Receive direct message from a user”. Check the box and save changes. Once you do that, you will be able to receive a direct message from any user on Twitter.

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Turn Off Direct Messages

It is also simple to turn off direct messages. Go to settings again and uncheck the box of the option about a direct message.

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