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How to Use TikTok for Business

TikTok is among the most popular social media applications of recent years. More than 1 billion people actively use this application monthly. That’s why the TikTok platform offers countless opportunities for businesses and brands. TikTok for business is the most functional social media application of recent times. You can increase your potential customer base by creating interesting content with live broadcasts, videos, tags, and trending topics and reflecting your brand’s voice there. 

If you do not have a TikTok account, you must first open a business account. Then, you can start using this application for business purposes. This guide includes information on optimizing your TikTok profile and integrating it into your business processes. 

Why Use TikTok for Business? 

TikTok’s target audience has moved beyond Generation Z and started including Generation Y. Many social media experts think businesses should invest in TikTok. Statista data reveals that TikTok users have watched more than 167 million hours of videos. It is revealed by Sensortower data that the TikTok application has received more than 3 billion downloads on devices. 

TikTok is currently used in over 140 countries and is especially popular in Asian countries. Forbes report revealed that the most popular TikTok account has 136.6 million fans and earns $17.5 million. All this data reveals why you should use TikTok for business processes. 

You can communicate with both Generation Y and Z on TikTok. A study reveals that 37% of TikTok users focus on the purchasing experience after discovering a product. Brands that produce entertaining and informative content stand out. TikTok allows small businesses to reach a wider audience and achieve a higher conversion rate. If you creatively showcase your products and services, you can reach more people. TikTok users tend to discover new brands and products. 

The reasons why you should use TikTok for business processes are as follows; 

  • Businesses with commercial TikTok accounts achieve high interaction rates. 
  • You have a very high chance of going viral with trending topics and products. 
  • You can find niche communities that are similar to your target audience. 
  • You can create your advertising campaigns with low budgets. 
  • You can reach out to content creators and influencers to create partnerships and sponsored content. 
  • With sales features and integrations, you can transfer users directly to your online store. 

How to use TikTok for business  

Using TikTok for business is not something businesses do very often. Many businesses around the world do not try to invest in TikTok to promote and sell products or reach their target audience. For this reason, businesses that invest in this platform get a lot of rewards. 

If you have a small business and are looking for a unique marketing channel, you can try TikTok. TikTok allows you to easily fill the industry gap and reach your target audience. We have prepared a guide for you on how to use the TikTok platform for your business processes; 

Get a TikTok Business Account  

If you want to use TikTok for business, you can get a TikTok business account. If you have a TikTok account, you can convert it to a business account. And if you do not have an account on TikTok, you first need to open a normal account. 

By switching to a business account, you can access advanced marketing, analytics, and free service features. You don’t have to pay a fee to get a business account. With a business account, you can track the performance of your videos and access insights about your follower base. You also have the opportunity to use many Business Suite tools, such as advertising and automatic messaging. 

The steps to get a TikTok business account are as follows; 

create a TikTok business account
  • First, install the TikTok application on your device and open it. 
  • After this step, create a personal account if you do not have one. You have the chance to log in with your e-mail address and Google, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. 
  • Then press the “Profile” section at the bottom right and tap the menu icon with three horizontal lines at the top right. 
  • Then press the “Settings and Privacy” button. 
  • After clicking on the “Account” section, press the “Switch to Business Account” button. 
  • Continue by selecting the category that best represents your brand on the screen that appears. 
  • At the last stage, add an e-mail address to your profile. 

Get to Know Your Audience and the TikTok Community  

According to a TikTok study, 79% of users follow accounts belonging to brands that understand how to create content. Your main goal on TikTok is to reach your target audience. To do this, you must produce interesting content to reach them. Therefore, you must first analyze your target audience in detail and determine what type of content they will be interested in. 

Analyze your TikTok target audience demographically and try to understand them. Depending on your audience, you can produce informative, entertaining, or corporate content. If you spend some time on TikTok, you can see TikTok trends on the For You page and in the Explore section. You can also explore tags for your potential audience. You can learn the time period your target audience spends and develop a strategy accordingly. 

Get to know the platform before you start using TikTok for your business processes. Watch the videos on the For You page and learn about editing features, filters, and effects. In short, browse the platform for a few hours. Also, try to understand the TikTok algorithm. Learn how the platform ranks and displays videos. Also, see trending video features. If you know your audience and the TikTok community, you won’t have difficulties reaching your potential customers. 

Establish Your Goals  

Before you start using TikTok for business, you need to determine who your target audience is. Determining your target audience will be your first step to be successful on TikTok. Determine why you will use TikTok and the benefits you want to achieve. Don’t forget to check our how to go viral on TikTok article for more!

You may want to sell on TikTok. He/she may have a goal, such as finding new leads. You can try to increase the awareness of your brand and strengthen its position in the market. You can also create a community dedicated to your brand. Determining your goals is very effective in creating your TikTok marketing plan. At the same time, your goals will show you the outputs you need to invest in TikTok ads. 

Create a TikTok Content Strategy  

If you want to succeed on TikTok, create a content strategy. If you have a content plan and strategy, you are more likely to be successful. Your content plan should include information on many topics, such as the best time to share on TikTok, your frequency of sharing, and the type of content you will share. Set dates for many types of content, such as product launches, promotions, events, and products specific to your target audience, and use TikTok for business purposes with the highest benefit. 

You should include many topics in your content strategy, such as comments, customers’ problem management process, and partnership work. Finally, you should also specify your business partners and their duties through task sharing. 

optimize your TikTok profile

Optimize Your TikTok Profile  

If you want to use TikTok for business, you first need to optimize your profile. Since your profile is your digital contact point, it is important to carry out this process professionally. First, look at the quality and beauty of your profile photo. Additionally, your photo must represent your brand. Your TikTok account should be visually compatible with other digital platforms. Don’t forget to use the same logo and colors on all platforms, such as the website, Facebook, Linked, and Instagram. 

An important part of TikTok profile optimization is your bio. Make this section concise and accurate. TikTok allows 80 characters for the bio section. Therefore, include the right statements and use strong calls to action. You can use an emoji that fits your brand voice. 

If you are going to use a link, provide the correct URL. You can link to your e-commerce site, landing page, other social media accounts, or a current blog post. This should be chosen based on your strategic goals. Be sure to verify your TikTok account. The verification badge will ensure trust in your brand from the first moment. You can request a Verification Badge by logging into the Settings and Privacy menu. 

Create Engaging Branded Content  

If you want to interact with your audience on TikTok, it is very important to produce creative video content. You must create branded content that is engaging for your audience. Branded content in your library must be original. It should also attract users’ attention. Generation Z wants to make more meaningful connections with brands. Therefore, you can establish trust by including real users in your content. You can use trending voices and reach your audience with strategies that can go viral for your brand. Create valuable content that is funny, up-to-date, and compatible with your target audience’s interests. You can also use our buy TikTok saves service to boost your content!

Review your video before sharing it. Good audio and video quality will increase watchability. You don’t have to have expensive equipment. However, if a bright shot is taken and a clear sound is heard, users will be more interested in your video. 

How-to videos and tutorials are always helpful if you have a TikTok small business account. A cooking video or a fitness movement video would be very interesting. You can share videos that reveal your expertise and provide information that solves people’s problems. 

Consider Collabs and Influencer Marketing  

It is a very good strategy to partner with other content creators on TikTok. Collaborating with an influencer benefits your business and the person you partner with. Find a TikTok content producer who produces sponsored content that resembles your customer base and works for amounts that won’t strain your budget. You can also contact a brand to cross-promote an event or promotion. 

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TikTok influencers can reach millions of users simultaneously. Therefore, overnight, your business can become king on TikTok. If you work with someone who influences your brand’s followers, your visibility on TikTok will increase. As part of the collaboration, an influencer can briefly mention your brand. You can promote your products and services through use. It may also work in partnership with other content producers. Creating branded hashtags can strengthen your brand and promote your brand challenge event. 

explore TikTok's advertising options

Explore TikTok’s Advertising Options  

One of the most important advantages of TikTok is that it has ads. You can create advertising campaigns with a TikTok business account. Up to 91% of business owners invest in video ads. You can create targeted ads on TikTok and maximize reach. Determine audience demographics and campaign goals. Then, create ads that will reach your audience. You can publish ads compatible with your content to increase followers and make more sales. 

TikTok in-feed ads are native advertising options that users see as full-screen videos during scrolling activity. These ads can be a maximum of 60 seconds, and you can link to the landing page and app store. You can edit your ads with Interactive Cards, Voting Cards, and Display Advertising Card options. TikTok brand takeover ads are ads that appear when users open the TikTok application. These ads can be 3-second images or 3.5-second videos. These ads are costly compared to in-feed ads. You can only run one brand takeover ad per day per interest in your business account. 

TikTok Topview ads are more advanced and costly ads than brand takeover ads. They can be commercials that are 5-0 seconds long. TikTok users can like, comment, and share your ads. In this way, they are advertisements that provide an interaction rate. If you use TikTok for business, you should definitely invest in ads. 

Post at The Right Time  

To publish content on TikTok, it is not enough for the content to be interesting, high-quality, and qualified. For the content to have the desired effect, it must be presented to the target audience at the right time. The right time zone for your audience may vary depending on the time of day, season, or specific day of the week. It is said that the ads that are generally published on TikTok at 19.00 on Thursdays are productive. 

If you are not available to share at the right time for TikTok, you can use a tool and thus have your video shared automatically. With tools like Hootsuite, you can schedule a TikTok post from a PC or phone. You can also schedule automatic sharing over days, weeks, or months. It automatically calculates the best time for car-sharing after a few uses. If you want to find the right time for a business TikTok account, analyze your target audience, study your competitors, or use a professional tool. 

Dig Into Analytics  

If you want to be successful on TikTok, you need to constantly optimize your profile. You should track your TikTok performance and find new improvement opportunities. Also, you can use paid and free TikTok analysis tools for this. You can use these analysis tools to determine the best time for interaction metrics, tag access, and sharing content. Some TikTok tools also allow you to identify the right influencers to collaborate with and follow trends in influencer marketing. You can always check the TikTok Help Center for your curiosity.

You can plan ahead by analyzing TikTok. Also, you can access concrete data to optimize your content strategy for improved performance. After using TikTok for business for a certain period, you need to analyze how things are going. Look at your reach and engagement metrics. Determine who watches your content and follows it regularly. You can eliminate the guesswork in your content strategy and analyze it with hard data. You can also get valuable metrics, recommendations, and data for your strategies moving forward. 


When TikTok first appeared, it was used only by Generation Z. However, the age range has expanded in recent years. This has made TikTok a unique opportunity for businesses. Many businesses in many sectors do not yet use TikTok for business. If you want to use TikTok for business purposes, you must first open a TikTok business account. You can then promote your products and services, share videos that will go viral, and build an online community by expanding your potential customer base. 

You can add links to your website, product and service pages, and other social media accounts in the bio section of your business account. Using TikTok for business purposes creates brand awareness, supports your sales, and helps drive traffic to your website. You can also get very good results by using TikTok ads. You can contact us to get information about using TikTok for business purposes and to ask any questions you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

It is possible to use TikTok for business. To do this, you must first log in to your account and click on the option to convert your account from personal business to commercial business. In this way, you can now use TikTok to improve your digital business processes. TikTok can be a unique marketing channel for small business owners. 

You do not need to pay a fee if you want to switch to a TikTok business account. After opening a TikTok business account, you will be able to carry out your work without paying any fee. The only paid feature on TikTok is ads. Your budget should be different amounts depending on the ad type.

TikTok allows businesses to operate Shopify merchants through their TikTok account. TikTok shopping feature can also be used on platforms such as Wix and Square. You can work by adding a link to your profile to deliver your product catalog to users or direct your potential customers to your website. 

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