Top 10 Elevator Pitch Tips

Top 10 Elevator Pitch Tips

Elevator Pitch refers to the entrepreneur’s presentation of himself and his idea to the investor during an elevator journey in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The ideal duration of the conversation should be between 30 seconds and 1 minute, and the definition of “Elevator Pitch” is made with the intent of a short time frame. Let’s talk about our top 10 elevator pitch tips.

  1. Smile at the other person and open with an attention-grabbing explanation or question: If possible, create a question mark in your audience. 
  2. Tell who you are and summarize you and your company. 
  3. Show them what you are doing and show your enthusiasm.
  4. Tell them what problem you solved or what contributions you made.
  5. Give a vivid example that could be a success story. 
  6. Tell them why you are interested in the other person.
  7. Give a concrete example or tell a short story. Show him your uniqueness and provide information on how you work.
  8. Tell him about what you can offer. I mention very specific services, products, or solutions. 
  9. What will be the advantages of working with you for them? What is your most obvious difference from the companies you compete with? Address questions like.
  10.  What is the most requested action after your elevator pitch? Do you want a business card? Organizing a presentation meeting after the elevator pitch or an appointment? Conclude to continue the communication.

Create a Basic Format for Your Elevator Pitch

 Begin typing your elevator step by answering the following basic questions:

  •  What is my ID (student, athlete, senior, rookie, veteran)?
  •  Do you want to do it (or help people who will hire me)?
  •  What are my most important credentials (training, awards, publication)?
  •  Why am I qualified (skill, experience)?
  •  What price do I provide (earning money or saving for employers)?
  •  Does it highlight me (dedication to overcoming challenges)?
  •  What type of employer are you most likely to see worth (industry or career field)?
how should you create an effective elevator pitch

How Should You Create an Effective Elevator Pitch?

Describe what you do in at least 20 different ways. Write this one under the other quickly. The important thing is to see how you define your business in different ways without thinking about it in the form of brainstorming. How do you express your work from a serious, funny, striking, or narrow perspective? Write them all down. Write a very short story about what you do about your idea or business. Create a picture in your audience’s mind with your words.

In the beginning, you can keep your story long as you write and shorten it as you work on it. Write down your goal. Is your goal to sell, to get investment or consultancy for your idea, or to apply somewhere? Put the goal you want to achieve with your presentation into words. Write 10 to 20 activity sentences/questions that will help you reach your goal. Record your voice. Where do you hang out while making your presentation? Can you give your message clearly? Can you comply with the time limit? Review your presentation with your voice recording. Go over and over again what you wrote. Look the next day again, read, record. As you review your text and audio recordings, cross out powerful words, visual messaging words. See if it gives a strong enough and clear message.

More Points to Consider

Of course, not all words have to be strong or visual; you have to use conjunctions or linking words. But keep the conjunctions as few as possible. Your speech will, of course, have several versions; you will need change. When looking at the versions, the question over and over what your business is and why investors would want to do business with you. Continue until your story fits perfectly with your goal. When you go through your work for the last time, eliminate all unnecessary words. Try to stay between 30 and 60 seconds. Offer your speech to as many different people as possible. Collect feedback.

Present it to your friends, partners, family, briefly everyone around you, and make sure your statements are clear and simple enough to appeal to everyone. Write and memorize the latest version you edited with your feedback. Repeat your speech until your language gets used to it until it becomes a normal part of your daily life. Your speech should fit your everyday language; it should be a part of you. Always be open to improvement. As you talk to investors, your ideas will shape and mature. Make sure your speech is updated as you change.

when and how to use the elevator pitch

When and How to Use the Elevator Pitch

After you understand our elevator pitch tips it’s time to move on and learn about when and how to put these elevator pitch tips into practice. If you’re looking for work, you can use your elevator pitch at job fairs and career fairs, and online, for example, in your LinkedIn summary or Twitter bio. The elevator pitch is a great way to gain confidence in introducing yourself to hiring managers and company representatives. If you are attending professional association programs and events or any other type of meeting, this is the right time to share your sales pitch with the people you meet. Your elevator talk can be used, especially when asking questions about yourself or during job interviews. Interviewers usually start with the question, “Tell me about yourself.” Think of your elevator talk as a super-condensed version of your response to this demand.

features of a catchy elevator talk

Features of a Catchy Elevator Talk

  • This speech, which you will prepare in advance, should take between 30-60 seconds and briefly summarize an idea belonging to you.
  • Your speech should be fluent and catchy. Because if you can’t pass the idea you want to tell, it won’t work.
  • Avoid using specific technical words specific to your business only. This means that even if you have a second chance to meet, you destroy it.
  • Phrases that enliven a visual photo can increase memorability. You can connect your conversations with a short story. 
  • Your speech should not be general. You can prepare several different types of speeches, depending on the people you will talk to.

 FAQ About Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch?

It is defined as experiencing the interest of someone we think we meet for the first time in a short time, to be remembered, and to create a scheduled meeting opportunity.

What important information can I use to create an effective elevator pitch?

Explain your purpose so that I can increase my memorability on the other party. Make a closure to get your opponent in action to achieve the goal you want.

How do you introduce yourself in 30 seconds?

Repeat your sentences and keep them short. This is vital when it comes to keeping your introduction short.

What’s a good pitch?

It’s short, and the original indicates that it is a good elevator pitch.

How do I talk about myself?

You should get to know yourself, have high self-confidence, and follow the procedures as you go through and explain them in order.

Conclusion on Top 10 Elevator Pitch Tips

You never know when the opportunity will knock on your door, so once you know what you want to say, memorize your elevator speech so you can deliver it whenever you want. Strive continually to further improve your elevator pitch. We suspect that you are in dire need to promote your business or product; or maybe even yourself. If that’s the case, the first thing you do should be doing is to write a professional bio.

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