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9 Surprising Tips for Boosting Your YouTube Views 

With over 2 billion active users, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for content creators. Whether a business promoting your product or a creator publishing your work, YouTube enables you to reach wider audiences. But in the vast sea of creators, you must stand out from the rest. And that is done by increasing your channel’s views. You need to promote your channel and content to boost your YouTube views. 

That’s why I will give you 9 surprising tips for boosting YouTube views in this article for free.  

Basics of Content Creation 

Before we dive into these surprising tips, let’s understand some of the basics of content creation on YouTube. If you’re not creating engaging content with the right mindset, these tips will not be helpful. If you are also not considering your audiences’ wants and needs, your views will not increase. That means you need to be careful in your approach to creating. Here are some basic principles to keep in mind when creating content:  

content creation on youtube

Provide Value to Users 

Ensure you provide value to your viewers no matter what your content is about. That’s why you must understand your audience’s needs and create videos that meet them. Ultimately, YouTube is about inspiring and connecting your audiences through meaningful content. 

Respect Your Viewers’ Time 

The truth is everyone is very busy in our day and age. Everyone’s time is VERY valuable. That’s why your videos need to be precise and to the point. You should not waste your viewer’s time with long introductions, irrelevant content, or unnecessary repetition.  

Avoid Clickbait  

Unless you’re doing it in a sarcastic way your audience enjoys, they will NOT like it if you are click-baiting. Clickbait is when you misrepresent your video either in titles, thumbnails, or descriptions to get a higher clicking rate. Misrepresenting your videos can certainly increase your views – but for a very limited time. In the long run, It will lead to disappointment and annoy viewers, so avoid clickbait.  

Tips to Boost YouTube Views

Now that we covered these basic principles, let’s look at 9 surprising tips to boost YouTube views. If you wonder what happens when you boost your YouTube views, you will get more money from YouTube. Okay, so how much does YouTube pay per view? YouTubers earn $0.018 per view. You can get started trying these tips with this motivation.

tips to boost youtube views

Analyze Top Performing Content 

Knowing the top-performing content in your niche is very helpful. It is a gateway to unlocking the secrets of what resonates with your targeted audience.  

You can gain valuable insights to make your videos more appealing by analyzing top-performing content. Here are some ways to analyze top-performing content:  

Examine the Title and Thumbnail 

Titles and thumbnails are the first things your audience interacts with. Therefore, they play a major role in your viewer’s decision to either watch or pass your video. 

Look at the titles and thumbnails of top-performing content in your niche. Analyze them to see if you can identify any recurring patterns and implement them in your own videos.  

Analyze the Duration 

Different types of content perform better in different lengths. That’s why you need to identify the length of top-performing videos in your niche. 

Do they take much longer than what you create? Or are they much shorter compared with what you’re creating?  

By seeing what video length works best in your niche, you can adapt your videos to these lengths and increase your viewers.  

See What Viewers Say  

One way viewers engage with content on YouTube is by leaving their comments. Their feedback can be very helpful to the creators – only if they consider them well.  

By looking at the comments on top-performing content, you can see what the audience likes the most. You can then include these things in your videos by analyzing patterns of what people like.  

Overall, analyzing top-performing content and optimizing your YouTube videos accordingly will play a significant role in boosting your YouTube views. You can also get free YouTube likes to encourage them to make comments.

Optimize Your Video Titles 

Optimizing your video titles matter. Why? Because YouTube is a search engine. Users search for videos by typing the relevant words. By optimizing your video titles, you can increase the ranking of your videos, then have better visibility to the audience.  

Keywords are Important 

Using keywords is also essential in optimizing your titles. Keywords are basically words that are relevant to your niche or content. How do you find keywords? You can use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner to help you find relevant keywords.  

Don’t Overwhelm  

There are other principles for optimizing your titles. Keeping your titles as concise as possible is one of them. You don’t want to overwhelm the users with abundant information in your titles. Add precise and attention-grabbing titles.  

But… Be sure to include some descriptive information about your video. The trick is finding a good balance between having a short, attention-grabbing yet still informative title that gives an idea about what your video is about.  

Track Results and Adapt Your Strategy 

Once you find the keywords, make sure to properly integrate them into your titles. And track the results over time. By analyzing and testing different titles, you’ll see over time what works best and adapt your titles accordingly. This will help increase your views over time by helping the audience find your videos more easily.  

Promote Using Social Media 

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are huge marketplaces for your content. Using these platforms can greatly increase your visibility and boost your YouTube views. What’s the catch? Well, you need to use these platforms effectively. This includes: 

how to use social media for youtube
  • Sharing your videos across these platforms whenever you release new content. Putting including them in your stories to alert your audience quickly.  
  • Engaging with the audience. Asking for their feedback and reading their comments. Being in active communication with them.  
  • Using appropriate hashtags. Hashtags are very helpful in categorizing your content. They are also great tools to attract new audiences from these platforms.  

Life in our day and age revolves around social media. And they are fantastic tools for promoting your content. When used properly, they will have a huge impact on your views. 

Leverage Reddit 

Yes, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are big but don’t be limited to them. There are many other platforms you can also use to promote your content. One of these platforms is Reddit.  

Reddit is one of the most popular discussion platforms across the internet. Reddit is organized in communities called “Subreddits”. Each Subreddit is dedicated to a different topic. Like YouTube Channels, users can subscribe to these communities and make them visible on their timelines.  

Reddit is your friend. You can easily leverage Reddit to promote your content. Whatever your niche is, you can find appropriate Subreddits where members might be interested in seeing your content. Then all you need to do is share your content in those Subreddits. It will help you promote your channel and boost your YouTube views.  

Make sure to check the guidelines of each Subreddit to see if it’s okay to promote content before doing so! 

Run Contests and Giveaways 

It is important to increase your views and get new viewers. But it’s also equally important to retain your active viewers. That’s why you need to actively engage with your community. One of the most effective ways to engage with your community is through running contests and giveaways.  

Encourage Viewers to Promote Your Content 

Your content might already be engaging enough for viewers, but why stop there, right? Through contests and giveaways, your viewers will directly engage with your content. You can incentivize them to share your videos by offering them a meaningful prize. You can also engage with them directly and foster a sense of community.  

Putting together giveaways and contests is very rewarding when done right, but they can be equally detrimental if you fail. To not fail, you need to remember a few things: 

  • Ensure the rules of your contests and giveaways are clear to the viewers. You don’t want to confuse them with the rules.  
  • Be fair to the participants when considering the results. You absolutely don’t want to skew the results in favor of a group or an individual.  
  • Make sure to be realistic when setting prizes so you can deliver them later. If you don’t, you’ll most likely receive backlash. And it will hurt your YouTube channel and visibility for sure.  

Organizing successful contests and giveaways will not only help engage with your current viewers, but it will also attract new viewers, increasing your visibility across YouTube.  

Collaborate with Other YouTubers 

Collaboration among creators on YouTube is becoming more and more common. And there is a good reason for that. It enables creators to tap into each other’s fan bases. Through collaboration, creators can present themselves and their content to wider audiences, leading to increased views.  

So, you’ve decided to collaborate, but how do you choose a partner? The answer is simple. Look to collaborate with creators whose viewers might be interested in your content. If you publish makeup tutorials on YouTube, find someone whose viewers might also be interested in watching your content.  

Make sure to find a partner that you vibe with. Audiences are not dumb. Audiences will sense if you’re collaborating with someone you’re not compatible with just to attract their viewers. And they won’t be interested in your content. That simple.  

Communication is the Key 

Now let’s say that you found a partner to collaborate with. The next step is to plan your collaboration together while establishing clear goals and expectations. Remember the saying, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Through open communication, see what areas you can work on together and create meaningful content.  

Promote the Collaboration 

Once all the planning is set, promote your collaboration. Hyping your viewers about the collaboration can increase their interest in this partnership and further attract new viewers.  

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Remember, communication is the key to successful collaboration. Always be open with your partners and plan accordingly. A successful partnership can be a win-win situation for both parties. It will boost your YouTube views and increase your visibility across YouTube if done successfully.  

Create an Intro Clip for Your Channel 

You might have seen your favorite YouTube creator do this already, but including a short introductory clip at the beginning of your videos is a thing. And this can positively impact your views.  

Why? Because first impressions matter. As a business or a creator, you’ll make various content. While they will revolve around different topics, Intro Clips will remind the audience what your channel is about and promote your content.  

Showcase your Best Content 

Intro Clips will also allow you to showcase your best content. This is important. With Intro Clips, you’ll have the opportunity to sell your channel and content to new viewers. Seeing your best content and getting a good idea of what you do as a creator, viewers are likely to check out your other videos and subscribe to your channel.  

Add a bit of Personality 

And lastly, you will have the chance to give your audience a glimpse of your personality depending on how you create your intro clip. You can give concise information on your background, story, and passions. Even a slogan summarizing you and your philosophy is sufficient. This will help them connect with you more personally and, thus, help build loyalty around your channel.  

A great intro clip can translate into increased YouTube views.  

Use YouTube Cards 

You can implement tools within your videos to increase the visibility of your content. YouTube cards are one of them.  

YouTube cards are added to pop up on the top right of the screen at designated times. They serve to direct viewers to other relevant content.  

Let’s say you’re creating a video about how to make a birthday cake. The video has a section on how to do the topping. Since you already made a video on making the best toppings earlier, you can use YouTube cards to direct your viewers to your video on toppings. That simple. But also very effective in increasing your video watch time.  

You can easily integrate cards into your videos, but it would be better to visit YouTube Support about it just in case you need help.

Use End Screens 

Now that you are aware of YouTube Cards let’s also discover end screens. End screens can be added at the end of videos, usually lasting between 5 to 20 seconds. They showcase appealing visuals along with the channel logo, calling the viewers to action.   

What type of action? Well, there are a couple of options. You can encourage viewers to like and share your videos. You can ask them to subscribe to your channel and watch other videos. But you’re not limited to these options only.  

With end screens, you can promote your other social media accounts or showcase your products. If the viewer is happy with your content, they will support you, and end screens will help them by calling them to act.  

Think widely about how to use end screens. Don’t be limited to the options I gave you because they are effective tools for promoting your channel.  

To Sum Up 

Yes, competition is tough on YouTube. But with the correct strategies and the right mindset, you can stand out from the others and increase your views. However, remember that they won’t increase your views unless you create meaningful content. And creating meaningful content lies in understanding your audience, respecting them, and building a community. Now, go ahead and implement these tips in your work to boost your YouTube views – let us know the results! 

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Frequently Asked Questions About

All the tips I gave you on boosting YouTube views are absolutely free. No need to pay for anything. You need to focus on the strategies I gave you and how to implement them in your own channel accordingly. Then you’ll see the results.  

Yes, these strategies will apply whether you’re a creator with 100 subscribers or 1,000,000 subscribers. Keep in mind you’ll need to tailor these strategies according to your situation and channel size, but they will help you boost YouTube views. 

Taking inspiration from top-performing content in your niche is more than fair game. However, you need to be careful not to copy them. Seeing what works for them and integrating those into your own videos and channel is the way to go rather than copying. 

Yes, there are multiple ways to promote your content that are not free. You can run your ads on YouTube itself or partner with a creator who will promote your channel for a fee. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also offer paid promotion services that you can use to market your content. 

Yes, there are tons of ways. I’ve just given you 9 surprising tips on how to do so. As a creator yourself, you can think about ways to increase your views. And maybe you’ll come up with even more creative ways and successfully implement them in your channel.  

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