Stopping Instagram Video From Playing After Closing It

Stopping Instagram Video From Playing After Closing It

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Everywhere they are, everywhere! Autoplay videos they are. Everywhere, inside apps, web, everywhere. Even many majör news sites embed them into their features and news articles.

Having said that, we should mention the fact that they could be annoying or convenient depending on the situation. Right after opening Instagram, the embedded videos would autoplay but with the sound off. There is a speaker icon in the bottom left of those opening videos. Right after you open the sound of your first video, all other videos would keep on playing with their sound on. Also if you turn off the sound off of the video anywhere your navigation, all the rest of the videos appearing next would come up with their sound off as well.

So, the bottom line is, once you turn on the sound the rest would come their sound on and once you turn them off, all the rest would come their sound off.

Instagram doesn’t give users too many options on settings or choices

There is a “use less data” option staying under the Cellular Data. Rather than setting it up to “default” mode, you should use that “Use Less Data” option. This will make Instagram only load videos while you’re on WiFi, and during on a cellular connection, you’ll have to tap first. This will help to save your data a little, but won’t stop the videos completely. It also may cause photos to load a bit slower because they won’t pre-load when you open the app.

Actually, there not many settings or choices given by Instagram. What basically you can do is, instead of it being set to “Default”,   you can select the “Use Less Data”. This option will help to eliminate the number of videos loaded by Instagram. In this case, Instagram would only load videos while you’re on WiFi. When you are back on a cellular connection again, you should tap again.

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It is also admitted by Instagram that it is frustrating that you have to turn on video audio for each video individually. When Facebook announced that it was moving from silent autoplay video into changing by the device’s current mute status, a big backlash was experienced. In light of Facebook understanding that sound creates a surprising effect on some users, that rollout has moved slowly

Since it could be considered as a boon to businesses and advertisers, the move of Instagram makes it akin to television or Snapchat where sound always plays and could boost spend on its video ads.

It is loud and clear that the larger focal point for Instagram.has become the videos. Since the date it was launched in 2013, the video has become most popular for Instagram as cameras, screens, and mobile networks improved.

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Stopping Instagram Video From Playing After Closing It
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