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Top 13 AI Influencers   

Artificial Intelligence is one of our era’s most influential and rapidly advancing innovations. Beyond the mere lines of code and intricate algorithms, a group of trailblazers has emerged, steering the course of this transformative wave. These are not just developers or engineers; they are the architects of tomorrow, the visionaries molding the future with their expertise and leadership in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Today, we will learn about the top virtual influencers, each leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of technological evolution. Join us as we unravel the stories behind these luminaries, delving into the narratives that have shaped the landscape of AI and continue to do so with unwavering impact. 

Qai Qai 

Qai Qai is the brainchild of Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian, who gifted the doll to their daughter, Olympia, in 2018. She is also one of the AI influencers Instagram. They wanted Olympia to have a doll that looked like her, as Serena Williams herself lacked such options growing up. Qai Qai has amassed more than 3 million followers on her own Instagram account, @realqaiqai. Her parents’ social media accounts also highlight her, frequently posting pictures of her vacations and activities. 

Qai Qai is more than just a physical toy. She has a digital persona with an animated face and voice, thanks to clever editing and voice acting. This allows her to interact with fans and even promote charitable causes as a virtual influencer

Additionally, the Qai Qai brand has expanded beyond just the doll. There’s a Qai Qai clothing line, a picture book series, and even a partnership with Mattel to create a wider range of diverse dolls. 


As a multifaceted creative being and one of the virtual influencers, Guggimon is renowned for his dark, surreal, and often humorous work as a musician, designer, and visual artist. Guggimon is a virtual character and designer who has an avant-garde aesthetic. His work has appeared in galleries and publications around the world, and he often works with other artists and brands. 

As a musician, Guggimon’s music is a mixture of hip-hop, electronic, and industrial influences. His lyrics are often dark and introspective, but they can also be funny and satirical. He has released several albums and EPs, and he has toured extensively. 

Guggimon’s design work is characterized by bold colors, graphic elements, and pop culture references. He has created clothing, toys, and other merchandise for brands such as Superplastic and Kidrobot. 

Thalasya AI influencer


Thalasya is a metahuman, meaning a computer-generated character designed to closely resemble a real human. Developed by Magnavem Studio, she first appeared in 2018 and has since amassed a dedicated following on Instagram, currently boasting over 463k followers. 

Thalasya, the virtual influencer, with her sunny personality and adventurous spirit, primarily shares content about her travels across Indonesia and beyond. She documents her experiences, showcasing beautiful landscapes, bustling cities, and local cultures. This has led to collaborations with various brands, including hotels, restaurants, and even health products, which help fund her jet-setting lifestyle. 

Thalasya’s not only just limited to travel content. She’s also: 

  • A musician: She released music through Ind Alliance, showcasing her singing talent and artistic expression. 
  • An entrepreneur: She co-founded the clothing brand “Yipiiii” with her friend Zeline, showcasing her fashion sense and business acumen. 
  • A role model: Thalasya promotes positivity and self-acceptance, inspiring her followers to embrace their individuality and chase their dreams. 

Lil Miquela  

Lil Miquela, also known simply as Miquela, is a computer-generated character built using advanced animation and artificial intelligence. We can say that she is one of the top AI influencers Instagram. She was created by Brud, a company specializing in “virtual beings.” Miquela debuted on Instagram in 2016 with the backstory of being a 19-year-old Brazilian-American living in Los Angeles. Initially, many believed she was a real person, sparking debates about authenticity and online personas. Later, her CGI nature was revealed, further blurring the lines between reality and digital creation. 

She is a: 

  • Musician: She’s released several singles and music videos, garnering millions of views. Her music leans towards pop and R&B, with lyrics often addressing social issues and personal growth. 
  • Model and Social Media Influencer: She collaborates with numerous brands, endorsing fashion, beauty, beauty, and tech products. Her Instagram boasts over 3 million followers, making her a force in the influencer marketing space. 
  • Virtual Activist: Miquela uses her platform to advocate for various causes, from body positivity to LGBTQ+ rights. She’s even participated in virtual protests and charity initiatives. 

Ion Göttlich  

Ion Göttlich isn’t your typical cyclist. This charismatic athlete is actually a computer-generated character, making him one of the first and most popular AI influencers Instagram in the world. But let’s peel back the digital jersey and explore who Ion Göttlich truly is. 

Created by Italian graphic designer Claudio Pavan in 2015, Ion Göttlich initially appeared as a realistic 3D character with a humorous “love-hate” relationship with cycling. His training videos and playful personality caught the attention of cycling fans and brands, including Bora-Hangshore, a UCI World team. 

Göttlich’s unique mix of humor, athleticism, and virtual existence earned him a dedicated following. He boasts over 52k Instagram followers and nearly 20k YouTube subscribers, making him “one of the most popular cyclists who doesn’t compete in the Tour de France,” according to Cycling Weekly. 

AI Ailynn

AI Ailynn  

AI Ailynn isn’t just an average influencer. This 21-year-old Thai beauty with a confident and adventurous spirit isn’t flesh and blood but a computer-generated character, making her Thailand’s first and most popular reverse human or virtual influencer

Created by SIA Bangkok, a digital agency specializing in virtual influencers, AI Ailynn debuted on Instagram in September 2021. With her stunning visuals and relatable personality, she quickly gained a following, currently boasting over 35k loyal fans. 

AI Ailynn isn’t just a pretty face. She’s programmed with a unique personality and interests, making her feel more than just a digital avatar. Here’s what makes her tick: 

  • She stays on top of the latest fashion trends. 
  • She loves to travel and experience different cultures. 
  • Embracing her digital nature, she explores the possibilities of the metaverse, promoting its potential for creativity and connection. 
  • She promotes positive values like self-confidence and individuality. 


KAF is a virtual influencer, singer, and YouTuber who debuted in October 2018. Though a fictional character, she interacts with fans through social media and live streams. Her singing voice is often described as “real” due to its high quality and emotional delivery. While details are not publicly known, it’s believed to be either a carefully selected real voice or a highly advanced vocal synthesizer. 

KAF mainly creates singing content, covering original songs, covers, and collaborations with other virtual singers. She also interacts with fans through live streams and chat sessions. You can find KAF on her YouTube channel and on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 


K/DA is a virtual pop girl group created by Riot Games, the developer of the popular video game League of Legends. The group consists of four members: 

  • Ahri: A nine-tailed fox spirit who is the lead singer and main rapper. 
  • Akali: A rogue assassin who is the secondary rapper and lead dancer. 
  • Evelynn: A demon succubus who is the main vocalist and dancer. 
  • Kai’Sa: A void-born hunter who is the sub-vocalist and lead dancer. 

The group’s music is a blend of pop, hip-hop, and electronic dance music. Their lyrics often focus on themes of empowerment, confidence, and individuality. K/DA was first introduced in 2018 with the release of their debut single, “POP/STARS”. The song became a viral hit, reaching number one on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart and amassing over 400 million views on YouTube. 


Imma is one of the Japanese AI Instagram models. She first appeared in July 2018, making her one of the earliest virtual humans in Japan. Aww Inc., a Tokyo-based creative technology company, developed her. She has vibrant pink hair and a youthful, kawaii (cute) aesthetic. So, she is often seen sporting trendy streetwear and fashion-forward outfits. She is known for her expressive poses and detailed virtual rendering. 

Imma primarily Works as a fashion model, collaborating with various brands and designers. Featured in campaigns for companies like Nike, Adidas, and H&M. She has walked virtual runways during major fashion events. Additionally, she is very active on social media, particularly Instagram, with over 400k followers. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the ways to use AI in social media.

Milla Sofia  

Milla Sofia is not your typical social media personality. Unlike many influencers, she’s not a real person but rather a computer-generated character created by the Finnish company Netmylly Oy. But that doesn’t stop her from having a captivating online presence! 

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She was developed in December 2022, initially intended as a fashion model for Netmylly Oy’s fashion model for their online store. She has blond hair, blue eyes, and youthful features. Often depicted in various fashion styles, showcasing trendy outfits and accessories. As one of the top AI influencer Instagram, she is active on Instagram and also on TikTok, with over 120k followers on TikTok and nearly 60k on Instagram. 

Some people have been surprised to learn that Milla Sofia is not a real person, thus highlighting the believability of her character’s visuals. 

Code Miko ai influencer

Code Miko  

Code Miko, also known as Miko or The Technician, is a South Korean-American streamer, virtual influencer, and YouTuber based in Los Angeles. She’s best known for her live streams on Twitch, where she interacts with viewers using her 3D virtual avatar. 

Unlike many other VTubers, Miko’s avatar is fully motion-tracked, allowing for incredibly expressive movements and reactions. This creates a more immersive and engaging experience for viewers. Miko is known for her quick wit, self-deprecating humor, and willingness to push boundaries. Her streams are often hilarious and unpredictable. 

Let’s talk about her technical skills. The Technician, the person behind Miko, is a skilled programmer and developer who has built many tools and features in her streams. So this allows for a high level of customization and interactivity. 

Lu do Magalu  

Lu do Magalu, often simply referred to as Lu, is the virtual influencer, ambassador, and spokesperson for Magulu, a major Brazilian retail company. Unlike some virtual characters, she wasn’t created specifically for social media but has been part of Magalu’s branding since 2003, starting as the voice of their website. 

Her existence predates the current boom in virtual influencers, giving her a head start and establishing her as a familiar face in Brazil. Unlike many solely online personas, Lu appears across various platforms and mediums, including Magalu’s website, app, social media, TV ads, and even in-store interactions. 

She presents new products or offers her opinions on popular items, sometimes injecting humor or relatable commentary. She shares updates, engages with followers, and even posts memeş or trends relevant to Brazilian audiences. 


Janky is created by Superplastic, a design and entertainment company known for designer toys and digital characters. First debuted in 2018 and quickly gained popularity on social media. Janky is depicted as a mischievous and fun-loving cat with a strong Street style aesthetic. 

Janky is known for his goofy antics, rebellious attitude, and also love of skateboarding and graffiti. Regularly posts on Instagram and Twitter, often interacting with fans and sharing humorous content. Janky gained over 12 million followers on TikTok and established a dedicated fanbase. Thus, he was considered a pioneer in the world of virtual influencers, blurring the lines between reality and digital representation. 

Conclusion for the Top 13 AI Influencers 

In the expansive and ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence and virtual entities, the diverse personalities presented here showcase the creative fusion of technology and human imagination. From the whimsical adventures of Qai Qai to Guggimon’s Avant-garde aesthetics and K/DA’s musical prowess, each identity contributes to a narrative where the lines between reality and virtual blur. These influencers, whether dolls or CGI creations, are not just products of technology; they represent cultural phenomena shaping how we perceive and interact with the limitless possibilities of AI in our daily lives. Exploring the world of these top AI influencers is a testament to an ongoing revolution at the intersection of technology and human expression.

What does AI influencer mean?

An AI influencer is a computer-generated or virtual persona that uses AI to engage with audiences on social media platforms. Therefore, they often share content, endorse products, and advocate for various causes. 

What do Virtual Influencers do?

Virtual Influencers engage in activities similar to human influencers, such as posting content on social media, endorsing products, and interacting with followers. However, they often use advanced technologies like CGI and AI. 

What is the difference between AI influencers and Virtual influencers?

AI influencers may specifically refer to computer-generated personas using AI for dynaöic interactions. In contrast, virtual influencers is a broader term encompassing computer-generated characters, including those without advanced AI capabilities.

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