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TikTok Shadow Ban: What It Is & How to Fix It?  

Sharing videos on TikTok and getting popular is excellent, fun, and exciting at the same time. However, some responsibilities come with that fun. Some of you might have heard or experienced that TikTok can make you lose likes, comments, tags, and, as a result, interaction and engagement with your followers. That is called the ‘’TikTok Shadow ban’’. Unfortunately, the shadow ban on TikTok may hinder your engagement and growth of your account. Thus, if you are a business account or an influencer who relies on TikTok for your business, you should avoid getting shadow banned TikTok.  

Before we start, what is the TikTok Shadow banTikTok shadow ban refers to TikTok’s disabling your content to show up on the For You page for a specific time. On some sources, it says a shadow ban TikTok lasts for two weeks. In today’s article, we will discuss what causes the TikTok Shadow ban and how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok. 

What Actions Can Lead to a TikTok Shadowban? 

Well, TikTok does not officially use the term ‘’shadowban’’. However, if you violate TikTok community guidelines, worst – repeatedly, the applicant bans your account from spreading your content on the For You page and hashtag searches. We collected the most common four reasons to get caught in the TikTok shadow ban.  

Sharing Adult Content on the Platform 

TikTok takes things seriously regarding adult content since the platform is used by people from teenagers to adults. Hence, explicit posts and nudity are big NO for TikTok community guidelines. If you break those rules, you may not get away with a shadow ban on TikTok. You might also get banned permanently from the platform. Thus, we suggest sticking with the guidelines.  

bullying and harassment

Bullying and Harassment 

The 21st century has become the age of cyber-bullying since anonymity makes people proud and brave enough to bully others easily. Thus, TikTok pays great attention to bullying and harassment on the online platform. The platform tries to support creating an inclusive environment for the users. Hence, if your posts are discriminative, mean, or harassing to others, you might get a shadow ban on TikTok.  

Copyright Infringement or Plagiarism  

If you are on a platform like TikTok, where you share lots of videos with different songs and rhythms, reaching thousands of people with different content, copyright issues should be your number one concern. TikTok gives significant importance to copyrighting and plagiarism. Therefore, sharing content that does not belong to you or without giving credits might get you a shadow ban on TikTok.  

Simply by Accident 

Well, this might sound like a joke, but you might indeed get a shadow ban on TikTok by accident. TikTok’s guidelines are checked automatically by an algorithm for the videos on the platform. Because of automation, some content that does not violate any rules might get shadowbanned on the platform. In a situation like that, the best thing to do is contact TikTok or their help center. Then, you might get unshadowbanned quickly instead of waiting for two weeks. 

how to know your TikTok has ben shadowbanned

How to Know Your TikTok Has Been Shadowbanned? 

Since it is called TikTok shadow ban, everything happens in the dark – you don’t get a notice that you’ve been shadowbanned for that amount of time. If your content does not reach the people it should reach, there might be some problems with your account. If you are wondering how to understand whether your account got shadow ban on TikTok or not, here are three things to consider:  

  • Views and Likes: If you are sharing a trending video and realize that your views and likes are not the way they should be, then you might want to think about whether you got a shadow ban on TikTok.  
  • ’Under Review’’: If you see the tag ‘under review’ or ‘processing’ for the long time it normally takes, you might want to think that maybe your Wi-Fi is not the problem. 
  • For You Page: If you have a friend who usually sees your content on their For You page, you can ask them if they still can see your content or not to understand if you have TikTok shadowban.  

You can also buy TikTok views for your posts to boost them, or you can buy TikTok shares to spread your content all over the platform!

How Long Does a Shadowban Last? 

As we said earlier, a typical TikTok Shadow ban lasts two weeks. In a situation like that, you have two options. The first one is to wait patiently until the ban is over. The second one is to create a new account and have a fresh start on your TikTok journey.  

However, there are also some rumors that if you repeatedly violate the TikTok guidelines, the platform can permanently ban your account and your IP address. To avoid living in a situation like that, you should be patient and stick with guidelines strictly.  

How to Get Out of a Shadowban on TikTok? 

Don’t worry if you got a shadow ban on TikTok. We are here to save you! You don’t need to follow long rituals or steps. In this section, we will explain how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok. You can also check our “Most Asked Questions About TikTok” guide for help!

delete your flagged content to fix shadow ban on TikTok

Delete Your Flagged Content 

First, if you are suspicious about a TikTok Shadow ban, scroll through your videos and think about which one can be the ‘violating’ one. If you are unsure which video is banned, you can benefit from the Creator Tools > Analytics section from the menu on your profile. Once you find the video, you should immediately delete it. Wait at least fourteen days so that the ban gets lifted. If you are not sure which topics can cause a TikTok shadow ban, here’s a list for you.  

  • Violence 
  • Hate  
  • Illegal activities 
  • Self-harm 
  • Harassment 
  • Nudity 
  • Hate speech 

Reinstall the App 

If you delete the flagged content from your profile and think your shadowban TikTok still continues, then the solution might be deleting and reinstalling the application. Sometimes, your answer might be in the new updates or deleted caches. You can also learn how to use AI for TikTok.

Follow TikTok’s Community Guidelines 

Even though we said it a million times, it is important to comply with TikTok’s community guidelines. You should read TikTok guidelines carefully to avoid getting shadow banned TikTok. Once your ban is lifted, you can stick with those rules strictly. So, the algorithm can understand you are aware of your responsibilities on the platform. If you are wondering how you are going to know when you breach a guideline, here is an example of a notification you receive:  

avoid spam-like behavior

Avoid Spam-like Behavior 

You don’t get a TikTok Shadow ban just because you violate the guidelines. Sometimes, according to the algorithm, you can also get a shadow ban on TikTok when you engage in spammy or inauthentic actions. Before you check your content to see any violations, it is also advisable to consider your recent actions to see whether you acted ‘spammy’ or not.  

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For example, you might post lots of videos simultaneously or in a day to reach more of your followers. Moreover, you might want to follow a huge amount of people at the same time so that you can get inspired or entertained by their content. Alternatively, you might buy a service that claims to increase your engagement by commenting thousands of comments from bot accounts.  

If you have recently done any of these, you may consider stopping them to get your TikTok shadow ban lifted quickly. You should stop acting like spam for future restrictions or banning your account. Don’t forget to take a look at the TikTok Help Center to learn more about the platform!

Unmasking the TikTok Shadowban 

TikTok has become a social media sensation, drawing in many viewers with its short-form videos and limitless creative potential. But for some users, this alluring site has become mysterious as they fear of TikTok Shadow ban

ban may be imposed for several reasons. But they usually result from breaking TikTok’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. Posting offensive content, engaging in spammy activity, or persistently breaking copyright laws are all grounds for a shadow ban on TikTok.  

In today’s article, we discussed what a TikTok shadow ban is and how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok. You can avoid your shadow ban on TikTok by removing the violating post, re-downloading the application, avoiding spam behaviors, and complying with the community guidelinesEven though these do not guarantee that you will break loose from the shadowban immediately, these steps can speed up the process for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions About

A few third-party tools claim to be able to detect TikTok shadowban. However, these tools may not be effective and reliable. It is better to understand from your recent activity.

The length of a TikTok Shadow ban can vary. Some sources say it lasts only 24 hours, but generally, it lasts for two weeks. However, the length also depends on the severity of the violation. If it is a repeated or a bigger one, you may even get a permanent restriction.

Of course you can! If you follow TikTok guidelines closely, do not repost other content without permission, or do not act spammy, there is no reason to get shadowbanned on TikTok.

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