Tips For Fixing Swarm Check in Errors

Tips For Fixing Swarm Check in Errors

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Formerly known as the popular location-sharing app “Foursquare”, “Swarm” is a social location-sharing app. It was launched back in in the year 2009 and became very popular. The main function of the app was focused on letting friends know the specific location of yours through the help of the GPS function.

Your Swarm profile can be accessed through tapping the profile picture which appears right in the left corner of any tab. Adding can be done here such as; a profile picture, your name, phone number, email address, gender, location, and a short bio. Also, a brief summary of information based on your check-inn can be seen here.

In order to configure your privacy settings, you can tap the settings option marked by the gear icon right in the top right corner of the screen on your profile tab. Then you can tap Privacy Settings.

How to Swarm Check in Errors

Swarm check in erros in light of finding out how your contact information and how your check-ins are shared, you can check or uncheck any options. It is also possible to navigate back to the settings tab to configure your settings for sound effects, notifications, and third-party applications.

After those steps mentioned above, you are now all set. After having connected with friends, customized your profile and configured your privacy settings, now you can start sharing your location.

Now what needs to be done is you should tap the big location pin button right in the middle of the menu at the bottom. Then Swarm would automatically detect your current location for you and list it at the top. Also if you want to change location, you can tap Change Location beneath it.

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Since Check-ins are similar to posts on other social networks such as Facebook, a comment can be added to your check-in and any of the emoji icons at the top can be chosen, or a photo can be snapped to attach.

You also can do several things like; tap the person icon in the bottom left to tag other friends you’re with, tap the padlock icon to check-in off the grid or finally you can tap the Facebook/Twitter icons to automatically share to your social profiles. Right after you are done, you can Tap the blue Check In button.

How to Edit a Check-in

For editing a check-in, you can tap on check-in and then go to the check-in detail screen. After that, you can tap 3 dots in the corner.

How to Share a Check-in — You take your check-in beyond the app and then show your friends where you’ve been by sharing your check-in. For doing that, you just click on the check-in and click the share icon in the top right corner. From that point, the option to share on Facebook, Twitter, via email or text message will be available.

How to Check into an event — For checking into an event, just check into the place where the event is going on. After that point, the question will come, “Here for an event?”  Then as your response “just check me in” can be selected by you. Or rather you can select the event from the list below.

How to Delete a Check-in – For deleting a check-in from your history,  you just can click the trash can icon in the top right corner on the check-in detail screen. After that, you will be able to confirm or cancel the deletion of that check-in. You should keep in mind that a deleted check-in cannot be restored. The photos attached to the check-in will also be removed.

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How to do Forgot to Check-in – It could be because of bad reception or any other reason. No problem, there are some cool features to help you keep track of all the great places you’ve been.

Historical Check-in – You’ve been at a place but you haven’t checked in? You will be suggested that place in your history on your profile. Actually, you’re just a few taps away from confirming that you were there and adding it to your check-in history.

Check-in Reminders – You will be reminded you to check in when you arrive somewhere. The only thing that you should have notifications turned on. You should never miss out on unlocking that next sticker.

For Enabling:

  • Go to your profile tab
  • Then tap the Settings icon and tap “Other Notifications”
  • After that, you can tap “Show Check-in Suggestions in History” for turning “ON” or “OFF”

How to proceed and which steps to follow in case  “Errors for Swarm Check” seen

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  • You should close all other applications working behind
  • Then Check your internet connection
  • Then you should make switches from Wifi to Mobile or Mobile to Wifi
  • Try another mobile device if possible.
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Tips For Fixing Swarm Check in Errors
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